Performance Team Status Report

Project Performance-Team from 2017-10-01 to 2017-10-23


Doing 166199 Add metrics for master queries on HTTP GET/HEAD In-Scope Done None
Doing 177283 Get up to speed on Edge dev/perf tools Screep Done None
Doing 175689 Remove X-Content-Dimensions for multipage originals Screep Done None
Doing 124742 Upgrade to jQuery 3 In-Scope Done None
Doing 169522 Measure separate NavigationTiming metric(s) focused on Asia with higher sampling In-Scope Open None
Doing 175238 Write extensive on-wiki documentation about Thumbor Screep Open None
Doing 175239 Write a guide on how to test performance locally before pushing changes Screep Open None
Doing 176361 Run performance tests on VPS/Labs using local proxy In-Scope Open None
Doing 177073 Split the backend savetiming metric into submetrics Screep Open None
Doing 178072 Thumbor: Error reading image metadata: Failed to read image data Screep Open None
Doing 88445 MediaWiki active/active datacenter investigation and work In-Scope Open None
Doing 178350 Provide better backend instrumentation for ResourceLoader Screep Open None
Doing 104902 Refactor Navigation Timing gathering to produce reliable stackable measures In-Scope Open None
Doing 153048 Write blog post about the "hidden browser tabs incident" In-Scope Open None
Doing 169249 /usr/local/bin/xenon-generate-svgs and cronspam In-Scope Open None