Performance Team Status Report

Project Performance-Team from 2017-07-01 to 2017-10-01


Doing 166759 If possible, turn off $wgAutoloadAttemptLowercase In-Scope Cut None
Doing 173294 Investigate periodical highs in SpeedIndex for mobile Screep Done None
Doing 173796 Performance review of ArticleCreationWorkflow extension Screep Done None
Doing 173804 Rotation parameters from EXIF fail in Mediawiki Screep Done None
Doing 175083 Decommission webperf/ daemon Screep Done 1.0
Doing 176105 Navigation Timing is broken Screep Done None
Doing 176149 The navtiming service periodically logs errors in journalctl Screep Done None
Doing 153170 Grafana alerts for save timing In-Scope Done None
Doing 157210 Gadget dependencies sometimes don't update Screep Done None
Doing 161588 Rework In-Scope Done None
Doing 164299 Preload base modules request Screep Done None
Doing 176159 Skip mw.loader.implement() boiler plate for no-op user.options Screep Done None
Doing 166390 Remove most Navigation Timing by country metrics from Graphite Screep Done None
Doing 166756 Where to trigger WebPageTest jobs? Screep Done None
Doing 168723 LinksUpdate totally broken when JobQueueDB is in use Screep Done None
Doing 144479 Ensure thumbor container access is preserved by mw filebackend setzoneaccess Screep Done None
Doing 169486 2017-07-03 Save Timing spike (300% increase) Screep Done None
Doing 121388 Service-based thumbnailing re-architecture in production with Thumbor In-Scope Done None
Doing 171809 FileModule should consider getLessVars as part of version hash Screep Done None
Doing 172357 ChronologyProtector redirect optimization depends on inappropriate $wgLocalVirtualHosts setting Screep Done None
Doing 172447 Investigate 2017-08-02 Save Timing regression (+40-60%) Screep Done None
Doing 172559 Ensure getLagTimes.php is working properly Screep Done None
Doing 172939 Thumbor webp handling Screep Done None
Doing 172930 Long running thumbnail requests locking up Thumbor instances Screep Done None
Doing 176361 Run performance tests on VPS/Labs using local proxy Screep Open None
Doing 104902 Refactor Navigation Timing gathering to produce reliable stackable measures Screep Open None
Doing 124742 Upgrade to jQuery 3 In-Scope Open None
Doing 153048 Write blog post about the "hidden browser tabs incident" In-Scope Open None
Doing 166199 Add metrics for master queries on HTTP GET/HEAD Screep Open None
Doing 169249 /usr/local/bin/xenon-generate-svgs and cronspam Screep Open None
Doing 169522 Measure separate NavigationTiming metric(s) focused on Asia with higher sampling Screep Open None
Doing 88445 MediaWiki active/active datacenter investigation and work In-Scope Open None
Inbox 111264 Decouple chronology protector from authentication In-Scope Cut None