iOS Recently Closed Tasks


177558 [BUG] Gray "top read" widget text seems to have lower contrast with background than pre iOS 11 iOS-app-Bugs 0 2017-11-08
178351 [BUG] Similar pages, Article history, Page issues headers are not themed iOS-app-Bugs 0 2017-11-08
179355 [BUG] Loading indicator never goes away after pull to refresh iOS-app-Bugs 0 2017-11-08
179479 [BUG] Scroll to top shows search bar unanimated on explore feed (iOS 11.1 only) iOS-app-Bugs 0 2017-11-08
179480 [BUG] iOS 11.1 featured article widget "Unable to load" iOS-app-Bugs 0 2017-11-08
178913 Remember last open page when reopening the app after closing iOS-app-v5.8.0-Manatee-On-A-Skateboard 0 2017-11-14
178124 As a user of share-a-fact, I want to be able to easily distinguish the share-a-fact card preview from the share overlay iOS-app-v5.8.0-Manatee-On-A-Skateboard 0 2017-11-16