Release-Engineering-Backlog Status Report

Project Release-Engineering-Team from 2018-07-01 to 2018-08-17


Triage 198862 Disable/remove Jenkins Jobs for Android app Screep Open None
Other 197669 Formalise and Announce REL1_29 EOL In-Scope Cut None
Other 198271 jenkins-bot LDAP entry contains pmtpa references In-Scope Cut None
Other 198422 Running scap sync-dir php-1.32.0-wmf.10 fails due to syntax error In-Scope Cut None
Other 193088 Avoid importing core's selenium/pageobjects files using relative paths In-Scope Cut None
Other 192532 Figure out a way to enable volunteers to use the puppet compiler In-Scope Cut None
Other 192561 Upgrade deployment-prep deployment servers to stretch In-Scope Cut None
Other 195516 Fundraising/REL1_27 tests broken In-Scope Cut None
Other 192702 Skip Quibble "composer" and "sqlite" jobs on wmf branches In-Scope Cut None
Other 196646 Running selenium inside Vagrant with xvfb or X11 does not work In-Scope Cut None
Other 196916 Phabricator outbound email seems to have a SPOF of mx1001 In-Scope Cut None
Other 197083 Gerrit has created duplicate accounts for some users In-Scope Cut None
Other 197180 Try to increase ORES deployment parallelism In-Scope Cut None
Other 197192 Unable to edit external-ids ref in notedb due to validation In-Scope Cut None
Other 193414 Servers using tidy-html5 are rendering pages differently, especially with <bdi> In-Scope Cut None
Other 188776 Move Foundation Wiki to new URL when new Wikimedia Foundation website launches In-Scope Cut None
Other 194212 Another round of discussion about wiki-ai's GitHub->gerrit mirroring In-Scope Cut None
Other 198547 Spam on phabricator Screep Done None
Other 195176 Gerrit plugin "zuul" failed to load In-Scope Done None
Other 193777 FY2017/18-Q4: Prove viability of testing staged service containers alongside MediaWiki extension containers In-Scope Done None
Other 200060 Jenkins parser test runs broken Screep Done None
Other 198823 Enable 2FA on wmfphab github account Screep Done None
Other 198483 Save Timing increased 50% since 2018-06-28 20:53 In-Scope Done None
Other 174034 Migrate to NoteDb Screep Done None
Other 200393 I would like to be added to the wmf-deployers gerrit group Screep Done None
Other 192789 Work on "Docker environment generator" In-Scope Done None
Other 174092 FY2017/18 Program 3 Outcome 1 Objective 3: Define and steward a light-weight process for adopting or orphaning/sunsetting products and infrastructure. In-Scope Open None
Other 174095 FY2017/18 Program 3 Outcome 2 Objective 2: Define and implement a process to regularly address technical debt across the Foundation In-Scope Open None
Other 174786 Provide a reliable test environment that mimics production for running integration tests In-Scope Open None
Other 179188 Video recording for Selenium tests in Node.js Screep Open None
Other 179190 Run Selenium Cucumber tests in CI In-Scope Open None
Other 182927 Get letsencrypt wildcard cert for * domains Screep Open None
Other 182986 Selenium framework improvements In-Scope Open None
Other 183860 AppVeyor test not running since months In-Scope Open None
Other 186208 Magul's quick tests doesn't run anymore In-Scope Open None
Other 186426 Upgrade to Zuul3 In-Scope Open None
Other 188958 Zuul Clone frequently fails in php70-phan-docker job In-Scope Open None
Other 190097 Migrate all CI jobs from Nodepool, deprecate its use In-Scope Open None
Other 190891 Develop canonical/single record of origin, machine readable list of all repos deployed to WMF sites. In-Scope Open None
Other 190963 search-mjolnir-tox-docker job in status ABORT somewhat regularly In-Scope Open None
Other 191842 Deployment git server can't supply ORES hosts in parallel In-Scope Open None
Other 192478 Investigate PEP 503 repo for production deployment of python wheels In-Scope Open None
Other 193258 Look into ways to identify risky commits that are part of the weekly branch cut, either manually or through automated process In-Scope Open None
Other 194070 GitHub IRC integration is being deprecated by October 1st, 2018 In-Scope Open None
Other 194632 mediawiki-extensions-hhvm-jessie failures on EchoDiscussionParserTest on wmf/1.32.0-wmf.3 and REL1_31 but not master In-Scope Open None
Other 194673 CI setuptools tox docker test failling on cergen.git In-Scope Open None
Other 196265 Document process to merge a reviewed but not submitted change using the gerrit web-ui In-Scope Open None
Other 196812 Make PolyGerrit the default ui In-Scope Open None
Other 197470 find a way to systematically update the deployment server name across all repos In-Scope Open None
Other 197616 Create a production test wiki in group0 to parallel Wikimedia Commons In-Scope Open None
Other 198653 Add AntiSpoof to shared extension gate Screep Open None
Other 198814 Enable MFA on Jenkins Screep Open None
Other 198822 Enable 2FA on wmfgerrit github account Screep Open None
Other 199077 Make Jenkins jobs fail if part of setup-zuul-submodules fails Screep Open None
Other 199253 TEC13:O1.1:Q1 Goal - Investigate and propose record of origin (ROO) for deployed code (currently Developers/Maintainers page) Screep Open None
Other 199254 TEC13:O2.1:Q1 Goal - Add test evaluation to post mortem review process. Screep Open None
Other 199257 TEC13:O2.3:Q1 Goal - make current unit testing coverage more visible by reporting out to Engineering Management. Screep Open None
Other 199259 TEC13:O3.2:Q1 Goal - Platform and Search Platform teams are using Technical Debt Management PoC Screep Open None
Other 199261 TEC13:O4.1:Q1 Goal - Define base Code Health metric set. Screep Open None
Other 199262 TEC13:O3.4:Q1 Goal - Identify key Tech Debt areas (Platform) Screep Open None
Other 199263 TEC13:O3.4:Q1 Goal - Put in place Tech Debt management process for PEP Screep Open None
Other 200311 Access to create gerrit groups for WMDE-Leszek Screep Open None
Other 201259 Requesting access to the 'wikimedia' organization at GitHub for MarcoAurelio Screep Open None
Other 201953 Install rename-project plugin Screep Open None
Other 201972 Add some more m4executor docker slaves for Jenkins Screep Open None
Other 280 [EPIC] Code Deploy Dashboard In-Scope Open None
Other 202030 CI: Minerva PHPUnit tests should be included in shared extension gate job Screep Open None
Other 282 Performance Testing Cluster In-Scope Open None
Other 53494 Use Beta cluster as a true canary for code deployments (epic) In-Scope Open None
Other 67394 [EPIC] Performance testing environment In-Scope Open None
Other 73379 Upgrade patches for tarball releases don't apply cleanly to tarball installation In-Scope Open None
Other 94620 [EPIC] The future of MediaWiki deployment: Tooling In-Scope Open None
Other 100099 Meeting: Automatic deployment of backend services on beta cluster In-Scope Open None
Other 100294 [EPIC] Encourage developers to increase code coverage In-Scope Open None
Other 101542 [EPIC] Provide pre-merge reports on patchsets (tracking) In-Scope Open None
Other 115629 [EPIC] Enforce "no increase in log errors" during deployments In-Scope Open None
Other 115630 [EPIC] Reduce production log errors to zero* In-Scope Open None
Other 121857 Implement a system to automatically deploy schema changes without needing DBA intervention In-Scope Open None
Other 129940 [EPIC] (WIP) End-to-end tests and deploys In-Scope Open None
Other 139740 Port Selenium tests from Ruby to Node.js In-Scope Open None
Other 156445 Streamline/automate MW tarball security release process In-Scope Open None
Other 158730 Automate WMF wiki creation In-Scope Open None
Other 158980 [EPIC] Generate compiled assets from continuous integration In-Scope Open None
Other 162350 split mediawiki tests in unit/integration/smoke tests to speed up CI In-Scope Open None
Other 165585 Make creating a new Language project easier In-Scope Open None
Other 170453 FY2017/18 Program 6: Streamlined Service delivery In-Scope Open None
Other 170456 FY2017/18 Program 6 - Outcome 2 - Objective 3: Integrated, container-based development environment In-Scope Open None
Other 170480 FY2017/18 Program 6 - Outcome 2: Developers are able to develop and test their applications through a unified pipeline towards production deployment. In-Scope Open None
Other 170481 FY2017/18 Program 6 - Outcome 2 - Objective 2: Set up a continuous integration and deployment pipeline In-Scope Open None
Other 174087 FY2017/18 Program 3: Addressing technical debt In-Scope Open None
Other 174088 FY2017/18 Program 3 Outcome 1: The amount of orphaned code that is running Wikimedia “production” services is reduced. In-Scope Open None
Other 174089 FY2017/18 Program 3 Outcome 2: Organizational technical debt is reduced. In-Scope Open None