iOS Status Report

Project Wikipedia-iOS-App-Backlog from 2017-01-01 to 2017-04-01


iOS-app-v5.0.1-Kiwi 71120 [EPIC] Improve iOS app accessibility for the disabled In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-v5.0.2-Rubiks 128272 Use animated placeholders to indicate when Explore contents are loading In-Scope Cut None
iOS-app-v5.0.2-Rubiks 127669 Change of T125617 does not apply to edit button in the first section In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-v5.0.2-Rubiks 128688 Can't scroll to to top of Explore tab by pressing status bar after 3D-peek In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-v5.0.2-Rubiks 119655 [] Following links to different wikis from File pages presents blank pages In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-v5.0.2-Rubiks 122561 [5.0.0 (601)] Special pages display confusing warnings In-Scope Open 2.0
iOS-app-v5.0.2-Rubiks 129761 Crash when pressing something after pressing an image, but before the ImageGallery displays In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-v5.0.2-Rubiks 127839 Fix CIDetector persistent memory usage In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-v5.0.2-Rubiks 126555 3D-peeking at a non-mainspace (ns 0) article on the Explore tab shows preview of the top article on Explore tab In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-v5.0.2-Rubiks 125875 Incorrect empty state image when trying to load an article from Similar Pages without an internet connection In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-v5.0.2-Rubiks 127366 Image licenses missing if disconnected after saved article In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-v5.0.3-Disco 131285 Regression: Myanmar Wikipedia is not avalible in the app In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Offline 123684 As a user who as denied location permissions to the app, I want to know what I am missing In-Scope Cut None
iOS-app-feature-Offline 146660 Improve metrics of offline usage In-Scope Cut None
iOS-app-feature-Offline 155793 As a user who as denied location permissions to the app, I want to know what I am missing: Nearby tab Screep Done None
iOS-app-feature-Offline 157142 Improve metrics of offline usage in iOS Screep Open None
iOS-app-feature-Namespaces 119007 [] non-main space articles not handled properly from Explore feed In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-feature-Namespaces 97573 4.3.1(96) 'External links' do not display Categories In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Namespaces 133600 Special:RecentChanges not working on iOS mobile app In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Namespaces 128689 Don't suggest disambiguation pages on the Explore tab In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Namespaces 143273 Wikidata based ArticlePlaceholder pages won't open in the app In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Namespaces 159171 Exclude Main Pages from recommendations Screep Open None
iOS-app-feature-Namespaces 65973 Special pages should open in Safari In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Saved 105026 As a user, I should be able to reorder my saved pages. In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Saved 151266 Saving article with lots of images appears to block loading of subsequent articles (until images fetched?) In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Saved 107696 Implement simple title search for saved pages In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Saved 131311 iCloud synchronization for saved articles In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Saved 141874 Add contextual search to Saved and History In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Saved 141873 Add ability to multi-select and delete items in Saved and History in iOS In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Saved 127232 Offer sorting/list option in "Saved [articles]" In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Saved 139953 Verify that saved page syncing is not overly aggressive with network data In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Saved 131421 As a user I want a "to read list" to save articles even if I am currently offline In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-TopRead 158125 Fair use image used as icon on "top read" explore-feed cards Screep Open None
iOS-app-feature-Performance 149608 Investigate ways to reduce app start time In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-feature-Performance 120031 Audit all image resolutions being requested by the app and ensure they're existing cache "width bucket" sizes so we don't explode the caches In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Performance 124336 [SPIKE] Measure CPU usage when switching tabs under high load (Explore, Saved, History) In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Performance 86605 Implement logging to track user-perceived performance of page load times In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-TOC 145823 Evaluate iOS table of contents change and alternatives In-Scope Cut None
iOS-app-feature-TOC 75478 lower case article titles aren't lower-cased in ToC In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-TOC 139984 Tapping on an item in the table of contents does not always start VoiceOver to the exact start of the section. In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-TOC 140031 Pressing section in a ToC before the content has loaded doesn't do anything In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-TOC 142524 Collapse the TOC into a rail on iPad with section progress indicators In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Accessibility 152574 Implement dynamic text in article footer In-Scope Cut None
iOS-app-feature-Accessibility 126689 As a user with vision impairments I need a dark background when reading an article in iOS app In-Scope Cut None
iOS-app-feature-Accessibility 154728 Link to alternative account creation methods Screep Done None
iOS-app-feature-Accessibility 126922 Links interrupt text for VoiceOver users, text is therefore hard to understand in the iOS app In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Accessibility 138048 [SPIKE] Audit use case for a reader mode to improve voice over readability of articles In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Accessibility 126179 Add Text-to-Speech to iOS App In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Accessibility 126692 Links in articles are differentiated only by color which is a problem for color-blind people in iOS app In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Accessibility 139621 Implement iBooks-like page turn viewing option In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Accessibility 148435 Designing, implementing, and testing Accessibility on Apple Platforms In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Accessibility 159733 Accessibility for Places Screep Open None
iOS-app-feature-Accessibility 146690 Font slider does not work on iPad In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Accessibility 159260 VoiceOver cursor is reset by orientation change Screep Open None
iOS-app-feature-Accessibility 125362 SwitchControl users cannot open links in articles in iOS app In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Accessibility 125364 Switch Control cursor goes under the nav bar and the tab bar when browsing the web view in iOS app In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Analytics 131863 As a new user I need a better explanation of the data sharing option during onboarding In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Analytics 154735 Investigate rise in iOS app pageviews since around December 20, 2016 Screep Open None
iOS-app-feature-Analytics 142105 Update Piwik SDK to enable session based sampling In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Analytics 147025 Remove "m." fallback from networking In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-iPad 141631 Improve full screen images' presentation on iPad In-Scope Cut None
iOS-app-feature-iPad 141745 Improve article editing on iPad In-Scope Cut None
iOS-app-feature-iPad 143087 Investigate the use of Wider Images on iPad In-Scope Cut None
iOS-app-feature-iPad 143398 Update the nav bar on iPad feed In-Scope Cut None
iOS-app-feature-iPad 141544 Search screens on iPad should be presented in a popover In-Scope Cut 5.0
iOS-app-feature-iPad 141767 Standardize the UI for article lists appearing on the iOS feed In-Scope Cut None
iOS-app-feature-iPad 141748 Article edit-protected alert should appear on iPad as a popover In-Scope Cut None
iOS-app-feature-iPad 141733 Add the specific CC version text for full screen images shown on iPad In-Scope Cut None
iOS-app-feature-iPad 141616 Improve the layout of Today's page on iPad In-Scope Cut None
iOS-app-feature-iPad 140996 Keep the article title in a locked header at the top of the screen when scrolling In-Scope Cut None
iOS-app-feature-iPad 141794 Improve the ‘Saved’ & ‘History’ tab views on iPad In-Scope Cut None
iOS-app-feature-iPad 141537 Change language screens on iPad should be presented in a modal In-Scope Cut None
iOS-app-feature-iPad 141621 Article lists accessed from cards on iPad should not show in fullscreen In-Scope Cut None
iOS-app-feature-iPad 141549 Improve the display of errors on iPad In-Scope Cut None
iOS-app-feature-iPad 128480 As an iPad user I expect views that don't require the whole screen to be presented in popovers or sidebars and not obscure the main content In-Scope Cut None
iOS-app-feature-iPad 129567 App welcome screen forces portrait orientation on iPad In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-iPad 141542 Settings screens should be presented in Split view on iPad In-Scope Open 5.0
iOS-app-feature-iPad 143400 Improve the reading experience of footer sections of articles In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-iPad 141741 Article citations / references on iPad should appear in a popover In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-iPad 141746 An article's Edit history on iPad should be presented as a modal In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-iPad 142577 Load additional older content as user scrolls down their feed In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-iPad 141744 Article editing flow on iPad should be presented in a standard modal In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-iPad 141618 Investigate presenting additional relevant content from the desktop version Today's page on iPad In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-iPad 141643 Add text next to the "i" icon on full screen image view on iPad making it clear that it is to view license info In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-iPad 141736 Share-a-fact - should appear as a single popover on iPad In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-iPad 141539 Settings screens should be presented in a modal on iPad In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Links 152145 Mismatched lead image reported after opening link from Safari In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-feature-Links 155504 Fix universal link support in iOS when the OS requests the site association file from Screep Done None
iOS-app-feature-Links 155565 Custom URL scheme clashes with 3rd party apps Screep Done None
iOS-app-feature-Links 147900 [Regression] Not possible to peek or long-press links in reference preview In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Links 111827 Conditionally add AppLinks <meta> tags to page <head> In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Links 143267 Exclude special pages from deep links In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Links 129681 As a user who just opened a universal link for the first time, I would like to know how I can get back to safari (and opt out of automatically opening the app) In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Multilingual 145759 Indicate language/wiki for articles on the history screen In-Scope Cut None
iOS-app-feature-Multilingual 158397 The "twn" branch doesn't exist most of the time Screep Done None
iOS-app-feature-Multilingual 124604 Implement accessibility language attribute for "$1" in "Redirected from: $1" (search screen) In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Multilingual 146302 As an international user I would like the App Description localized In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Multilingual 138785 Support Maldivian characters in the app In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Multilingual 136774 Audit App Labels to Ensure Longer Translations Aren't Truncated In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Multilingual 149027 Item titles in search result should respect user's variant settings In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Multilingual 145760 Create a setting to only display suggestions in pre-chosen languages on the explore feed In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Multilingual 138784 add support Maldivian Wikipedia In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Places 152150 App should not ask for location permission during onboarding In-Scope Done 5.0
iOS-app-feature-Places 156182 Come to an agreement re Maps search param Screep Done None
iOS-app-feature-Places 154513 Investigate Apple Maps and WMF OSM implementations Screep Done None
iOS-app-feature-Places 157643 Clarify action for after selecting Save on previously saved article on places Screep Done None
iOS-app-feature-Places 159784 Add Get Directions or Open in Apple Maps actions to share sheet when article has location Screep Done None
iOS-app-feature-Places 159760 [5.4.0 1083] Places list view reloads images repeatedly (with flash of placeholder image) Screep Done None
iOS-app-feature-Places 160577 Update visual design of search box / search page and filtered search functionality on Places based on user feedback Screep Open None
iOS-app-feature-Places 159974 Ensure Credits file is updated for Maps Screep Open None
iOS-app-feature-Places 160701 Non-visual updates to Places search Screep Open None
iOS-app-feature-Places 159463 Add 3d touch action to Explore items to open them in Places Screep Open None
iOS-app-feature-Places 159747 Allow redo search in map after single search result Screep Open None
iOS-app-feature-Places 159871 Don't select an article after Places search unless the search was for that specific article Screep Open None
iOS-app-feature-Places 160117 Rerunning saved search on Places should show progress indicator Screep Open None
iOS-app-feature-Places 159462 Add footer item to show article in Places Screep Open None
iOS-app-feature-Places 159779 Add tap to read to more of the Places map item popover Screep Open None
iOS-app-feature-Places 159762 As a user with my current location loaded on the map, the ranking of the places list seems wrong Screep Open None
iOS-app-feature-Places 159497 use geographic distance as an optional ranking factor in completion suggester Screep Open None
iOS-app-feature-Places 157763 Replace Apple Maps with a freely licensed alternative Screep Open None
iOS-app-feature-Places 159769 Track interactions with new Places feature Screep Open None
iOS-app-feature-Places 130889 [EPIC] Improve user access and usage of "Nearby" articles In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Places 160751 Follow on tasks for iPad Places Screep Open None
iOS-app-feature-Places 160111 Pins with identical coordinates are hidden at higher zoom levels Screep Open None
iOS-app-feature-Places 160695 Update thumbnail logic to be based on pin density on the map, not on zoom level Screep Open None
iOS-app-feature-Places 153119 Update Nearby feed item to work with new maps tab In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Places 159347 Clarify error messages for Places Screep Open None
iOS-app-feature-Places 159746 Don't clear text when I enter geo search Screep Open None
iOS-app-feature-Database 94037 [EPIC] Data Layer Improvements In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Notifications 153227 Re-apply sampling rate to notifications events In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-feature-Notifications 140044 [EPIC] As a user I want to be notified of interesting and relevant content when and how I choose In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Notifications 139821 As a reader, I'd like to get daily phone notifications to read a random aticle In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Feed 153970 Ensure announcements are removed from feed after expiration In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-feature-Feed 152163 Update RESTBase page summary endpoint to return canonical "image" info for each "thumbnail" In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-feature-Feed 150074 App logic to show announcement cards in the Explore feed In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-feature-Feed 155573 [Regression] exclude pronunciation guides from article extracts Screep Open None
iOS-app-feature-Feed 152227 Handle Wikidata descriptions containing Q#### reference numbers better In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Feed 153224 Consistent consumption of announcements feed endpoint In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Feed 159172 Two column explore feed on landscape phones Screep Open None
iOS-app-feature-Feed 152254 Allow requesting PageImage thumbnail size by width only In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Feed 148739 [Design backlog] Update 'In the news' card In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Widgets 147557 Consider renaming widgets with the "Wikipedia" prefix In-Scope Cut None
iOS-app-feature-Widgets 147670 App crashes when pressing empty top read widget on 3D-press app icon In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Widgets 142761 Create an "In the news" widget In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Widgets 158927 [BUG] Unable to load errors on widgets Screep Open None
iOS-app-feature-Widgets 147076 Enable quick access to common actions of the Wikipedia app via a widget In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Login 146683 Double tap on keyboard "done" button on login shows error alert In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-feature-Login 158142 Update styles for login and create account flows Screep Done None
iOS-app-feature-Login 159291 Create a special build for login testing Screep Done None
iOS-app-feature-Login 152064 [Regression] 5.3.1 (1003) Can't log in In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-feature-Login 160133 Auth tweaks and pixel pushing Screep Done None
iOS-app-feature-Login 158145 Finish follow-up refactors to auth manager and other login/acct creation bits Screep Done None
iOS-app-feature-Login 158254 See if there is API support for determining if a username is already taken without actually submitting all required account creation fields (i.e. pwd, pwd confirmation, email) Screep Done None
iOS-app-feature-Login 154726 Allow users to reset their password Screep Done None
iOS-app-feature-Login 158241 Handle 2FA "scratch codes" Screep Done None
iOS-app-feature-Login 68910 iOS App: Getting a captcha wrong doesn't say you got it wrong In-Scope Done 1.0
iOS-app-feature-Login 154729 Use informative labels and placeholder text in login flow text entry fields Screep Done None
iOS-app-feature-Login 150699 [iOS] Allow users to log in with 2FA in the app In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-feature-Login 157521 Make login interface able to present CAPTCHA interface if needed (this may be why some new users can't log in) Screep Done None
iOS-app-feature-Login 150985 Update login interface In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-feature-Login 153106 Always request an edit token before page edit In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-feature-Login 88083 Mobile apps users should not be shown captchas when creating accounts In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Login 94415 Add iCloud KeyChain support In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-feature-Login 158882 Validate username availability prior to submit Screep Open None
iOS-app-feature-Login 157517 If user is granted "admin" rights their pwd length requirement rises to 8 characters - show pwd change interface with appropriate message (now showing temp pwd message) Screep Open None
iOS-app-feature-Login 157523 Make Password reminder, Change pwd and 2FA view controllers use LoginFunnel Screep Open None
iOS-app-feature-Login 103373 Add "Forgot your password" to login screen In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 153904 [BUG] Empty location card for Test Wiki In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 159220 [BUG] Initial places popover distance is incorrect Screep Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 158663 Default image crop rect should be towards the top when face detection fails Screep Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 159547 [BUG] Actually remove articles from the disk cache Screep Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 149994 [BUG] Top read widget view counts are incorrect In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 156217 Lead image should not crop to face detection if less than 5% of the entire picture Screep Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 156375 Don't search after the speech-to-text loading spinner Screep Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 154661 [BUG] Top read widget stuck on spinner when loading at certain times Screep Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 138160 [Regression] Long footnote not fully visable due to length and the bottom bar covering it up In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 159382 5.4.0 (1080) Places has taken over the Explore feed Screep Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 131281 [Spike] 3 HRs: Investigate why Logged in users edits saved under IP-adress In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 153154 Height ratio for reference card on landscape view is off In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 127199 Image scaler causes panoramas (large images) to display pixelated In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 153957 [BUG] Continue reading widget no longer goes to the correct section In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 157044 [BUG] Background color on lead images with transparency is not white as expected Screep Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 159537 [BUG] Share-A-Fact Broken for Articles without Lead Images Screep Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 154483 [BUG] Share-a-fact doesn't work Screep Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 154652 [BUG] Article contents mismatch when re-entering the app Screep Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 140001 Changing orientation with the text resize popover open and then pressing ToC icon causes the ToC to be unclosable In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 158991 [BUG] Picture of the day doesn't load in gallery Screep Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 150201 Removing a language from My Languages still displays Top Read Articles on the removed language In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 96940 EL unable to decode mobile events due to appinstallid Screep Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 143024 [Bug] Tapping delete button on text field for Find in Page should show the keyboard if it is not showing. In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 158484 [BUG] Font-size change is not reflected in previous articles. Screep Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 137595 Fix image widening and gallery not opening for some images bug by switching to desktop endpoint for all non Zero rated requests. In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 157601 Peek-popping on a "random article" from the explore feed gives the error "Cancelled" Screep Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 153905 [BUG] Lead images are no longer animated In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 153156 Tapping outside of reference panel does not close reference view In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 153910 [BUG] Top read widget broken after double language switch In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 157597 Peek previewing on Picture of the day does not show the image Screep Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 133212 Large gif does not appear in the gallery In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 155759 Share-a-fact image is missing Screep Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 159456 [BUG] dyld crashes Screep Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 158021 Changing to an alternate language, adjusting text size, and selecting back leaves the text size unchanged Screep Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 153909 [BUG] Handling large images on an iPad In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 148498 CC-Zero (CC0) icons are missing when viewing image licensed under said license In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 154689 Using an apostrophe in search inside an article causes the remainder of the string after the apostrophe to not be recognized Screep Done None
iOS-app-Bugs 156321 Large bulleted lists cause scrolling lag (Ticket#2016123110010637) Screep Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 140411 [BUG] Empty more infomation box for (h2) references contains nothing, and level 3 headings are located below the box In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 141747 Bug: When saving an edit on iOS, the saving message should be a Progress indicator In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 141374 [BUG] Side Scrolling on Articles with the Listen Template In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 149066 Regression: Article TOC should match article writing direction (RTL) In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 116703 [] Reference list with templates displayed empty In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 153907 [BUG] Random articles from previous languages stay in the feed when switching languages In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 137472 Small Images Aren't Saved when Saving an Article for Later In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 138343 [BUG] Certain Articles can Scroll Left & Right In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 120442 Incomplete but functioning template output results in broken Share a Fact images In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 107530 Language selector does not find Farsi language only Persian In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 105792 More information box empty on some pages In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 127337 Fix status bar transition bug & go back to view-controller-based status bar updates In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 161220 [BUG] Clarify clear & delete labeling on saved & history Screep Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 149439 [BUG] Removing 'Other' article improvement tag requires writing an empty description In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 92784 Confusing nested "quick facts" in iOS app In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 127376 Should capitilze first letter after colon, in "Did you mean User:foo" In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 126398 VoiceOver cursor does not return to former position after following links and coming back in iOS app In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 136044 As an autoconfirmed editor I am unable to edit semiprotected pages In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 137899 Remove HockeyApp/Piwik config from Jenkins or the Project file In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 138082 Improve latency sampling in the apps In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 143877 Kartographer maps are not shown in Wikipedia App Screep Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 128979 [[Wikimedia:Wikipedia-ios-welcome-explore-tell-me-more-related/ksh]] i18n issue In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 138344 [BUG] Handoff while on an Edit Page results in an error In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 156370 License in Gallery view does not account for multiple (and sometime conflicting) licenses e.g. {{Licensed-PD-Art}} or {{Licensed-PD}} Screep Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 161216 [BUG] Crash on launch after cache buildup Screep Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 126690 Can't edit User:Josve05a/sandbox5 from the app In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 147028 Migrating to shared app container can sometimes cause data loss In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 103914 [] ISBN number links give "The operation couldn't be completed.(ArticleFetcher error 666)" In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 132209 [[Wikimedia:Wikipedia-ios-page-read-in-other-languages/en]] needs PLURAL In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 85528 autoconfirmed users unable to edit semiprotected page via mobile In-Scope Open 1.0
iOS-app-Bugs 140404 Missing page if tapping on wiktionary link in "enwiki > Ocean" In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 87784 Tables displayed without grid lines In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 117912 Rotating the device while in "Read More" scrolls to top of article In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 150682 Reference parsing isn't capturing all html for a reference on a specific page In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 131067 Fix qqq "no such locale" warning when compiling the project In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 149394 Fix for incorrect column count CSS due to Parsoid generated HTML being different from PHP Parser output In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 161405 [BUG] Graphs larger than force larger viewport on smaller screens impacting apps/mobile web Screep Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 100321 Sharing article title with an exclamation mark does not encode it for urls In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 98409 Figure out why removing "box-sizing:border-box" from styleoverrides.less causes collapsed tables to extend off right side of screen. In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 104483 Search & destroy redundant caching caused by WMFURLCache In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 142797 [BUG] The same 2 articles displayed twice on search results In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 153258 TOC tap bug on certain articles In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 151979 To scroll via arrow keys on iPad hardware keyboard, need to tap into page content first to set focus In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 132638 Pressing links while previewing edit, shows confusing pop-up In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 128978 [[Wikimedia:Wikipedia-ios-explore-most-read-more-list-title/ksh]] i18n issue In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 140862 [BUG] Semi-protected articles cannot be edited after logging in In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 139519 When copying an animated gif image from the gallery view, it only copies a still png image In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 114088 There is no section 0 in r8717465 trying to edit In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 152733 [BUG] News detail images are extremely low quality In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 126396 Edit buttons inside articles not accessible with VoiceOver and Switch Control in iOS app In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 140861 [BUG] Semi-protected articles can be "edited" even after logging out In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 160773 Continue Reading Widget title text clipped Screep Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 126663 Empty "more informations box" (due to Template:Latin_alphabet_sidebar ?) In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 137990 Zero: Investigate removing the limit on carrier tagging to m-dot and zero-dot requests In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 160605 Unclear Wikipedia-ios-preference-summary-eventlogging-opt-in Screep Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 143143 All main tab views can be put in landscape In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 144312 Check that <maplink> works on IOS app In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-Bugs 161219 [BUG] 'Recent searches' should list full article names Screep Open None
iOS-app-v5-production 113274 As a user, I can see the Wikipedia iOS app description in my App Store language In-Scope Open None
iOS-app-v5.4.0-Hiking-Boot 158213 Investigate ways to not commit Carthage/Build to the repo Screep Done 4.0
iOS-app-v5.4.0-Hiking-Boot 148770 Ensure app colors meet AA contrast ratios In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-v5.4.0-Hiking-Boot 149900 Use topic article as the source of news item primary image In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-v5.4.0-Hiking-Boot 156868 Add a tweak for changing search ranking in Apps Screep Done None
iOS-app-v5.4.0-Hiking-Boot 158450 Removed unused(?) Classes Screep Done 4.0
iOS-app-v5.4.0-Hiking-Boot 160107 Remove BlocksKit Screep Done None
iOS-app-v5.4.0-Hiking-Boot 158219 README instructions for running tests is incorrect Screep Done 4.0
iOS-app-v5.4.0-Hiking-Boot 157482 Change the "Side-by-side with other apps" image in the App Store Screep Done None
iOS-app-v5.4.0-Hiking-Boot 148845 Change "uploader unknown" to "author unknown" In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-v5.4.0-Hiking-Boot 159167 Some lead images "stretch" near the bottom Screep Done None
iOS-app-v5.4.0-Hiking-Boot 160703 Release 5.4.0 1095 Screep Done None
iOS-app-v5.4.0-Hiking-Boot 156078 Allow longer text snippets in Share-A-Fact cards Screep Done None
iOS-app-v5.4.0-Hiking-Boot 158457 [Bug] Tapping the 'Done' button on search inside should minimize keyboard, not close search inside. Screep Done None
iOS-app-v5.4.0-Hiking-Boot 157726 Improve article load time by not refreshing the feed when the user enters the app from a universal link Screep Done None
iOS-app-v5.4.0-Hiking-Boot 159588 Regression: main pages not excluded from explore "because you read" Screep Done None
iOS-app-v5.4.0-Hiking-Boot 158658 Document what WMFDatabaseHouseKeeper does (and why?) Screep Done 4.0
iOS-app-v5.4.0-Hiking-Boot 158449 Unit Test Suite should work on at least one iPad model Screep Done 4.0
iOS-app-v5.4.0-Hiking-Boot 156045 Update image request for new license parameter Screep Done None
iOS-app-v5.3.4-Fondue 154523 Resolve UIWebView legacy crash Screep Done None
iOS-app-v5.3.4-Fondue 154817 Release 5.3.4 1046 Screep Done None
iOS-app-v5.3.4-Fondue 153808 update list of contributors In-Scope Done None
iOS-app-v5.4.1-Patchy-Boot 158686 Integrate shared table collapsing js into iOS app Screep Open None
iOS-app-v5.4.1-Patchy-Boot 156207 iOS Appsee Diary Study Screep Open None
iOS-app-v5.4.1-Patchy-Boot 159973 Evaluate Twitter Image Pipeline as a replacement for SDWebImage Screep Open None
iOS-app-v5.4.1-Patchy-Boot 160970 Remove image overflow js transform (upstream provides this now) Screep Open None
iOS-app-v5.4.1-Patchy-Boot 147728 Switch article footer (read more etc) to use JS injection instead of native overlay Screep Open None
iOS-app-v5.5.0-Snake-On-A-Magic-Towel 115005 Investigate strange console messages about image rendering Screep Open None
iOS-app-v5.5.0-Snake-On-A-Magic-Towel 131350 [Tech side] As a user I want to manually clear the app cache Screep Open None
iOS-app-v5.5.0-Snake-On-A-Magic-Towel 148198 Update Unit tests for new feed logic Screep Open None
iOS-app-v5.5.0-Snake-On-A-Magic-Towel 139514 If you’ve zoomed in at all when gallery fetches high rez image it jumps to non-zoomed size - looks bad Screep Open None
iOS-app-v5.5.0-Snake-On-A-Magic-Towel 140808 Imageinfo query is being made for each image in gallery, instead of one query for all images Screep Open None
iOS-app-v5.5.0-Snake-On-A-Magic-Towel 123244 As a user, I shouldn't see the same article in multiple sections in the feed so that I can always be excited about seeing _new_ articles in the feed. Screep Open None
iOS-app-v5.5.0-Snake-On-A-Magic-Towel 135769 As an Explore user I want to see items "on this day" in my feed Screep Open None
iOS-app-v5.5.0-Snake-On-A-Magic-Towel 152167 Modify iOS Explore cells to use thumbnail urls which match cell image presentation sizes (featured, most read and news sections) Screep Open None
iOS-app-v5.5.0-Snake-On-A-Magic-Towel 141881 Swiping left on a list item should show relevant actions for that item across all lists in the iOS app (Feed, Saved, History, etc) Screep Open None
iOS-app-v5.5.0-Snake-On-A-Magic-Towel 119231 Add footer button beneath feed "featured" article for "Past featured articles". Screep Open None
Accessibility Sprint Oct 2016 148771 Support the Darken colors iOS setting In-Scope Cut None
Accessibility Sprint Oct 2016 126691 UI does not reflect accessibility settings for bigger and bolder letters in iOS app In-Scope Open None