Release-Engineering-Kanban Status Report

Project Kanban from 2018-10-01 to 2019-01-01


In Progress 198901 Migrate production services to kubernetes using the pipeline In-Scope Cut None
In Progress 180171 ArticlePlaceholder should use MediaWiki qunit runner In-Scope Cut None
In Progress 208803 Migrate the Integration cloud project to eqiad1-r Screep Done None
In Progress 206620 Check 'Check endpoints for mwdebug2002.codfw.wmnet' failed: /wiki/{title} (Main Page) is WARNING: Test Main Page responds with unexpected body Screep Done None
In Progress 206662 1.33.0-wmf.8 deployment blockers Screep Done None
In Progress 188717 Move Wikibase to using the normal mediawiki extension (quibble) jobs Elaborated Done None
In Progress 206640 selenium-daily-beta-Popups CI job failing Screep Done None
In Progress 207694 Adopt JSON as blubber's internal configuration format Screep Done None
In Progress 205902 Disk-space related issues still occurring for Docker based CI jobs Screep Done None
In Progress 206660 1.33.0-wmf.6 deployment blockers Screep Done None
In Progress 207602 deploy1001:/srv/mediawiki out of date? Screep Done None
In Progress 206358 Request Sauce Labs access for niedzielski Screep Done None
In Progress 206663 1.33.0-wmf.9 deployment blockers Screep Done None
In Progress 210557 Wikimedia\Rdbms\LoadBalancer::pickReaderIndex: all replica DBs lagged. Switch to read-only mode Screep Done None
In Progress 208101 Migrate deployment-prep to eqiad1 Screep Open None
In Progress 190891 Develop canonical/single record of origin, machine readable list of all repos deployed to WMF sites. In-Scope Open None
In Progress 199130 Fundraising should fall back to non master In-Scope Open None
In Progress 198968 Zuul get confused when querying a change that yields two entries Screep Open None
In Progress 137890 Relocate CI generated docs and coverage reports Screep Open None
In Progress 204775 Outreachy microtask: Writing Echo node.js tests (#2) Screep Open None
In Progress 149924 Clear /srv/.git on contint1001 Screep Open None
In Progress 205132 Add Code Health Metrics Working Group members to Code Health mailing list In-Scope Open None
In Progress 205143 Define a code health metrics reporting approach/strategy Screep Open None
In Progress 196411 Document scap swat command In-Scope Open None
In Progress 200720 docker-pkg should attempt to pull dependent images from the registry Screep Open None
In Progress 210438 Option to allow Docker cache when building images Screep Open None
In Progress 212247 Refactor integration/pipelinelib to use blubberoid.discovery.wmnet Screep Open None
In Progress 195244 Investigate and make improvements to the extension review process In-Scope Open None
In Progress 209361 Phase out Nodepool from production Screep Open None
In Progress 206621 5 of the 15 prioritized repositories have at least 1 end-to-end test Screep Open None
In Progress 208262 Ensure there are no hard-coded IPs in use for beta Screep Open None
Blocked 207281 REL1_32 branch didn't get cut for some extensions Screep Done None
Blocked 210469 Update Debian Package for Scap to 3.8.10-1 Screep Done None
Blocked 210028 LDAP requests for Jeena Huneidi Screep Done None
Blocked 207364 Github: add verified domain Screep Done None
Blocked 206466 Onboarding liw Screep Done None
Blocked 205920 Blubberoid – create swagger spec Screep Done None
Blocked 212251 Allow access to blubberoid.discovery.wmnet:8748 Screep Open None
Blocked 146055 Improve privilege separation for phabricator's config files and mysql credentials In-Scope Open None
Blocked 182085 Connect Phabricator to swift for storage of git-lfs and file uploads. In-Scope Open None
Blocked 205313 l10nupdate is still using HHVM Screep Open None
Blocked 125618 Deprecate and remove the EducationProgram extension from Wikimedia servers after June 30, 2018 In-Scope Open None
Blocked 182832 Apache on phab1001 is gradually leaking worker processes which are stuck in "Gracefully finishing" state In-Scope Open None
Blocked 193824 Determine a standard way of installing MediaWiki lib/extension dependencies within containers In-Scope Open None
Blocked 137928 Deploy phabricator to phab2001.codfw.wmnet In-Scope Open None
Blocked 203084 Migrate DonationInterface CI job to Docker In-Scope Open None
Done Column 206657 1.33.0-wmf.3 deployment blockers Screep Done None
Done Column 208422 Migrate operations/puppet CI job from Jessie to Stretch Screep Done None
Done Column 209722 Onboarding Jeena Huneidi Screep Done None
Done Column 174091 FY2017/18 Program 3 Outcome 1 Objective 2: Identify and find stewards for high-priority/high use code segment orphans In-Scope Done None
Done Column 212230 [DBA] remove nodepooldb on production-m5 and nodepool user Screep Done None
Done Column 198822 Enable 2FA on wmfgerrit github account Screep Done None
Done Column 154915 Get rid of "import realm.pp" in manifests/site.pp In-Scope Open None
Done Column 196347 Quibble may need to rebuild localization cache before running tests In-Scope Open None
Done Column 198422 Running scap sync-dir php-1.32.0-wmf.10 fails due to syntax error In-Scope Open None
Done Column 209946 hhvm systemd service on deployment-prep reports: hhvm.service: Ignoring invalid environment assignment 'RUN_AS_GROUP=www-data Screep Open None
Done Column 186494 jenkins-debian-glue should run the lintian version from cowbuilder instead of from host In-Scope Open None
Other 184961 Close chairwiki In-Scope Cut None
Other 196515 Automate the Train In-Scope Cut None
Other 197635 Complete first round of the Release Engineering Developer Satisfaction survey In-Scope Cut None
Other 204252 Have dependencies of gated extensions in the gate In-Scope Cut None
Other 203278 Archive Mathoid deploy repo In-Scope Cut None
Other 208196 l10nupdate aborts due to l10n_cache-ti.cdb.json being truncated Screep Done None
Other 179188 Video recording for Selenium tests in Node.js In-Scope Done None
Other 200311 Access to create gerrit groups for WMDE-Leszek Screep Done None
Other 204995 Signing MW Core Tags Screep Done None
Other 206064 Wikimedia Technical Conference 2018 Session - How do we work together? Screep Done None
Other 206134 Nodes taken offline after /var/lib/docker partition fills due to container logging Screep Done None
Other 206655 1.33.0-wmf.1 deployment blockers Screep Done None
Other 206656 1.33.0-wmf.2 deployment blockers Screep Done None
Other 206658 1.33.0-wmf.4 deployment blockers Screep Done None
Other 207260 Jenkins mail delivery failure to Screep Done None
Other 207460 Update L10n-bot@phabricator ssh key Screep Done None
Other 207696 Retain YAML support by converting to JSON in Blubber Screep Done None
Other 207830 Grant Gerrit administration rights to Lars Wirzenius Screep Done None
Other 207833 Add Lars Wirzenius to releng LDAP groups Screep Done None
Other 207841 Quibble should instruct PHPUnit to generate Junit files Screep Done None
Other 208632 Outline options for managing incident reports creation, follow-ups, and analysis Screep Done None
Other 209105 Release MW 1.32 RC0 Screep Done None
Other 209123 contint1001 build cleanup Screep Done None
Other 209264 Upgrade Jenkins instances to 2.138.3 Screep Done None
Other 209526 Add javamelody to gerrit Screep Done None
Other 209743 make 'hidden' fields actually hidden on the phabricator form preview view Screep Done None
Other 209776 WDQS GUI build fails on CI Screep Done None
Other 209916 Create the Release Engineering Developer Satisfaction survey Screep Done None
Other 209935 Report CI jobs not running on Docker slaves Screep Done None
Other 210284 operations-mw-config-typos Screep Done None
Other 210301 Status of deployment-redis0[56]? Screep Done None
Other 210663 Fix tests around the toollabs repo and packaging Screep Done None
Other 210674 Point keyholder github mirror to gerrit Screep Done None
Other 211653 Release MW 1.32 RC1 Screep Done None
Other 211708 Blubberoid - Create Helm Chart Screep Done None
Other 211974 eqiad: 1 VM request for Screep Done None
Other 193533 [BetaFeatures] sql/create_counts.sql : Error: 1071 Specified key was too long; max key length is 767 bytes In-Scope Open None
Other 193222 Error: 1071 Specified key was too long; max key length is 767 bytes In-Scope Open None
Other 192042 Create gerrit mirrors for all github-based ORES repos In-Scope Open None
Other 191771 [REL1_30] Some parserTests fail on debian stretch using Tidy, because of a new version of libtidy In-Scope Open None
Other 206622 Develop set of metrics to assess incident reports/post mortems Screep Open None
Other 191373 Move Scap development from Differential to Gerrit In-Scope Open None
Other 209914 Summarize Developer Satisfaction survey data Screep Open None
Other 211710 Expose code coverage stats for Services Screep Open None
Other 190572 Prepare a disaster recovery plan for failing over from phab1001 to phab2001 (or phab2001 to 1001) In-Scope Open None
Other 211720 Upgrade jenkins instances to 2.150.2 Screep Open None
Other 190073 Migrate Jenkins jobs wikimedia-portals-build and wikidata-query-gui-build to Docker and to use an entry point (eg: npm builddeploy) In-Scope Open None
Other 189567 Phaseout CI mediawiki config / extensions_load.txt to load extensions In-Scope Open None
Other 188742 Run tests daily targeting beta cluster for all repositories with Selenium tests In-Scope Open None
Other 207046 Code health metrics spike Screep Open None
Other 179190 Run Selenium Cucumber tests in CI In-Scope Open None
Other 188706 Setup Learning Circles for RelEng In-Scope Open None
Other 207335 Refresh Jenkins API token for Harbormaster Screep Open None
Other 187733 Running smoke tests during deployment In-Scope Open None
Other 178663 Switch CI Docker Storage Driver to its own partition and to use devicemapper In-Scope Open None
Other 207529 Release MW 1.32 Screep Open None
Other 186496 CI fetching tags should also create the local tag references In-Scope Open None
Other 207669 Create a permalink which always redirects to the current week's train blocker task Screep Open None
Other 183999 Scap canary has a shifting baseline In-Scope Open None
Other 207695 Refactor validation system to use jsonschema Screep Open None
Other 211881 graphoid: Code stewardship request Elaborated Open None
Other 211904 Set up data storage to collect loosely structured data from CI Screep Open None
Other 210412 Learn Docker basics Screep Open None
Other 177867 Pipeline image build cleanup In-Scope Open None
Other 183513 Draft requirements for a Kubernetes based solution for CI In-Scope Open None
Other 35515 .odb file recognized as application/acad (first type entry in our list) Screep Open None
Other 182759 Add Prometheus exporter to Jenkins instances Screep Open None
Other 182160 Develop tests for phabricator search to detect regressions / search quality issues In-Scope Open None
Other 208426 Deploy Zuul 2.5.1-wmf5 Screep Open None
Other 208529 Install docker on releases-jenkins Screep Open None
Other 175184 [Technical Debt Series]Avoiding New Technical Debt In-Scope Open None
Other 181833 Figure out why HHVM kept running stale code for hours In-Scope Open None
Other 175183 [Technical Debt Series]How to remove Technical Debt In-Scope Open None
Other 212454 Gather and Analyze Information Around Developer Tooling Woes Screep Open None
Other 159591 Castor: mediawiki-core-qunit-jessie node_modules cache ineffective In-Scope Open None
Other 181393 Make sure elasticsearch 6 is supported in phabricator In-Scope Open None
Other 119371 Enable MariaDB/MySQL strict mode on CI db hosts In-Scope Open None
Other 199262 TEC13:O3.4:Q1 Goal - Identify key Tech Debt areas (Platform) Screep Open None
Other 199263 TEC13:O3.4:Q1 Goal - Put in place Tech Debt management process for PEP Screep Open None
Other 199388 When scap deploy is aborted it should say so in the log In-Scope Open None
Other 179963 Workspaces for mwgate-php55lint / mwgate-php70lint are getting huge In-Scope Open None
Other 199207 404 on workboard for an existing project (due to custom filter applied which did not exist in database) In-Scope Open None
Other 201875 Allow new blubber builders to be implemented in yaml In-Scope Open None
Other 202080 Publish the source for phabricator-antivandalism In-Scope Open None
Other 199116 Quibble should run `npm install` and `npm run selenium-test` for each extension/skin that has Selenium tests In-Scope Open None
Other 203091 Move Graphoid to Kubernetes via the deployment pipeline In-Scope Open None
Other 203092 Create Graphoid .pipeline files In-Scope Open None
Other 199113 All repositories with Selenium tests should use wdio-mediawiki In-Scope Open None
Other 203698 Add Code Stewardship review to Review Queue process In-Scope Open None
Other 203701 Add Services (and other non-extensions) to the deployment review process In-Scope Open None
Other 203846 Zuul cancels all changes when a change is manually merged Screep Open None
Other 204160 Create a security issue task type with additional attributes In-Scope Open None
Other 198201 Quibble must include tests/selenium/LocalSettings.php (was ORES selenium test fail on CI due to lack of ORES server) In-Scope Open None
Other 204762 On deployment-prep scap cache_git_info takes 12 minutes (that is too slow) In-Scope Open None
Other 197050 Figure out how RelEng can better communicate accomplishments In-Scope Open None
Other 204871 Investigate the spikes of "web request took longer than 60 seconds and timed out" during deployments Screep Open None
Other 211655 Document the process for tagging, signing and preparing a tarball release. Screep Open None
Other 205002 scap clean not cleaning up deployment host fully In-Scope Open None
Other 196517 Automate weekly branch cut In-Scope Open None
Other 196516 Automate updating deployment notes In-Scope Open None
Other 196436 EditSubpages extension fails mediawiki/core tests In-Scope Open None
Other 196096 Define an approach for tracking/managing tech debt for PEP In-Scope Open None
Other 196093 Review Platform Tech Debt backlog In-Scope Open None
Other 205923 TEC3:O1:O1.2 Goal – Formalize the collection of CI infrastructure and tooling metrics Screep Open None
Other 94322 Re-evaluate use of "Dependent Pipeline" in Zuul for gate-and-submit In-Scope Open None
Other 209913 Share results of the Developer Satisfaction survey Elaborated Open None