Scoring Status Report

Project Current from 2017-07-01 to 2017-10-01


Other Backlog 175037 Publish Machine-Readable WikiProjects Dataset Screep Open None
Workboard 165170 rack/setup/install ores2001-2009 In-Scope Cut None
Workboard 143791 Enable RecentChanges patrolling on English Wikipedia In-Scope Cut None
Workboard 145829 Trending API should consult ORES In-Scope Cut None
Workboard 164796 Very long search times on RC Page for "Very likely good faith" + "Likely have problems" (on only?) In-Scope Cut None
Workboard 127467 Finding items that should be merged In-Scope Cut None
Workboard 122306 Crosswatch should use "damaging" instead of "reverted" model when available for a given wiki In-Scope Cut None
Workboard 168096 Special:RecentChanges with complex query (rc_namespace = 1 AND ct_tag = 'visualeditor') slow due to using wrong index In-Scope Cut None
Workboard 169247 Document recommended process for installing OS upgrades in Wikimedia VPS In-Scope Cut None
Workboard 160475 Manage ORES preferences on Watchlist (and Contributions) In-Scope Cut None
Workboard 167180 Emit revision-score event to EventBus and expose in EventStreams In-Scope Cut None
Workboard 157715 Selective patrol: an AI-based system to prioritize patrolling of edits In-Scope Cut None
Workboard 106222 Figure out long term viability/funding for revscoring In-Scope Cut None
Workboard 146933 MCS endpoint checks timing out / flapping in production again In-Scope Cut None
Workboard 166427 Measure maturity/quality of Wikidata items in a way it can be queried In-Scope Cut None
Workboard 168455 Investigate code generation for model makefile maintenance In-Scope Cut None
Workboard 167362 Draft specification of article importance API In-Scope Cut None
Workboard 151938 Add Yellow70 to the color palette In-Scope Cut None
Workboard 158025 Support ORES for propagated Wikidata edits In-Scope Cut None
Workboard 158430 [Spike] Use suggested properties to get signal for completeness In-Scope Cut None
Workboard 168014 Graphite access for Zppix In-Scope Cut None
Workboard 134976 SpecialRecentChangesLinked::doMainQuery blocking database infrastructure In-Scope Cut None
Workboard 158679 Add automatic article feedback feature to Wiki Ed Dashboard / Programs & Events Dashboard In-Scope Cut None
Workboard 167697 [Discuss] Hosting the draft quality dataset on labsDB In-Scope Cut None
Workboard 131857 Deploy beta cluster services automatically via scap3 In-Scope Cut None
Workboard 102334 NLTK utilities for Azerbaijani In-Scope Cut None
Workboard 157132 Add ORES WP10 data to summaries? In-Scope Cut None
Workboard 150593 Make it possible for ORES to defer changes for review In-Scope Cut None
Workboard 134689 Add HTML element or class for patrolled edits to Special:Recentchanges In-Scope Cut None
Workboard 165848 Decrease FlaggedRevs backlog by using ORES predictions models In-Scope Cut None
Workboard 121333 mwapi.errors.APIError: internal_api_error_DBQueryError In-Scope Cut None
Workboard 157130 Display ORES draftquality model prediction in PageCuration feed In-Scope Cut None
Workboard 159165 GPU resources for Labs In-Scope Cut None
Workboard 156820 Implement ORES wp10 predictions in PageAssessments tool In-Scope Cut None
Workboard 164377 [Spike] Store article quality data inside hadoop and make AQS outputs a public API In-Scope Cut None
Workboard 164331 Define a process for adding ORES filters to new wikis when ORES is enabled on those wikis In-Scope Cut None
Workboard 163040 Let ERI order based on ORES scores In-Scope Cut None
Workboard 169811 Request increase quota for ores-staging to 52GB RAM Screep Done None
Workboard 165044 Deploy ORES review tool on French Wikipedia In-Scope Done None
Workboard 170069 Add ORES technical documentation Screep Done None
Workboard 168584 Labsdb* servers need to be rebooted Screep Done None
Workboard 169164 ORES puppet error on labs boxes, unable to set user to "deploy-service" In-Scope Done None
Workboard 170177 Test draftquality sentiment feature on Editquality Screep Done None
Workboard 166050 Train/test reverted model for elwiki In-Scope Done None
Workboard 163010 Complete Albanian Wikipedia editquality campaign In-Scope Done None
Workboard 171513 Migrate #Scoring-platform-team to be a phab milestone Screep Done None
Workboard 167305 Experiment with Sentiment score feature for draftquality In-Scope Done None
Workboard 171059 [RfC] Should we remove all reverted models when there is a damaging one? Screep Done None
Workboard 172332 Early Aug 2017 Wikilabels Deployment Screep Done None
Workboard 149117 ORES UI is broken In-Scope Done None
Workboard 170835 Add entropy-related and uppercase-related measures to comments Screep Done None
Workboard 156503 Build damaging/goodfaith models for Romanian Wikipedia In-Scope Done None
Workboard 166479 [Discuss] Wikilabels campaign names should reflect number of tasks In-Scope Done None
Workboard 151259 Reading-Research collaboration on ORES (start: Q3-FY17) In-Scope Done None
Workboard 168917 Get Adam all the rights In-Scope Done None
Workboard 170713 Update revscoring to 1.3.17 in wheels repo Screep Done None
Workboard 171497 Review training set to check strange examples of labels Screep Done None
Workboard 168965 Why don't timeouts work during long regular expression matching? In-Scope Done None
Workboard 160575 Conform ORES sensitivity levels to the new ERI standards In-Scope Done None
Workboard 171493 Change "yes/no" in damaging_goodfaith form to "damaging/good" and "good-faith/bad-faith" Screep Done None
Workboard 162184 ORES swagger doc based API requests do not work In-Scope Done None
Workboard 170758 Wikilabels uses deprecated api calls Screep Done None
Workboard 167908 Summarize what it will take to separate UI and infrastructure for ORES Extension In-Scope Done None
Workboard 168099 Mid June 2017 ORES deployment In-Scope Done None
Workboard 163009 Train/test damaging & goodfaith models for Albanian Wikipedia In-Scope Done None
Workboard 170834 Add basic bad word check to Wikidata feature set Screep Done None
Workboard 172200 Blog post about the ORES regex-pocalypse Screep Done None
Workboard 173206 Implement model_info paths in revscoring utilities Screep Done None
Workboard 167911 Make list of features and locations of ORES Review Tool for handoff In-Scope Done None
Workboard 166046 Switch ores precache to use new EventStreams In-Scope Done None
Workboard 165171 rack/setup/install ores1001-1009 In-Scope Done None
Workboard 171386 Investigate small loss in fitness with the new data in fawiki Screep Done None
Workboard 173202 Update all of the models for revscoring 2.0 Screep Done None
Workboard 164210 Scoring platform team FY17-18 Q4 goals In-Scope Done None
Workboard 166472 Wikilabels should authenticate on meta wiki Screep Done None
Workboard 169229 Create a phabricator project for meta-ORES In-Scope Done None
Workboard 170491 Train reverted model for Greek Wikipedia Screep Done None
Workboard 166052 Language assets for Tamil In-Scope Done None
Workboard 168674 ORES POST precaching always fails with 500 In-Scope Done None
Workboard 169157 revscoring train_model dies without --observations In-Scope Done None
Workboard 174402 Review and fix file handle management in worker and celery processes Screep Done None
Workboard 173019 Demonstrate collab threshold detection needs in new 'thresholds' system Screep Done None
Workboard 170434 Improve cleaning of article quality assessment datasets Screep Done None
Workboard 169933 Notify Wikilabels users of short downtime on July 11 @ 1400 UTC Screep Done None
Workboard 156517 Complete Romanian Wikipedia edit quality campaign In-Scope Done None
Workboard 169809 Set up larger ores-compute instance Screep Done None
Workboard 169578 Apply mediawiki core styling convention on javascript files of wikilabels Screep Done None
Workboard 173200 Implement *access* to 'thresholds' of a Scoring Model Screep Done None
Workboard 169577 Apply mediawiki core styling convention on javascript files of ores Screep Done None
Workboard 167612 Make names for Wiki-AI diffusion repos consistent In-Scope Done None
Workboard 174343 Wikilabels translations not updated and cannot load old worksets Screep Done None
Workboard 160223 Store the detailed system information inside of model files. In-Scope Done None
Workboard 172566 Include label-specific schemas with model_info Screep Done None
Workboard 149118 ORES UI doesn't handle API errors In-Scope Done None
Workboard 169473 Add flake8 to travis checks Screep Done None
Workboard 174542 Temporarily access request to graphite nodes Screep Done None
Workboard 161376 Initial assessment of TensorFlow on ORES data In-Scope Done None
Workboard 170709 Add greek dict to ores puppet base Screep Done None
Workboard 169915 Create scoring-internal mailing list for Scoring Platform team Screep Done None
Workboard 170026 ORES spamming Beta Cluster's logstash Screep Done None
Workboard 131963 Complete eswiki edit quality campaign In-Scope Done None
Workboard 168487 ORES: Don't highlight changes propagated from Wikidata In-Scope Done None
Workboard 169367 [Investigate] some revisions frequently return TaskRevokedError In-Scope Done None
Workboard 170960 Add new data for damaging models of Persian Wikipedia Screep Done None
Workboard 167910 [Discuss] Make ORES Review Tool preferences more prominent In-Scope Done None
Workboard 138736 Rename "abandon" button to something less confusing In-Scope Done None
Workboard 174687 Add language support for Serbian Screep Done None
Workboard 163337 Job queue corruption after codfw switch over (Queue growth, duplicate runs) In-Scope Done None
Workboard 175641 Fix wikiclass readme for revscoring 2.0 Screep Done None
Workboard 165716 No new data on ores_classification on beta labs since march memory issue In-Scope Done None
Workboard 173268 ThresholdOptimizations fail when a stat is null-ed Screep Done None
Workboard 172151 Improve test coverage and cleanup docs for revscoring 2.0 Screep Done None
Workboard 172180 Wiki-ai-wikilabels-form-dagf-damaging-label and Wiki-ai-wikilabels-form-dagf-goodfaith-label appear as empty in Screep Done None
Workboard 167196 Implement page_level (OCR) model for frwikisource In-Scope Done None
Workboard 173251 Have CI merge research/ores/wheels changes Screep Done None
Workboard 163711 Use our own scoring models in `tune` utility In-Scope Done None
Workboard 162217 Implement "thresholds", deprecate "pile of tests_stats" In-Scope Done None
Workboard 170205 Add test to ensure timeout of functions taking too long Screep Done None
Workboard 170015 [Workshop] How can I get ORES for my wiki? Screep Done None
Workboard 168904 Minor cleanup in Makefiles In-Scope Done None
Workboard 168889 Rebuild all of the models for ORES (new regexes) In-Scope Done None
Workboard 168369 Add language support for Albanian In-Scope Done None
Workboard 168594 Bad grep statement in viwiki editquality make rules? In-Scope Done None
Workboard 173087 Add language support for Bosnian Screep Done None
Workboard 174559 Train & test damaging/goodfaith model for svwiki Screep Done None
Workboard 146718 [Discuss] Hosting the monthly article quality dataset on labsDB In-Scope Done None
Workboard 172370 Remove reverted models from editquality repo Screep Done None
Workboard 165839 Swagger docs for v3 interface reference v2 interface In-Scope Done None
Workboard 172047 Edit quality campaign for Screep Done None
Workboard 167231 Remove other non-badwords from huwiki model. In-Scope Done None
Workboard 172641 Text dissapeared from WikiLabels gadget Screep Done None
Workboard 167223 Early June 2017 ORES prod deploy In-Scope Done None
Workboard 170485 ORES deployment - Mid July, 2017 Screep Done None
Workboard 165872 Don't use "ha" as an informal in hungarian In-Scope Done None
Workboard 167830 Extend icinga check to catch 500 errors like those of the 20170613 incident In-Scope Done None
Workboard 170348 Decrease quota for ores project to 80GB ram & 40 CPUs Screep Done None
Workboard 167604 upgrade pytz to 2017.2 for revscoring In-Scope Done None
Workboard 176443 Fix v1 routes for model_info in ORES Screep Done None
Workboard 172225 Progress indicator for editquality autolabel utility Screep Done None
Workboard 168909 [Discuss] draftquality on a sample, humongous everything, or something else? In-Scope Done None
Workboard 172046 Add language support for Croatian ( Screep Done None
Workboard 164671 Implement wp10 model for trwiki In-Scope Done None
Workboard 162617 Use 'informals', 'badwords', etc. in Wikidata feature set In-Scope Done None
Workboard 173261 '!<statistic>' doesn't work for threshold optimizations Screep Done None
Workboard 166049 Deploy reverted model for elwiki In-Scope Done None
Workboard 168007 Add API tests to ORES CI In-Scope Done None
Workboard 174557 Complete svwiki edit quality campaign Screep Done None
Workboard 170490 Train reverted model for Bengali Wikipedia Screep Done None
Workboard 171505 Late-July 2017 ORES deploy Screep Done None
Workboard 174704 editquality make file rules doesn't work for revscoring tune Screep Done None
Workboard 169755 Draft announcement for new team: "Scoring Platform" Screep Done None
Workboard 173199 Add developer instructions to ORES README Screep Done None
Workboard 171084 linting tests for wikilabels Screep Done None
Workboard 172726 Project around page reviewing and drafts Screep Done None
Workboard 166051 Train/test reverted model for tawiki In-Scope Done None
Workboard 170838 Deploy new trwiki article quality model Screep Done None
Workboard 155930 Special:Contribution should have javascript highlighting as well In-Scope Done None
Workboard 168442 Grant AWight accounts on ores production clusters In-Scope Done None
Workboard 173198 Update ORES to support 'thresholds' and the new model_info access patterns Screep Done None
Workboard 155903 Some bad changes are not highlighted in enhanced recent changes or watchlist In-Scope Done None
Workboard 140278 Provide a space for reporting bad predictions In-Scope Done None
Workboard 168920 ORES 500's on integers that can't be processed In-Scope Done None
Workboard 162031 Add language support for Latvian (lv) In-Scope Done None
Workboard 171491 Unlabeled goodfaith observations are assumed "false" -- should be "true" Screep Done None
Workboard 172049 [Investigate] Get signal from adding/removing images Screep Done None
Workboard 176134 Train & test damaging/goodfaith model for eswiki Screep Open None
Workboard 159105 ORES services should have vagrant roles In-Scope Open None
Workboard 166045 Scoring platform team FY18 Q1 In-Scope Open None
Workboard 155541 [Epic] Article importance prediction model In-Scope Open None
Workboard 151121 [Epic] Implement Wiki Labels as a fully featured tool in Labs In-Scope Open None
Workboard 148974 [Epic] Clean up ORES service documentation In-Scope Open None
Workboard 174660 [Discuss] Moving from nosetests to pytest Screep Open None
Workboard 169576 Apply mediawiki core styling convention on javascript files Screep Open None
Workboard 176183 Store draftquality data in ores extension Screep Open None
Workboard 172743 [Epic] Coordinate ORES UI features between Scoring and Collab teams Screep Open None
Workboard 171080 The great test making of Wikilabels Screep Open None
Workboard 174685 Create list of ORES collaborators (focus on language asset helpers) Screep Open None
Workboard 130213 [Epic] Edit quality models (damaging/goodfaith) In-Scope Open None
Workboard 155440 Add notice to on-wiki labeling pages (e.g. en:WP:Labels) about deprecation. In-Scope Open None
Workboard 121719 [Epic] Write paper about ORES as a socio-technical probe In-Scope Open None
Workboard 165046 [Discuss] Wikilabels routes refactor In-Scope Open None
Workboard 175736 Give ores admins read access to /srv/log/ores/main.log* Screep Open None
Workboard 175180 Deploy ORES (revscoring 2.0) Screep Open None
Workboard 176332 Train/test edit quality models for eswikibooks Screep Open None
Workboard 166235 Flagged revs approve model to fiwiki In-Scope Open None
Workboard 174572 Reverted model for hrwiki Screep Open None
Workboard 174878 Edit quality campaign for Bengali Wikipedia Screep Open None
Workboard 169969 Regularly purge old ores graphite metrics Screep Open None
Workboard 161375 Using TensorFlow in ORES In-Scope Open None
Workboard 175053 Make RCFilters compatible with both the old and new thresholds APIs Screep Open None
Workboard 153152 Design JADE data storage schema In-Scope Open None
Workboard 144636 [Epic] Implement PCFG features for editquality and draftquality In-Scope Open None
Workboard 174558 Deploy damaging/goodfaith model for svwiki Screep Open None
Workboard 166890 [Discuss] Terms used in the Wiki labels interface In-Scope Open None
Workboard 161379 Train/test TensorFlow for edit quality models In-Scope Open None
Workboard 130251 [Epic] Edit type models In-Scope Open None
Workboard 174403 [Investigate] ORES worker threads shouldn't use Redis connection pool Screep Open None
Workboard 175628 Add LV dictionary to install. Screep Open None
Workboard 175627 UK dictionary broken in production Screep Open None
Workboard 169246 Stress/capacity test new ores* cluster In-Scope Open None
Workboard 176324 Scoring platform team FY18 Q2 Screep Open None
Workboard 130369 [Epic] Structured deployment of ORES In-Scope Open None