Release-Engineering-Kanban Status Report

Project Kanban from 2018-07-01 to 2018-08-17


In Progress 196960 Quibble should have a way for extensions to opt out of core selenium browser tests In-Scope Cut None
In Progress 185974 Create Fatal-Monitor dashboard in logstash-beta Screep Done None
In Progress 200452 Move Blubber repo and CR to Gerrit Screep Done None
In Progress 200843 Generic CI job for running Blubber-built test entry points Screep Done None
In Progress 200257 `scap sync` fails with `Error: You are missing some external dependencies.` Screep Done None
In Progress 193244 selenium-CirrusSearch-jessie does not run any tests In-Scope Done None
In Progress 183165 Verify functionality of the 'production' image in the context of an isolated k8s deployment In-Scope Done None
In Progress 197469 Migrate gated extensions jobs to Quibble/Docker In-Scope Done None
In Progress 192561 Upgrade deployment-prep deployment servers to stretch Elaborated Done None
In Progress 191060 1.32.0-wmf.14 deployment blockers Screep Done None
In Progress 191059 1.32.0-wmf.13 deployment blockers Screep Done None
In Progress 188935 modify service-pipeline to include helm install/helm test In-Scope Done None
In Progress 188934 install helm on integration agents In-Scope Done None
In Progress 199283 Update Debian Package for Scap3 to 3.8.4-1 Screep Done None
In Progress 200953 Jenkins fails to checkout shared Groovy library integration/pipelinelib Elaborated Done None
In Progress 199113 All repositories with Selenium tests should use wdio-mediawiki Elaborated Open None
In Progress 183512 [EPIC] Migrate Mediawiki jobs from Nodepool to Docker In-Scope Open None
In Progress 193157 Quibble does not install ffmpeg Elaborated Open None
In Progress 199130 Fundraising should fall back to non master Screep Open None
In Progress 191771 [REL1_30] Some parserTests fail on debian stretch using Tidy, because of a new version of libtidy In-Scope Open None
In Progress 185011 Create selenium-MediaWiki-jessie daily Jenkins job In-Scope Open None
In Progress 190572 Prepare a disaster recovery plan for failing over from phab1001 to phab2001 (or phab2001 to 1001) In-Scope Open None
In Progress 189567 Phaseout CI mediawiki config / extensions_load.txt to load extensions In-Scope Open None
In Progress 198901 Migrate production services to kubernetes using the pipeline Screep Open None
In Progress 179188 Video recording for Selenium tests in Node.js In-Scope Open None
In Progress 201932 Wikimedia Portals Update and European Mid-day SWAT windows at the same time on Mondays Screep Open None
In Progress 196093 Review Platform Tech Debt backlog In-Scope Open None
In Progress 196940 Establish shared library for pipeline code used in Jenkins In-Scope Open None
In Progress 188742 Run tests daily targeting beta cluster for all repositories with Selenium tests In-Scope Open None
In Progress 181393 Make sure elasticsearch 6 is supported in phabricator In-Scope Open None
Blocked 187850 Cleanup remaining WikipediaMobileFirefoxOS references In-Scope Done None
Blocked 182085 Connect Phabricator to swift for storage of git-lfs and file uploads. In-Scope Open None
Blocked 182832 Apache on phab1001 is gradually leaking worker processes which are stuck in "Gracefully finishing" state In-Scope Open None
Blocked 197083 Gerrit has created duplicate accounts for some users Screep Open None
Blocked 137928 Deploy phabricator to phab2001.codfw.wmnet In-Scope Open None
Blocked 180328 Add CI to all operations/dumps/* repositories and archive obsolete ones In-Scope Open None
Blocked 187859 Move one Selenium tests from mediawiki/core to mediawiki/skins/Vector In-Scope Open None
Blocked 174338 Provide php-ast 0.1.5 or later as a Debian package for CI In-Scope Open None
Blocked 195244 Investigate and make improvements to the extension review process In-Scope Open None
Blocked 193824 Determine a standard way of installing MediaWiki lib/extension dependencies within containers In-Scope Open None
Blocked 146055 Improve privilege separation for phabricator's config files and mysql credentials In-Scope Open None
Done Column 198331 [Cognate] install fails with BadMethodCallException from line 83 of includes/libs/rdbms/lbfactory/LBFactorySingle.php: Method is not supported. Elaborated Done None
Done Column 198330 [GlobalPreferences] install fails with MultiConfig::get: undefined option: 'GlobalPreferencesDB' Elaborated Done 5.0
Done Column 191058 1.32.0-wmf.12 deployment blockers Screep Done None
Done Column 198422 Running scap sync-dir php-1.32.0-wmf.10 fails due to syntax error Screep Open None
Done Column 174091 FY2017/18 Program 3 Outcome 1 Objective 2: Identify and find stewards for high-priority/high use code segment orphans In-Scope Open None
Done Column 196567 [ReadingLists] No registered builder available for ReadingLists. Screep Open None
Done Column 198120 [TrustedXFF] on fresh install trusted-xff.cdb is missing and User::getDefaultOptions() cause a fatal Elaborated Open None
Done Column 177261 Rewrite QuickSurveys browser tests in Node.js or remove them In-Scope Open None
Done Column 154915 Get rid of "import realm.pp" in manifests/site.pp In-Scope Open None
Done Column 186494 jenkins-debian-glue should run the lintian version from cowbuilder instead of from host In-Scope Open None
Done Column 180223 Port CentralNotice Selenium tests from Ruby to Node.js In-Scope Open None
Done Column 180224 Port GettingStarted Selenium tests from Ruby to Node.js In-Scope Open None
Done Column 180226 Port MultimediaViewer Selenium tests from Ruby to Node.js In-Scope Open None
Done Column 180247 Port RevisionSlider Selenium tests from Ruby to Node.js In-Scope Open None
Done Column 180248 Port TwoColConflict Selenium tests from Ruby to Node.js In-Scope Open None
Done Column 194280 `npm audit` for mediawiki/core found 24 vulnerabilities In-Scope Open None
Done Column 194818 Survey for Beta Cluster use cases In-Scope Open None
Done Column 167432 Run Wikibase daily browser tests on Jenkins In-Scope Open None
Other 158243 Update zuul to latest pre 3.0 commit In-Scope Cut None
Other 187897 fatal: remote error: access denied or repository not exported: /mediawiki/extensions/ReadingLists In-Scope Cut None
Other 186547 Blubber should support php/composer In-Scope Cut None
Other 182657 Automatically publish python modules to pypi on tag publishing In-Scope Cut None
Other 184118 scap package installed by CI breaks apt and thus puppet In-Scope Cut None
Other 172480 Add jobrunner servers to Scap canary process In-Scope Cut None
Other 147938 Use git as transport mechanism for MediaWiki scap deploys In-Scope Cut None
Other 188107 zuul-merger /var/log/git-daemon/syslog.log is not log rotated In-Scope Cut None
Other 184628 Rethink beta scap deployment In-Scope Cut None
Other 190710 Minerva Ruby and Node.js browser tests running side by side In-Scope Cut 5.0
Other 196510 [SocialLogin] $wgSocialLoginServices has no default triggering notice/warning Screep Done None
Other 196454 Is there a way to specify different different inter-extension-dependencies for REL-Branches? Screep Done None
Other 198348 Quibble CI jobs time out after 30min due to instance stalling at "npm install parse" step Screep Done None
Other 191061 1.32.0-wmf.15 deployment blockers Screep Done None
Other 191062 1.32.0-wmf.16 deployment blockers Screep Done None
Other 169352 Phabricator "Duplicate entry" error when moving tasks between workboard columns Screep Done None
Other 182635 Explain to TechComm (Daniel K) part of learnings from ORES post-mortem re arch reviews In-Scope Done None
Other 198336 OpenStackManager tests fail on Quibble container: Error: Call to undefined function ldap_bind() In-Scope Done None
Other 198229 [Graph] extension fails QUnit tests due to timeout In-Scope Done None
Other 198124 wdio: Cannot find module 'wdio-mediawiki/Util' from specs/page.js:8:9 Screep Done None
Other 192849 beta-scap-equiad failure: Error writing to CDB file Screep Done None
Other 193131 Quibble can not find NPM Screep Done None
Other 197933 CI no more inject extensions dependencies on REL branches Elaborated Done None
Other 197204 Maintainer access for Wikimedia Commons Android Tools project Screep Done None
Other 127903 Projects should have an "Open Tasks" view by default Screep Done None
Other 193402 'resources/screen.less : Stylesheets should not both specify "media" and contain @media Screep Done None
Other 193403 truglass/handheld.css : Stylesheets should not both specify "media" and contain @media Screep Done None
Other 193404 [mediawiki/skins/Tempo] resources/tempo.css : Stylesheets should not both specify "media" and contain @media Screep Done None
Other 199460 Update gerrit to 2.15.3 Screep Done None
Other 196800 Change rebase causes a Missing blob e959c00909e3b4ae11c26a58616a2d699883dcf3 Screep Done None
Other 196565 Phabricator is very slow to load Screep Done None
Other 193906 debian-glue errors out with: hooks/B90lintian: line 21: realpath: command not found Screep Done None
Other 196431 [EditNotify] Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in extensions/EditNotify/EditNotify.hooks.php on line 917 Elaborated Done None
Other 194308 Transaction should be in the callback stage (not 'cursory') Screep Done None
Other 194773 Repository Ownership Request for user Zoranzoki21 for extension PushToWatch Screep Done None
Other 196451 Add Candalua to the CI user whitelist Screep Done None
Other 196532 [Reflect] PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class 'LqtDispatch' not found in extensions/Reflect/server/classes/Dispatch.php:53 Screep Done None
Other 195783 [PropertySuggester] MWException from line 167 of /workspace/src/includes/Hooks.php: Invalid callback PropertySuggester\Hooks::onCreateSchema in hooks for LoadExtensionSchemaUpdates Elaborated Done None
Other 195831 [AkismetKlik] MWException Set $wgAKkey in LocalSettings.php or relevant configuration file. Elaborated Done None
Other 195864 Node.js Selenium framework lacks documentation Screep Done None
Other 195918 Move MediaWiki extension PHPUnit coverage jobs to docker + quibble Elaborated Done None
Other 200063 [intersection] parser tests fail and CI ignore tests Elaborated Done None
Other 200026 RepoGroup exceptions due to "false" being passed as a key to MapCacheLRU Screep Done None
Other 200669 Help needed to setup the elastic6 dev branch on CirrusSearch, Elastica and mediawiki-vendor Screep Done None
Other 200017 Quibble should be able to be forced to run extensions testsuite when triggered from mediawiki/core Elaborated Done None
Other 199489 Helm test failing for CI namespace Screep Done None
Other 201306 Revoke the volunteer badge from my account Screep Done None
Other 157030 cannot delete non-empty directory: php-1.29.0-wmf.3 messages on 'scap sync' on mwdebug1002 In-Scope Done None
Other 115436 ResourcesTest::testFileExistence does not ignore anchor in url Elaborated Done None
Other 184882 Scap: TypeError: error: (not all arguments converted during string formatting); format string: (Passed unrecognized git_binary_manager {}); arguments: ((u'fat',)) In-Scope Done None
Other 188080 releases1001 has full / partition In-Scope Done None
Other 199080 FormatJson should not be used in upper case form FormatJSON Screep Done None
Other 199047 Add "gmp" php extension to Quibble images Elaborated Done None
Other 198973 Wikibase tests are failing CI on unrelated changes Screep Done None
Other 189062 Follow up with platform team regarding refactoring plans In-Scope Done None
Other 198621 Scap3 doesn't support non us-ascii characters in config templates for service deployments Screep Done None
Other 189693 mediawiki-core-code-coverage & mediawiki-core-code-coverage-php7 jobs lock up labs integration slaves In-Scope Done None
Other 196062 EXT_DEPENDENCIES no more being injected on quibble jobs Screep Done None
Other 196347 Quibble may need to rebuild localization cache before running tests Screep Open None
Other 119371 Enable MariaDB/MySQL strict mode on CI db hosts In-Scope Open None
Other 125618 Deprecate and remove the EducationProgram extension from Wikimedia servers after June 30, 2018 Screep Open None
Other 159591 Castor: mediawiki-core-qunit-jessie node_modules cache ineffective In-Scope Open None
Other 175183 [Technical Debt Series]How to remove Technical Debt In-Scope Open None
Other 175184 [Technical Debt Series]Avoiding New Technical Debt In-Scope Open None
Other 177412 Mocha tests for Echo notifications In-Scope Open None
Other 177867 Pipeline image build cleanup In-Scope Open None
Other 178663 Switch CI Docker Storage Driver to its own partition and to use devicemapper In-Scope Open None
Other 179190 Run Selenium Cucumber tests in CI In-Scope Open None
Other 179963 Workspaces for mwgate-php55lint / mwgate-php70lint are getting huge In-Scope Open None
Other 181833 Figure out why HHVM kept running stale code for hours In-Scope Open None
Other 182160 Develop tests for phabricator search to detect regressions / search quality issues In-Scope Open None
Other 182412 Investigate if WebdriverIO `sync: false` would be useful to us and document how to use it In-Scope Open None
Other 182691 Selenium tests should be easier to run In-Scope Open None
Other 182692 Document differences between Ruby and Node.js Selenium frameworks In-Scope Open None
Other 183162 Patches in Gerrit deleting Selenium+Ruby tests for repositories that still have them In-Scope Open None
Other 183163 Docker container with geckodriver In-Scope Open None
Other 183513 Draft requirements for a Kubernetes based solution for CI In-Scope Open None
Other 183999 Scap canary has a shifting baseline In-Scope Open None
Other 184961 Close chairwiki In-Scope Open None
Other 185094 Update page object pattern in Selenium tests In-Scope Open None
Other 185285 Deprecate -devtools and redirect to -releng? In-Scope Open None
Other 186496 CI fetching tags should also create the local tag references In-Scope Open None
Other 187733 Running smoke tests during deployment In-Scope Open None
Other 188706 Setup Learning Circles for RelEng In-Scope Open None
Other 190073 Migrate Jenkins job wikimedia-portals-build to Docker and to use an entry point (eg: npm builddeploy) In-Scope Open None
Other 190891 Develop canonical/single record of origin, machine readable list of all repos deployed to WMF sites. In-Scope Open None
Other 191064 1.32.0-wmf.18 deployment blockers Screep Open None
Other 191373 Move Scap development to Gerrit In-Scope Open None
Other 191921 mwscript rebuildLocalisationCache.php takes 40 minutes on HHVM (rather than ~5 on PHP 5) In-Scope Open None
Other 191982 Blog posts about new Selenium framework features In-Scope Open None
Other 193222 Error: 1071 Specified key was too long; max key length is 767 bytes In-Scope Open None
Other 193533 [BetaFeatures] sql/create_counts.sql : Error: 1071 Specified key was too long; max key length is 767 bytes In-Scope Open None
Other 193661 Alert in -releng when permanent hosts have low disk space In-Scope Open None
Other 195050 Refactor pipeline build step to be more isolated/secure/scalable In-Scope Open None
Other 196096 Define an approach for tracking/managing tech debt for PEP In-Scope Open None
Other 94322 Re-evaluate use of "Dependent Pipeline" in Zuul for gate-and-submit Screep Open None
Other 196411 Document scap swat command In-Scope Open None
Other 196436 EditSubpages extension fails mediawiki/core tests In-Scope Open None
Other 196515 Automate the Train In-Scope Open None
Other 196516 Automate updating deployment notes In-Scope Open None
Other 196517 Automate weekly branch cut In-Scope Open None
Other 197050 Figure out how RelEng can better communicate accomplishments In-Scope Open None
Other 197230 X-Wikimedia-Debug page should have short video on how to use the extension In-Scope Open None
Other 197635 Developer Satisfaction Survey In-Scope Open None
Other 198201 Quibble must include tests/selenium/LocalSettings.php (was ORES selenium test fail on CI due to lack of ORES server) In-Scope Open None
Other 198389 Q1 Selenium framework improvements In-Scope Open None
Other 198412 Document which per-patch/daily Jenkins job is running for repositories with Ruby/Node.js Selenium tests In-Scope Open None
Other 198517 Quibble docker instance running on CI instance for 6 hours In-Scope Open None
Other 199116 Quibble should run `npm install` and `npm run selenium-test` for each extension/skin that has Selenium tests Elaborated Open None
Other 199133 Find top 15 target projects that could use Selenium tests to prevent incidents Screep Open None
Other 199207 404 on workboard for an existing project (due to custom filter applied which did not exist in database) Screep Open None
Other 199388 When scap deploy is aborted it should say so in the log Screep Open None
Other 199592 should use HTTPS Screep Open None
Other 199742 TEC3:O1.1:Q1 Goal - Move verify stage from Minikube to CI k8s namespace in production context Screep Open None
Other 199746 Cleanup minikube instance from integration Screep Open None
Other 199749 Gerrit plugin to edit accountid Screep Open None
Other 200211 AdvancedSearch Selenium tests failing with `An element could not be located on the page using the given search parameters` Screep Open None
Other 201460 Unable to log in to Phabricator via MediaWiki on mobile (CSP error) Screep Open None
Other 201875 Allow new blubber builders to be implemented in yaml Screep Open None
Other 202068 Move path for blubber.yaml to ./.pipeline/blubber.yaml for all blubber jobs Screep Open None
Other 202080 Publish the source for phabricator-antivandalism Screep Open None