Reading-Web Unpointed Tasks


67845 Hovercards: Fix the length of the extract, and add gradient Hovercards (2016-17-Q2-Goal) open
70861 Performance review #2 of Hovercards (Popups extension) Hovercards (2016-17-Q2-Goal) open
92932 Hover card often gets stuck in "open" state Hovercards (2016-17-Q2-Goal) open
123445 Add support for RESTBase endpoint consumption Hovercards (2016-17-Q2-Goal) open
128915 Make it more discoverable for users to turn hovercards on after disabling Hovercards (2016-17-Q2-Goal) open
131366 Measure impact of HoverCards on Central Notice interaction Hovercards (2016-17-Q2-Goal) open
131797 Ensure that hovercards aren't shown cropped Hovercards (2016-17-Q2-Goal) open
132602 [GOAL] Roll Hovercards out on smaller wikipedia project Hovercards (2016-17-Q2-Goal) open
132605 Fix hovercard image issues Hovercards (2016-17-Q2-Goal) open
133230 First run opt-out experience for hovercards Hovercards (2016-17-Q2-Goal) open
139319 Analyze results of Hovercards A/B test - Hungarian Hovercards (2016-17-Q2-Goal) open
139370 Share results of Hovercard A/B Test on Hungarian Wikipedia Hovercards (2016-17-Q2-Goal) open
141651 Hovercards fail to bold article title when it does not appear verbatim in the text extract Hovercards (2016-17-Q2-Goal) open
141766 hovercards don't show equations correctly Hovercards (2016-17-Q2-Goal) open
144522 [EPIC] Hovercards technical debt and quality enhancements Hovercards (2016-17-Q2-Goal) open
144544 Spike: How long does a hovercard take to show Hovercards (2016-17-Q2-Goal) open
144545 Hovercards shouldn't run on editor (when action=edit) Hovercards (2016-17-Q2-Goal) open
147306 Limit the number of globals in the Popups JS codebase Hovercards (2016-17-Q2-Goal) open
147317 Hovercards is allowed to show non-free images Hovercards (2016-17-Q2-Goal) open
147553 [EPIC] Hovercards broken on many projects Hovercards (2016-17-Q2-Goal) open
149801 [EPIC] Refactor Hovercards (née Popups) Hovercards (2016-17-Q2-Goal) open
152004 Add preview type to hovercards schema Hovercards (2016-17-Q2-Goal) open
152223 Finish refactoring/implementing tweaked settings workflow Hovercards (2016-17-Q2-Goal) open
152225 Finish refactoring instrumentation Hovercards (2016-17-Q2-Goal) open
152414 Hovercards must display useful text for the majority of articles Hovercards (2016-17-Q2-Goal) open
129105 Initial English community consultation for hovercards future Hovercards (2016-17-Q2-Goal) resolved
145388 [Spike 1hr] Investigate alternate ways of defining reading depth Hovercards (2016-17-Q2-Goal) resolved
146017 Hovercards beta feature preference OFF not honored for logged in users when the experiment is enabled Hovercards (2016-17-Q2-Goal) resolved
146756 Publish rollout plan for hovercards to community Hovercards (2016-17-Q2-Goal) resolved
146927 dismissed event total interaction time is not being reported correctly Hovercards (2016-17-Q2-Goal) resolved
146934 Click event is not correctly logging the total interaction time Hovercards (2016-17-Q2-Goal) resolved
149195 Create rollout plan for Hovercards Hovercards (2016-17-Q2-Goal) resolved
150814 Improve Page Preview visual design Hovercards (2016-17-Q2-Goal) resolved
151054 Allow generic hovercards to appear in special cases Hovercards (2016-17-Q2-Goal) resolved
151055 [Spike: 3 Hours] Investigate page_summary RESTBase API Hovercards (2016-17-Q2-Goal) resolved
48947 Vector: Horizontal nav elements should be flipped with CSS instead of in HTML Technical-Debt (RW-Tech-Debt) open
58403 Use DOM append instead of z-index to position lightbox Technical-Debt (RW-Tech-Debt) open
65459 Allow configuration of the mobilefrontend menu and allow it to apply to any skin in mobile mode Technical-Debt (RW-Tech-Debt) open
67605 Port mmv.performance.js to core Technical-Debt (RW-Tech-Debt) open
73203 Inconsistency: Editor uses back icon for closing overlay, talk uses X Technical-Debt (RW-Tech-Debt) open
77152 Support Developer Plugins/Gadgets in Media Viewer Technical-Debt (RW-Tech-Debt) open
77192 Clean up the image DOM elements being passed around Technical-Debt (RW-Tech-Debt) open
77248 Sane logging with levels and channels Technical-Debt (RW-Tech-Debt) open
77252 Separate object creation and object initialization Technical-Debt (RW-Tech-Debt) open
77258 MediaViewer should adopt mediawiki.router Technical-Debt (RW-Tech-Debt) open
77302 Centralize URL generation in a single component Technical-Debt (RW-Tech-Debt) open
77319 Make sure mocked globals in tests are cleaned up Technical-Debt (RW-Tech-Debt) open
77320 Get rid of EmbedFileInfo Technical-Debt (RW-Tech-Debt) open
77493 Move some MediaViewer stuff to core Technical-Debt (RW-Tech-Debt) open
90818 Special:EditWatchlist in mobile should use server side templating Technical-Debt (RW-Tech-Debt) open
90819 SpecialMobileWatchlist, SpecialMobileContributions, SpecialMobileHistory should not use MobileSpecialPageFeed Technical-Debt (RW-Tech-Debt) open
94102 3rd parties shouldn't be subjected to hacks.less Technical-Debt (RW-Tech-Debt) open
101276 Overlays should support multiple screens Technical-Debt (RW-Tech-Debt) open
102139 Decide what to do with Special:Uploads Technical-Debt (RW-Tech-Debt) open
104008 Have a consistent way of doing Views within Views Technical-Debt (RW-Tech-Debt) open
104660 Special:MobileLanguages should be in core and called Special:Languages Technical-Debt (RW-Tech-Debt) open
107588 Spike: Explore using webdrivercss for css regression testing Technical-Debt (RW-Tech-Debt) open
109148 Rename mobile.css to minerva.css Technical-Debt (RW-Tech-Debt) open
109363 Improve font changer implementation that is currently in beta. Technical-Debt (RW-Tech-Debt) open
109464 Refactor MobileFrontend browser tests (language, nearby) Technical-Debt (RW-Tech-Debt) open
109870 Remove the Disable images functionality Technical-Debt (RW-Tech-Debt) open
110258 MobileFrontend should use usermodule from core (enable User common.js on mobile) Technical-Debt (RW-Tech-Debt) open
111074 Improve watchlist query continuation handling Technical-Debt (RW-Tech-Debt) open
117279 Move InlineDifferenceEngine into core / remove MobileDiff Technical-Debt (RW-Tech-Debt) open
121466 Spike: Audit MobileFrontend-related extensions for proper cache invalidation of page contents Technical-Debt (RW-Tech-Debt) open
125122 Should be possible to override sampling in EventLogging schemas for development purpose Technical-Debt (RW-Tech-Debt) open
125451 Popups should break without TextExtracts and PageImages installed Technical-Debt (RW-Tech-Debt) open
125588 SkinMinerva and SkinMinervaBeta should not know about MobileContext Technical-Debt (RW-Tech-Debt) open
127268 Dismantle ResourceLoader's "targets" system Technical-Debt (RW-Tech-Debt) open
128458 MobileWebMainMenuClickTracking schema sampling rate is not configurable Technical-Debt (RW-Tech-Debt) open
129421 Spike: Review the ZeroBanner extension's frontend code Technical-Debt (RW-Tech-Debt) open
131082 Reduce initial load of JavaScript by avoiding the loading of the mobile.overlays module Technical-Debt (RW-Tech-Debt) open
132134 Remove wfIncrStats logging from Special:MobileOptions Technical-Debt (RW-Tech-Debt) open
133015 Extract ReferencesController class from mobile.references/references.js Technical-Debt (RW-Tech-Debt) open
133022 Unit test ext.popups.renderer.article.js (part 1 EZ) Technical-Debt (RW-Tech-Debt) open
133023 Unit test ext.popups.disablenavpop.js Technical-Debt (RW-Tech-Debt) open
133162 Unit test ext.popups.renderer.article.js (part 2 HARD) Technical-Debt (RW-Tech-Debt) open
133664 [EPIC] Statically analyse codebase with Etsy's Phan Technical-Debt (RW-Tech-Debt) open
133956 Use ResourceLoaderImageModule in the Popups extension Technical-Debt (RW-Tech-Debt) open
137527 [5hrs] Add corpus of test pages Technical-Debt (RW-Tech-Debt) open
137775 Popups should not use moment.js for a single line Technical-Debt (RW-Tech-Debt) open
137777 MultimediaViewer should use Technical-Debt (RW-Tech-Debt) open
138401 Replace jsduck in favor of a better maintained alternative (jsdoc) Technical-Debt (RW-Tech-Debt) open
138764 Spike: Do a code review session on Skin.js Technical-Debt (RW-Tech-Debt) open
139798 It should be easier to customise overlay headers without overriding the entire header partial Technical-Debt (RW-Tech-Debt) open
140205 Remove all id CSS selectors in MobileFrontend Technical-Debt (RW-Tech-Debt) open
141051 MobileFrontend unit tests leave "view-border-box" class on <body> Technical-Debt (RW-Tech-Debt) open
141153 Search emits duplicate requests for pageprops Technical-Debt (RW-Tech-Debt) open
143264 On a blank user page use mw-ui-icon and mw-ui-icon-large Technical-Debt (RW-Tech-Debt) open
144402 Extract MobileFrontend UI components to an external well documented library Technical-Debt (RW-Tech-Debt) open
144423 Remove mobile.settings module Technical-Debt (RW-Tech-Debt) open
145219 [EPIC] Skin should be API driven / cleanup MobileFormatter Technical-Debt (RW-Tech-Debt) open
145479 ImageOverlay should use the next and previous icons Technical-Debt (RW-Tech-Debt) open
145594 mobile.toast introduces .drawer css rules Technical-Debt (RW-Tech-Debt) open
146133 getEnabledState called twice on initialization Technical-Debt (RW-Tech-Debt) open
146312 Hooks use mix of getMFConfig() and globals Technical-Debt (RW-Tech-Debt) open
146430 Popups render method should be dumb Technical-Debt (RW-Tech-Debt) open
146917 Spike: What does jsdoc not support that jsduck does Technical-Debt (RW-Tech-Debt) open
147092 Hygiene: Clean up configuration variables (mobile) Technical-Debt (RW-Tech-Debt) open
147944 Remove SkinMinervaBeta class Technical-Debt (RW-Tech-Debt) open
148193 Feature flag font-changer Technical-Debt (RW-Tech-Debt) open
148973 Identify our browser test coverage Technical-Debt (RW-Tech-Debt) open
149201 Remove jshint and jscs in favor eslint (linting and code style) Technical-Debt (RW-Tech-Debt) open
149202 Migrate RelatedArticles to eslint Technical-Debt (RW-Tech-Debt) open
149317 Change usage of `mw.track` to `mw.hook` when not used for analytics Technical-Debt (RW-Tech-Debt) open
151797 Explore creating an interface to check for emptiness of an object Technical-Debt (RW-Tech-Debt) open
151891 Clean up inappropriate usages of wmg prefix in Reading-web maintained extensions Technical-Debt (RW-Tech-Debt) open
88001 Convert ZeroBanner to use extension registration Technical-Debt (RW-Tech-Debt) resolved
146292 Add helper to Selenium that allows you to query whether JavaScript module has loaded Technical-Debt (RW-Tech-Debt) resolved
148199 [Spike: 1hr] Identify differences between SkinMinervaBeta and SkinMinerva Technical-Debt (RW-Tech-Debt) resolved
149931 Popups extension should run browser tests on merge Technical-Debt (RW-Tech-Debt) resolved
136802 [Epic] Make Wikipedia work on remote browsers (UC mini and Opera mini) New Readers (RW Backlog) open
142048 Make results display better in Whatsapp, etc. New Readers (RW Backlog) open
146660 Improve metrics of offline usage New Readers (RW Backlog) open
146703 Hamburger menu icon inaccessible on a UCMini browser New Readers (RW Backlog) open
148358 Prepare for November user research New Readers (RW Backlog) open
148359 Complete Wikilater prototype for testing New Readers (RW Backlog) open
148364 Complete Flashcard prototype for testing New Readers (RW Backlog) open
148365 Complete Saved Pages prototype for testing New Readers (RW Backlog) open
148367 Identify edge case articles for the pdf printing New Readers (RW Backlog) open
148369 Investigate complexity of estimating file size before download New Readers (RW Backlog) open
148370 Investigate PDF compatibility with old devices New Readers (RW Backlog) open
148371 Test Wikilater prototype with multiple devices and bad connections New Readers (RW Backlog) open
148374 Variant: Add a "cancel download" feature New Readers (RW Backlog) open
148379 Test flashcard prototype with multiple devices and bad connections New Readers (RW Backlog) open
148406 Variant: test both summary (flashcard) and full article (wikilater) in one UI New Readers (RW Backlog) open
148413 Set caching for images New Readers (RW Backlog) open
150808 Create Hindi and Spanish language versions of all 3 prototypes New Readers (RW Backlog) open
137151 [2 hours]: Determine relative level of effort for targeting Quick Surveys for specific cases New Readers (RW Backlog) resolved
148366 Update pdf print stylesheet New Readers (RW Backlog) resolved
148368 Prototypes don't work on Safari New Readers (RW Backlog) resolved
148375 Determine workflow for testing Wikilater New Readers (RW Backlog) resolved
148376 Mouseover link should look clickable New Readers (RW Backlog) resolved
148378 Finish print styles for flashcard New Readers (RW Backlog) resolved
148392 Finish "saved" screen New Readers (RW Backlog) resolved
148394 Complete "saving" functionality New Readers (RW Backlog) resolved
148396 First time saving interaction New Readers (RW Backlog) resolved
148399 Design and build indicators for "offline" mode New Readers (RW Backlog) resolved
148404 Determine workflow for testing Autowiki New Readers (RW Backlog) resolved
148415 When do saved pages get updated from the network? New Readers (RW Backlog) resolved
148416 Do prototypes need to be localized to something other than EN? New Readers (RW Backlog) resolved
148418 Implement network failures handling on the UI New Readers (RW Backlog) resolved
148658 Complete navigation menu to match production version New Readers (RW Backlog) resolved
150077 Prototype isn't working for saved pages offline New Readers (RW Backlog) resolved