Performance Team Status Report

Project Performance-Team from 2018-01-01 to 2018-01-19


Doing 184638 Identify things that require Zend PHP5 Screep None
Doing 184841 CSS loaded twice under Firefox on mobile Screep None
Doing 185186 Explain the sudden change in First Visual Change in the Obama article for FF 57 Screep None
Doing 182949 Get size compressed and uncompressed size of JS and CSS Unknown None
Doing 182361 Collection Network Information API info from browsers that support it Unknown None
Doing 182510 Measure time spent in scripting/painting/rendering for Chrome [proxy] Screep None
Doing 183182 Figure out sample rates for Asia, in preparation for Singapore monitoring Unknown None
Doing 183907 Thumbor 500 while thumbnailing some webm files Screep None
Doing 184527 Test performance win with lazy references on a real mobile phone Screep None
Doing 178559 Chrome 62 performance regression In-Scope Done None
Doing 182951 Change the alerts for JS and CSS sizes Unknown Done None
Doing 183101 Items missing from Wikidata index due to LinksUpdate lock failures Screep Done None
Doing 153048 Write blog post about the "hidden browser tabs incident" In-Scope Done None
Doing 179555 Investigate 60% drop in Navigation Timing report rate In-Scope Done None
Doing 181315 load.php response taking 160s (of which only 0.031s in Apache) In-Scope Open None
Doing 95501 Fix causes of slave lag and get it to under 5 seconds at peak Screep Open None
Doing 110903 Make webperf eventlogging consumers use eventlogging on Kafka In-Scope Open None
Doing 115890 Reduce and clarify ObjectCache entry points Screep Open None
Doing 117411 On-wiki page performance inspector tool Screep Open None
Doing 151466 Performance Q2 2017/18 goal: Install and use mcrouter in deployment-prep In-Scope Open None
Doing 165626 Move to the new Linux-based WPT agents in AWS In-Scope Open None
Doing 169144 Serve thumb.php requests with Thumbor In-Scope Open None
Doing 171071 Perform testing for TLS effect on connection rate In-Scope Open None
Doing 180667 Collect RUMSpeedIndex from users In-Scope Open None
Doing 75556 PHP Notice: Uninitialized string offset: includes/libs/JavaScriptMinifier.php on line 571 Screep Open None
Doing 181413 Refactor NavigationTiming extension so that it can be used to oversample based on criteria In-Scope Open None