Release-Engineering-Backlog Status Report

Project Release-Engineering-Team from 2017-10-01 to 2017-11-21


Other 177047 Composer failed in Selenium job but job didn't stop In-Scope Cut None
Other 174096 FY2017/18 Program 3 Outcome 2 Objective 3: Promote and surface important technical debt topics at large gatherings of Wikimedia developers (e.g., DevSummit and Hackathon(s)) In-Scope Cut None
Other 173576 Templates rendering as links on beta cluster In-Scope Cut None
Other 176774 Reimage cobalt as stretch In-Scope Cut None
Other 176948 Move config & loading logic out of Wikidata build and into mediawiki-config In-Scope Cut None
Other 174093 FY2017/18 Program 3 Outcome 2 Objective 1: Define a “Technical Debt Project Manager” role that regularly communicates with all Foundation engineering teams regarding their technical debt In-Scope Cut None
Other 174095 FY2017/18 Program 3 Outcome 2 Objective 2: Define and implement a process to regularly address technical debt across the Foundation In-Scope Cut None
Other 179406 Documentation for selenium-RelatedArticles-jessie Screep Done None
Other 91669 Make browser tests voting for all repos of WMF deployed code In-Scope Done None
Other 179780 Consider releasing MediaWiki 1.28.3 Screep Done None
Other 179962 Intermittent tests failure Screep Done None
Other 119140 [keyresult] Migrate as many misc CI jobs as possible to Nodepool In-Scope Open None
Other 119908 [RfC]: Migrate code review / management from Gerrit to Phabricator In-Scope Open None
Other 121857 Implement a system to automatically deploy schema changes without needing DBA intervention In-Scope Open None
Other 129940 [EPIC] (WIP) End-to-end tests and deploys In-Scope Open None
Other 156445 Streamline/automate MW tarball security release process In-Scope Open None
Other 158730 Automate WMF wiki creation In-Scope Open None
Other 158980 [EPIC] Generate compiled assets from continuous integration In-Scope Open None
Other 162350 split mediawiki tests in unit/integration/smoke tests to speed up CI In-Scope Open None
Other 165585 Make creating a new Language project easier In-Scope Open None
Other 170453 FY2017/18 Program 6: Streamlined Service delivery In-Scope Open None
Other 170456 FY2017/18 Program 6 - Outcome 2 - Objective 3: Integrated, container-based development environment In-Scope Open None
Other 170480 FY2017/18 Program 6 - Outcome 2: Developers are able to develop and test their applications through a unified pipeline towards production deployment. In-Scope Open None
Other 170481 FY2017/18 Program 6 - Outcome 2 - Objective 2: Set up a continuous integration and deployment pipeline In-Scope Open None
Other 173818 [Epic] Kill the Wikidata build step In-Scope Open None
Other 174087 FY2017/18 Program 3: Addressing technical debt In-Scope Open None
Other 174088 FY2017/18 Program 3 Outcome 1: The amount of orphaned code that is running Wikimedia “production” services is reduced. In-Scope Open None
Other 174089 FY2017/18 Program 3 Outcome 2: Organizational technical debt is reduced. In-Scope Open None
Other 174092 FY2017/18 Program 3 Outcome 1 Objective 3: Define and steward a light-weight process for adopting or orphaning/sunsetting products and infrastructure. In-Scope Open None
Other 174786 Provide a reliable test environment that mimics production for running integration tests In-Scope Open None
Other 179462 Audit @wikimedia GitHub org access (2017) Screep Open None
Other 179562 Create jenkins job for creating deployment artifacts for `docker-pkg-deploy` Screep Open None
Other 179754 Removal of EOL release branches broke SemanticMediaWiki CI Screep Open None
Other 180522 Make make-release not need to clone MW for every branch Screep Open None
Other 180526 Make make-release patch structure like we do for production security patches et al Screep Open None
Other 180532 make-release vendor diffing broken for REL1_27/REL1_28 Screep Open None
Other 280 [EPIC] Code Deploy Dashboard In-Scope Open None
Other 180540 make-release doesn't list mediawiki-core Screep Open None
Other 282 Performance Testing Cluster In-Scope Open None
Other 53494 Use Beta cluster as a true canary for code deployments (tracking) In-Scope Open None
Other 67394 [EPIC] Performance testing environment In-Scope Open None
Other 94620 [EPIC] The future of MediaWiki deployment: Tooling In-Scope Open None
Other 100099 Meeting: Automatic deployment of backend services on beta cluster In-Scope Open None
Other 100294 [EPIC] Encourage developers to increase code coverage In-Scope Open None
Other 101542 [EPIC] Provide pre-merge reports on patchsets (tracking) In-Scope Open None
Other 115629 [EPIC] Enforce "no increase in log errors" during deployments In-Scope Open None
Other 115630 [EPIC] Reduce production log errors to zero* In-Scope Open None
Other 119138 [keyresult] Migrate majority of CI jobs to Nodepool (part 2) In-Scope Open None