Release-Engineering-Kanban Status Report

Project Kanban from 2019-01-01 to 2019-01-20


In Progress 204775 Outreachy microtask: Writing Echo node.js tests (#2) In-Scope Cut None
In Progress 196628 CI: upgrade tox, currently running 2.6.0 Screep Done None
In Progress 208262 Ensure there are no hard-coded IPs in use for beta In-Scope Done None
In Progress 210282 mwext-CirrusSearch-whitespaces Screep Done None
In Progress 210438 Option to allow Docker cache when building images In-Scope Done None
In Progress 137890 Relocate CI generated docs and coverage reports In-Scope Open None
In Progress 35515 .odb file recognized as application/acad (first type entry in our list) In-Scope Open None
In Progress 198968 Zuul get confused when querying a change that yields two entries In-Scope Open None
In Progress 196411 Document scap swat command In-Scope Open None
In Progress 195244 Investigate and make improvements to the extension review process In-Scope Open None
In Progress 190891 Develop canonical/single record of origin, machine readable list of all repos deployed to WMF sites. In-Scope Open None
In Progress 149924 Clear /srv/.git on contint1001 In-Scope Open None
In Progress 212454 Gather and Analyze Information Around Developer Tooling Woes In-Scope Open None
In Progress 212247 Refactor integration/pipelinelib to use blubberoid.discovery.wmnet In-Scope Open None
In Progress 211625 Unify configuration for local build-context copies and variant artifacts Screep Open None
In Progress 210780 labs/toollabs should always run debian-glue, possibly with multiple distributions Screep Open None
In Progress 209361 Phase out Nodepool from production In-Scope Open None
In Progress 208101 Migrate deployment-prep to eqiad1 In-Scope Open None
In Progress 207046 Code health metrics spike In-Scope Open None
In Progress 207044 Give a code health metrics talk at All Hands Screep Open None
In Progress 206621 5 of the 15 prioritized repositories have at least 1 end-to-end test In-Scope Open None
In Progress 205143 Define a code health metrics reporting approach/strategy In-Scope Open None
In Progress 205132 Add Code Health Metrics Working Group members to Code Health mailing list In-Scope Open None
In Progress 200720 docker-pkg should attempt to pull dependent images from the registry In-Scope Open None
In Progress 199130 Fundraising should fall back to non master In-Scope Open None
In Progress 213944 selenium-daily-beta-Newsletter failing during `npm install` Screep Open None
Blocked 213169 Grant sudo access for CI admins to publishing user Elaborated Done None
Blocked 137928 Deploy phabricator to phab2001.codfw.wmnet In-Scope Open None
Blocked 212251 Allow access to blubberoid.discovery.wmnet:8748 In-Scope Open None
Blocked 205313 l10nupdate is still using HHVM In-Scope Open None
Blocked 193824 Determine a standard way of installing MediaWiki lib/extension dependencies within containers In-Scope Open None
Blocked 182832 Apache on phab1001 is gradually leaking worker processes which are stuck in "Gracefully finishing" state In-Scope Open None
Blocked 182085 Connect Phabricator to swift for storage of git-lfs and file uploads. In-Scope Open None
Blocked 146055 Improve privilege separation for phabricator's config files and mysql credentials In-Scope Open None
Blocked 125618 Deprecate and remove the EducationProgram extension from Wikimedia servers after June 30, 2018 In-Scope Open None
Blocked 203084 Migrate DonationInterface CI job to Docker In-Scope Open None
Done Column 188706 Setup Learning Circles for RelEng In-Scope Done None
Done Column 154915 Get rid of "import realm.pp" in manifests/site.pp In-Scope Done None
Done Column 196347 Quibble may need to rebuild localization cache before running tests In-Scope Open None
Done Column 209946 hhvm systemd service on deployment-prep reports: hhvm.service: Ignoring invalid environment assignment 'RUN_AS_GROUP=www-data In-Scope Open None
Done Column 186494 jenkins-debian-glue should run the lintian version from cowbuilder instead of from host In-Scope Open None
Done Column 198422 Running scap sync-dir php-1.32.0-wmf.10 fails due to syntax error In-Scope Open None
Other 197050 Figure out how RelEng can better communicate accomplishments In-Scope Cut None
Other 101131 Enable Gerrit reviewers-by-blame plugin Screep Done None
Other 207529 Release MW 1.32 In-Scope Done None
Other 212602 Docker-based npm jobs have unwritable homedir Screep Done None
Other 206667 1.33.0-wmf.13 deployment blockers Screep Done None
Other 211720 Upgrade jenkins instances to 2.150.2 In-Scope Done None
Other 210785 Upgrade Gerrit to 2.15.8 Screep Done None
Other 118599 CI generate docs for Flow and MobileFrontend wmf branches Screep Done None
Other 210279 Migrate integration-zuul-layoutdiff and integration-zuul-layoutvalidation-gate jobs to Docker containers Screep Done None
Other 213509 urls without trailing slash respond with HTTP 403 Forbidden Screep Done None
Other 183999 Scap canary has a shifting baseline In-Scope Open None
Other 183513 Draft requirements for a Kubernetes based solution for CI In-Scope Open None
Other 182759 Add Prometheus exporter to Jenkins instances In-Scope Open None
Other 182160 Develop tests for phabricator search to detect regressions / search quality issues In-Scope Open None
Other 181833 Figure out why HHVM kept running stale code for hours In-Scope Open None
Other 181393 Make sure elasticsearch 6 is supported in phabricator In-Scope Open None
Other 179963 Workspaces for mwgate-php55lint / mwgate-php70lint are getting huge In-Scope Open None
Other 179190 Run Selenium Cucumber tests in CI In-Scope Open None
Other 178663 Switch CI Docker Storage Driver to its own partition and to use devicemapper In-Scope Open None
Other 177867 Pipeline image build cleanup In-Scope Open None
Other 175184 [Technical Debt Series]Avoiding New Technical Debt In-Scope Open None
Other 175183 [Technical Debt Series]How to remove Technical Debt In-Scope Open None
Other 159591 Castor: mediawiki-core-qunit-jessie node_modules cache ineffective In-Scope Open None
Other 119371 Enable MariaDB/MySQL strict mode on CI db hosts In-Scope Open None
Other 94322 Re-evaluate use of "Dependent Pipeline" in Zuul for gate-and-submit In-Scope Open None
Other 214158 Experiment with continuous deployment using Blubberoid Screep Open None
Other 213268 Upgrade webdriverio to version 5 Screep Open None
Other 211904 Set up data storage to collect loosely structured data from CI In-Scope Open None
Other 211881 graphoid: Code stewardship request In-Scope Open None
Other 211710 Expose code coverage stats for Services In-Scope Open None
Other 211655 Document the process for tagging, signing and preparing a tarball release. In-Scope Open None
Other 210412 Learn Docker basics In-Scope Open None
Other 210285 Migrate selenium-Wikibase-chrome selenium-WikibaseLexeme-chrome to Docker containers Screep Open None
Other 209914 Summarize Developer Satisfaction survey data In-Scope Open None
Other 209913 Share results of the Developer Satisfaction survey In-Scope Open None
Other 208529 Install docker on releases-jenkins In-Scope Open None
Other 208426 Deploy Zuul 2.5.1-wmf5 In-Scope Open None
Other 207695 Refactor validation system to use jsonschema In-Scope Open None
Other 207669 Create a permalink which always redirects to the current week's train blocker task In-Scope Open None
Other 207335 Refresh Jenkins API token for Harbormaster In-Scope Open None
Other 206622 Develop set of metrics to assess incident reports/post mortems In-Scope Open None
Other 205923 TEC3:O1:O1.2 Goal – Formalize the collection of CI infrastructure and tooling metrics In-Scope Open None
Other 205002 scap clean not cleaning up deployment host fully In-Scope Open None
Other 204871 Investigate the spikes of "web request took longer than 60 seconds and timed out" during deployments In-Scope Open None
Other 204762 On deployment-prep scap cache_git_info takes 12 minutes (that is too slow) In-Scope Open None
Other 204160 Create a security issue task type with additional attributes In-Scope Open None
Other 203846 Zuul cancels all changes when a change is manually merged In-Scope Open None
Other 203701 Add Services (and other non-extensions) to the deployment review process In-Scope Open None
Other 203698 Add Code Stewardship review to Review Queue process In-Scope Open None
Other 203092 Create Graphoid .pipeline files In-Scope Open None
Other 203091 Move Graphoid to Kubernetes via the deployment pipeline In-Scope Open None
Other 202080 Publish the source for phabricator-antivandalism In-Scope Open None
Other 201875 Allow new blubber builders to be implemented in yaml In-Scope Open None
Other 199388 When scap deploy is aborted it should say so in the log In-Scope Open None
Other 199263 TEC13:O3.4:Q1 Goal - Put in place Tech Debt management process for PEP In-Scope Open None
Other 199262 TEC13:O3.4:Q1 Goal - Identify key Tech Debt areas (Platform) In-Scope Open None
Other 199207 404 on workboard for an existing project (due to custom filter applied which did not exist in database) In-Scope Open None
Other 199116 Quibble should run `npm install` and `npm run selenium-test` for each extension/skin that has Selenium tests In-Scope Open None
Other 199113 All repositories with Selenium tests should use wdio-mediawiki In-Scope Open None
Other 198201 Quibble must include tests/selenium/LocalSettings.php (was ORES selenium test fail on CI due to lack of ORES server) In-Scope Open None
Other 196517 Automate weekly branch cut In-Scope Open None
Other 196516 Automate updating deployment notes In-Scope Open None
Other 196436 EditSubpages extension fails mediawiki/core tests In-Scope Open None
Other 196096 Define an approach for tracking/managing tech debt for PEP In-Scope Open None
Other 196093 Review Platform Tech Debt backlog In-Scope Open None
Other 193533 [BetaFeatures] sql/create_counts.sql : Error: 1071 Specified key was too long; max key length is 767 bytes In-Scope Open None
Other 193222 Error: 1071 Specified key was too long; max key length is 767 bytes In-Scope Open None
Other 192042 Create gerrit mirrors for all github-based ORES repos In-Scope Open None
Other 191771 [REL1_30] Some parserTests fail on debian stretch using Tidy, because of a new version of libtidy In-Scope Open None
Other 191373 Move Scap development from Differential to Gerrit In-Scope Open None
Other 190572 Prepare a disaster recovery plan for failing over from phab1001 to phab2001 (or phab2001 to 1001) In-Scope Open None
Other 189567 Phaseout CI mediawiki config / extensions_load.txt to load extensions In-Scope Open None
Other 189549 Setup CI for operations/software/gerrit Screep Open None
Other 188742 Run tests daily targeting beta cluster for all repositories with Selenium tests In-Scope Open None
Other 187733 Running smoke tests during deployment In-Scope Open None
Other 186496 CI fetching tags should also create the local tag references In-Scope Open None