'Fundraising Tech' Unpointed Tasks


88703 Donation flow for visually impaired donors Fundraising-Backlog
1189 Polish : Credit card input form should reflect organization of credit card Fundraising-Backlog open
28408 Override "Thank you already sent" notice when resending thank yous Fundraising-Backlog open
35650 CentralNotice extension should have a calendar Fundraising-Backlog open
38793 Time selector on SpecialCentralNotice should use a standardized module Fundraising-Backlog open
42961 Special:GlobalCollectGateway without any parameters throws an internal error Fundraising-Backlog open
45250 Redo /beacon/impression system (formerly Special:RecordImpression) to remove extra round trips on all FR impressions (title was: S:RI should pyroperish) Fundraising-Backlog open
49223 default submit in Special:CentralNotice is wrong Fundraising-Backlog open
53470 Allow CentralNotice banner variables to be marked as non translated Fundraising-Backlog open
55641 zh-..., pt, and other language variants are not supported by CentralNotice Fundraising-Backlog open
57832 api parameter for list=centralnoticelogs are not prefixed Fundraising-Backlog open
57955 Installing CentralNotice using the web installer breaks as CN autoloads the CNDatabasePatcher class in $wgExtensionFunctions Fundraising-Backlog open
58187 Can't send translation notifications for translatable banners Fundraising-Backlog open
60506 Following link to donate fails to return user to previous page upon completion Fundraising-Backlog open
64990 Investigate porting GeoIP for HHVM or using GeoIP2-php Fundraising-Backlog open
72939 CentralNotice reloads old translatable messages on form submit Fundraising-Backlog open
73747 Geolocation not available on wikimediafoundation.org Fundraising-Backlog open
74421 Multiselects in Special:CentralNotice sometimes load incorrectly Fundraising-Backlog open
76917 Investigate using Optimizely for UI A/B testing Fundraising-Backlog open
77909 [epic] Make WorldPay more robust Fundraising-Backlog open
77912 [epic] PCI gap analysis and Improvements Fundraising-Backlog open
77938 [epic] Dedupe CiviCRM Fundraising-Backlog open
77939 [epic] Google InstantBuy Fundraising-Backlog open
77943 Consume new impressions data from Analytics team Fundraising-Backlog open
78101 China CUP via GC Fundraising-Backlog open
85472 Beef up coinbase integration Fundraising-Backlog open
85583 Fix WP mobile forms Fundraising-Backlog open
85584 Show contribution tracking ID on "your transaction could not be accepted" page Fundraising-Backlog open
85585 Add mailto link on "your transaction could not be accepted" page that would include contribution tracking ID in the body or subject of email Fundraising-Backlog open
86234 Do not log CC exp date Fundraising-Backlog open
86247 More and easier testing for DonationInterface Fundraising-Backlog open
86248 [Epic] Make the forms come from one template Fundraising-Backlog open
86252 Front-end form validation cleanup for Donation Interface Fundraising-Backlog open
86253 Make Contribution Tracking not a SPOF Fundraising-Backlog open
86254 Delete unused CSS in Donation Interface extension Fundraising-Backlog open
86255 Delete unused i18n strings in Donation Interface Fundraising-Backlog open
86259 DonationInterface form validation : Backend validation cleanup Fundraising-Backlog open
86260 DonationInterface: Find and Delete unused JS Fundraising-Backlog open
86261 DonationInterface DonationData class: Total refactor (use new data item class) Fundraising-Backlog open
86264 DonationInterface gateway adapter class cleanup: Take useful hacks from child classes and build them in to the parent class Fundraising-Backlog open
86343 Allow contacts to be called by their last name in Silverpop emails Fundraising-Backlog open
86942 Provide a country switching form on payments.wmo Fundraising-Backlog open
86953 Cleanup code found fixing extra mobile round trips Fundraising-Backlog open
87065 Scrap custom fundraising logging, integrate with PSR-3 core stuff Fundraising-Backlog open
87448 Can't use Translate extension's variables feature in CentralNotice Fundraising-Backlog open
87667 Triage accessibility for donor-facing Fundraising components Fundraising-Backlog open
87669 Look at using Lua for donatewiki Fundraising-Backlog open
87671 Use Extension:JsonConfig to enable and disable payment processing stuff on donatewiki and paymentswiki Fundraising-Backlog open
88339 Queue consumer should warn about unknown fields Fundraising-Backlog open
88376 Make CRM version stamp thing robust on dev boxes Fundraising-Backlog open
88377 Thank You module should default to using a dummy mailer on development and staging servers Fundraising-Backlog open
88378 Remove tests from CRM deployment Fundraising-Backlog open
88379 Skip tests when modules not enabled Fundraising-Backlog open
88574 Send different TY letter to recurring donors Fundraising-Backlog open
88657 Fundraising Tech Staging (tracking) Fundraising-Backlog open
88658 Write puppet modules to provision all fundraising components Fundraising-Backlog open
88744 Public dashboards for CentralNotice and Fundraising Fundraising-Backlog open
88751 A/B Testing header Fundraising-Backlog open
88752 Main A/B data table Fundraising-Backlog open
88766 Fraud and Chargebacks Fundraising-Backlog open
89046 Make automated refunds possible in Worldpay Fundraising-Backlog open
89376 Error popup is not translated Fundraising-Backlog open
89388 Expiration date error message is wrong when date < now Fundraising-Backlog open
89404 Create unit and integration tests for Fundraising extensions to identify breaking MediaWiki changes Fundraising-Backlog open
89412 Client-side validation breaks credit card button on GC forms Fundraising-Backlog open
89528 New Dash widget request: Rejections widget Fundraising-Backlog open
89782 payments_initial and payments_fraud should each have a single entry for each order_id. Fundraising-Backlog open
89868 Improve Civi error reporting Fundraising-Backlog open
89910 Set up out-of-sync alerts so that the tech team immediately discovers translations ready for publishing Fundraising-Backlog open
89982 Search and return results by Banner Name Fundraising-Backlog open
89984 Define start and end time for an A/B test Fundraising-Backlog open
90232 Stray comma causes all kinds of failures in Civi records Fundraising-Backlog open
90630 Recurring Payments Reporting Fundraising-Backlog open
90672 Create more granular qunit tests for banner display Fundraising-Backlog open
90674 Banner controller: be sure random= override will always work Fundraising-Backlog open
90863 BUG: CentralNotice banner translations sometimes go missing from Translate interface Fundraising-Backlog open
91519 Document CiviCRM custom fields Fundraising-Backlog open
91670 Move GET/POST/COOKIE/SESSION assumptions into the UI controller Fundraising-Backlog open
91692 Leave blank values in Silverpop file blank, not NULL Fundraising-Backlog open
91694 Worldpay: donors on Firefox receiving weird SSL error Fundraising-Backlog open
91695 Batch refund recurring donations in Civi Fundraising-Backlog open
91710 Make CiviMail useful Fundraising-Backlog open
91860 Account Updater via WorldPay Fundraising-Backlog open
91894 Port SimpleTest modules to PHPUnit Fundraising-Backlog open
91896 Run CRM on HHVM Fundraising-Backlog open
91910 Create "composer test" entry point Fundraising-Backlog open
92025 Document CiviCRM custom imports Fundraising-Backlog open
92325 Amend fields for International Check Importer Fundraising-Backlog open
92461 Help Ellery understand recurring Fundraising-Backlog open
92467 Spike: can we log acquirer authorization information? Fundraising-Backlog open
92904 Safely run automatic jobs on CiviCRM staging Fundraising-Backlog open
92905 Fundraising tools config should support default values Fundraising-Backlog open
93117 Rate Comparison Test Fundraising-Backlog open
93268 Display accepted column headers on the Import page Fundraising-Backlog open
93269 "show everything that came in this import" link Fundraising-Backlog open
93286 Keep track of online vs major gifts contributions Fundraising-Backlog open
93390 Create Civi reminders for specific activity types Fundraising-Backlog open
94127 Put payments-initial feed on wikikiosk Fundraising-Backlog open
94530 Make it easier to cancel recurring giving Fundraising-Backlog open
94716 Lock timeout while adding a contribution from the web UI Fundraising-Backlog open
94780 Merge resultswitcher controller into adapters as appropriate Fundraising-Backlog open
94781 Straighten out different views of data Fundraising-Backlog open
95397 Move DonationInterface test fixtures into pure data files. Fundraising-Backlog open
95475 Failed iframe liberation can make it impossible to retry a donation Fundraising-Backlog open
95570 Scheduled Reminder sent from donate@ email address? Fundraising-Backlog open
95641 Write vagrant role for donatewiki Fundraising-Backlog open
95642 Write vagrant role for fundraisingwiki Fundraising-Backlog open
95647 Merge CRM and DonationInterface queue wrappers Fundraising-Backlog open
95937 Add "Fraudster" checkbox to Civi to spot known fraudsters Fundraising-Backlog open
95939 Make the Civi Change Log more useful Fundraising-Backlog open
95942 Repair link to Zendesk API report tool Fundraising-Backlog open
95943 Internet Explorer iframe issues on donate pages (IE 11 included) Fundraising-Backlog open
95946 Thank You - integrate CLDR Fundraising-Backlog open
95947 Prevent duplication of check donor contact records Fundraising-Backlog open
95995 Stop gating configuration with optionalParts[] tests Fundraising-Backlog open
96046 Display a flag and/or country name on the donation form Fundraising-Backlog open
96433 Monitor payments cluster memcache Fundraising-Backlog open
96594 [epic] Support language variants throughout donation pipeline Fundraising-Backlog open
96902 Donatewiki is not doing contribution_tracking Fundraising-Backlog open
96962 How can we create the best mobile credit card experience? Fundraising-Backlog open
97159 BUG: Campaign date fields cannot be edited as text Fundraising-Backlog open
97190 Document wmf_contribution_extra table Fundraising-Backlog open
97372 Enable ability to look up contacts by phone number Fundraising-Backlog open
97381 CentralNotice audit log should reuse core logging Fundraising-Backlog open
97724 Queue consumer should provide the contribution ID after it's been inserted Fundraising-Backlog open
98262 CiviCRM - how to format text in a text box in the prospect tab? Fundraising-Backlog open
98428 Enable CiviCRM's cache clear job Fundraising-Backlog open
98431 Error while running make-thank-you Fundraising-Backlog open
98472 Support the fundraising annual report Fundraising-Backlog open
98802 Bug: WorldPay audit processing needs more error checking Fundraising-Backlog open
99004 Build prototypes for mobile fundraising donation asks Fundraising-Backlog open
99259 Cron should not send email unless there is an error Fundraising-Backlog open
99269 Unit tests are coupled to Drupal modules that might not be enabled Fundraising-Backlog open
99300 Drupal stuff can whitescreen Fundraising-Backlog open
99954 In the event that credentials for a gateway are not supplied, that gateway should go in to local development mode. Fundraising-Backlog open
99957 Write MW-Vagrant puppet to allow us to spin up dev, staging, and testing instances, and deploy sandbox servers on WMF-labs Fundraising-Backlog open
100585 "Uncommitted DB writes" errors are getting creepy Fundraising-Backlog open
100637 mediawiki/core fundraising/REL branches should use git submodule Fundraising-Backlog open
101321 Spike: Clear up Contribution Type usage Fundraising-Backlog open
101403 Feature Request: Add Newsletter opt-out to Civi contact profiles Fundraising-Backlog open
102070 Merging Records in Civi - Being able to merge more than 2 records at once. Fundraising-Backlog open
102143 [epic] Processing via Astropay for Spanish-speaking LATAM countries Fundraising-Backlog open
102151 Create single-page donation flow (credit card only) Fundraising-Backlog open
102294 SmashPig: last chance error handler should log full stack trace Fundraising-Backlog open
102297 SmashPig: write phpunit tests Fundraising-Backlog open
102299 Tools to help capture realtime payment messages Fundraising-Backlog open
102302 All fundraising repos should share some conventions Fundraising-Backlog open
102304 Make it easier to use the fundraising puppet role on labs Fundraising-Backlog open
102490 Confirm we never read from contribution_tracking table Fundraising-Backlog open
102538 Prevent outgoing email on CRM staging instances Fundraising-Backlog open
102701 [epic] Handle gateway (sub) accounts throughout pipeline Fundraising-Backlog open
103123 Change domain for fundraising email Fundraising-Backlog open
103162 Fail hard when assigning to a custom field that doesn't exist Fundraising-Backlog open
103180 Port crm mw-vagrant to rely more on civicrm-buildkit Fundraising-Backlog open
103181 Define code style conventions for fundraising repos Fundraising-Backlog open
103199 Fix unclear Civi import error message Fundraising-Backlog open
103448 WorldPay Recurring Fundraising-Backlog open
103449 If a recurring subscription fails because of expired card or other certain errors, send donors a follow up "would you like to renew your subscription"? Fundraising-Backlog open
103459 "fredge" and "donations" databases should default to reusing the "drupal" db Fundraising-Backlog open
103717 GlobalCollect audit processor should give prefer ".wx2" files over ".wx1" Fundraising-Backlog open
104031 civicrm-buildkit doesn't composer update our wikimedia projects correctly Fundraising-Backlog open
104391 [epic] 3D Secure for Europe Fundraising-Backlog open
105111 Review Coinbase API upgrade docs Fundraising-Backlog open
105254 Add field data back into Silverpop export Fundraising-Backlog open
105263 Review and improve fields we parse from PayPal IPN messages Fundraising-Backlog open
105558 CentralNotice: "Preview all approved translations" is dead Fundraising-Backlog open
105857 Spike: Errors while charging recurring GlobalCollect might be handled wrong Fundraising-Backlog open
105900 Put real-time email ecom data in Google Spreadsheet Fundraising-Backlog open
105991 Entity relationship diagram for Fundraising Fundraising-Backlog open
106048 "Transaction communication failed" log line no longer provides useful information Fundraising-Backlog open
106105 Create Appeal option group and link to Direct Mail Appeal on dev Fundraising-Backlog open
106196 DonationInterface shouldn't say every single API call is a 'transaction' Fundraising-Backlog open
106198 Spurious 'Transaction canceled after 0 retries.' messages in batch mode under drupal Fundraising-Backlog open
106199 DonationInterface / batch mode / drupal is repeatedly trying to do geoIP lookups on Fundraising-Backlog open
106394 Machine-readable CentralNotice and paymentswiki outage log Fundraising-Backlog open
106648 Iframe spinner below the fold is bad UX Fundraising-Backlog open
106702 Use a mockable request wrapper rather than curl wrapper methods Fundraising-Backlog open
106714 Orphan slaying bug Fundraising-Backlog open
106719 Moar s3xy payments maintenance mode Fundraising-Backlog open
106856 New banner messages not added to message group Fundraising-Backlog open
107169 'Invalid ffname' daily digest for banner and email crofters Fundraising-Backlog open
107179 CRM module: Allow us to overwrite settings.php Fundraising-Backlog open
107370 Add logic to double-check that we are never double-charging recurring contributions Fundraising-Backlog open
107371 Recurring Globalcollect: only mark subscription as failed if it was a processor failure Fundraising-Backlog open
107376 Write API for campaign creation and use it to create browser test fixtures Fundraising-Backlog open
107379 Support subscription modification Fundraising-Backlog open
107380 drush command does not handle some exceptions, and incorrectly returns success Fundraising-Backlog open
107384 Redirect old PayPal IPN URL to active listener Fundraising-Backlog open
107387 Don't HTML escape watchdog logs Fundraising-Backlog open
107388 RGC batch size config is being overridden in the Jenkins job config Fundraising-Backlog open
107391 Amazon recurring (Epic) Fundraising-Backlog open
107392 Create alternate recurring schedules Fundraising-Backlog open
107393 Add a record in Civi when a recurring contribution fails on GC side Fundraising-Backlog open
107826 Add a parameter which forces creation of a 600 orphan Fundraising-Backlog open
107960 Add GC failure "Remarks" data to contribution tracking Fundraising-Backlog open
107967 Spike: investigate negative scroll offset for cancelling "banner bump" Fundraising-Backlog open
108088 Civi Send Receipt? check box - review and filter what info it generates, or disable Fundraising-Backlog open
108394 Need special grace period stuff for UKFC Fundraising-Backlog open
108699 WMF-specific links and emails should be in LocalSettings Fundraising-Backlog open
108849 Move CentralNotice stuff out of cookies Fundraising-Backlog open
108892 Spike: Do we have data on unsubscribe & abuse rates from Civi TY emails? Fundraising-Backlog open
109634 Reduce the "banner bump" (tracking) Fundraising-Backlog open
109714 Unnecessary bucket warnings in campaign settings Fundraising-Backlog open
109918 AstroPay 'deposit' error actually indicates a CPF problem Fundraising-Backlog open
110095 CiviCRM interface for repairing damaged recurring contributions Fundraising-Backlog open
110227 Adjust modsecurity rules to work for us Fundraising-Backlog open
110315 Summary of campaign settings changes is not logged in CentralNotice logs when modified using Special:CentralNotice main page table Fundraising-Backlog open
110394 Paymentswiki load.php should be cached Fundraising-Backlog open
110639 Order ID leak in the orphan slayer Fundraising-Backlog open
110917 Refund payment and cancel subscription scripts should be separate Fundraising-Backlog open
110919 Gateway adapter final status should be flexible enough to handle refunds Fundraising-Backlog open
110920 Spike: confirm effort_id handling during refund processing Fundraising-Backlog open
111128 CiviCRM quicksearch has annoying <return> key behavior Fundraising-Backlog open
111130 Retry transaction after lock contention Fundraising-Backlog open
111189 Central Notice message groups are slow to index Fundraising-Backlog open
111387 CentralNotice: JS code style, JSCS and JSDuck Fundraising-Backlog open
111431 Recurring donation module should be able to charge Amazon recurring donations Fundraising-Backlog open
111677 Some messages in the Donation extensions are outdated and should be removed Fundraising-Backlog open
111678 Exporting Fundraising translations from meta.wikimedia.org to wikimediafoundation.org should be more automated Fundraising-Backlog open
111702 [epic] Dedupe exact matches Fundraising-Backlog open
111972 Leave GC donations in the limbo queue if API calls fail at result switcher Fundraising-Backlog open
112323 Mustache forms should provide server-side error map to client-side script Fundraising-Backlog open
112602 Finish porting GlobalCollect result switcher page to use handleResultRequest Fundraising-Backlog open
112665 Unbreak WMF-hosted Worldpay workflow Fundraising-Backlog open
112674 Import unsubscribe data from Silverpop Fundraising-Backlog open
112678 Spike: Write roadmap for language variant work Fundraising-Backlog open
112817 [EPIC] Amazon post campaign ready Fundraising-Backlog open
112839 De-duplicate result switcher code Fundraising-Backlog open
112857 Spike: How to configure a staging server for payments? Fundraising-Backlog open
112923 [EPIC] Banner history post launch Fundraising-Backlog open
112947 Nested EventLogging data doesn't get copied to MySQL Fundraising-Backlog open
112969 Special:HideBanners should output a valid PNG Fundraising-Backlog open
112983 Find a more nuanced way to add a few custom fields to the default exports Fundraising-Backlog open
113005 Fix Fundraising CiviCRM installation gotchas Fundraising-Backlog open
113027 Synthezise missing subscriptions Fundraising-Backlog open
113102 Design better unique ID regimen for CiviCRM Fundraising-Backlog open
113303 Should we remove name fields from WMF hosted part of WorldPay ESOP form? Fundraising-Backlog open
113386 Legacy PayPal IPN listener should syslog Fundraising-Backlog open
113428 CentralNotice: make-wmf-branch doesn't work for named extension deployment branches Fundraising-Backlog open
113430 DonationInterface "deployment" branch should be renamed Fundraising-Backlog open
113657 Hide name fields from WMF portion of form Fundraising-Backlog open
113789 EXTERNAL Only block French cards on France form. Fundraising-Backlog open
113815 Banner history: Record count of pageviews when the user didn't get a campaign Fundraising-Backlog open
113978 Add Report Criteria to exported report data Fundraising-Backlog open
113996 Improve UI for primary mailing address Fundraising-Backlog open
113998 Auto-Notifications of Upcoming Birthday of Major Donor Fundraising-Backlog open
114000 Hebrew or other non-Latin characters not making it into Worldpay donations Fundraising-Backlog open
114001 Process to enter and track multi-year gifts Fundraising-Backlog open
114013 Better payment method indexing in DonationInterface Fundraising-Backlog open
114053 Spike: Make the CiviCRM Search bar work for non-exact searches Fundraising-Backlog open
114204 Document GC credit card processing Fundraising-Backlog open
114205 Ask GlobalCollect to let us cancel status 600 transactions Fundraising-Backlog open
114671 More communication between Silverpop and Civi Fundraising-Backlog open
114677 EXTERNAL: CVV error code on WorldPay form Fundraising-Backlog open
114678 EXTERNAL: Email info referenced on Merchant Reference 2 field Fundraising-Backlog open
114679 EXTERNAL: Name field hide on iframe & Iframe translations Fundraising-Backlog open
114682 [EPIC] Worldpay France post launch Fundraising-Backlog open
114683 [EPIC] Engage exclusively uses spreadsheet imports Fundraising-Backlog open
114687 Train Engage in how to fill out the generic import templates Fundraising-Backlog open
114701 [EPIC] Worldpay as english backup processor? Fundraising-Backlog open
114714 Migration to add custom roles and give permissions Fundraising-Backlog open
114797 Remove Engage Civi users and revoke SSL keys Fundraising-Backlog open
114822 SmashPig: Use existing YAML library for configuration Fundraising-Backlog open
114910 Out of date donation page still active (and possibly an audit of all available donation pages and inbound links?) Fundraising-Backlog open
114946 CiviCRM: Persist query criteria and make it possible for other users to see your search's results by permalink Fundraising-Backlog open
114955 Formalize message type for all donation queue wire formats Fundraising-Backlog open
115036 CiviCRM: Change default Activity status from "Scheduled" to "Complete" Fundraising-Backlog open
115042 Make banner impression counts available somewhere public Fundraising-Backlog open
115511 Fix malformed transaction IDs for recent refunds Fundraising-Backlog open
115536 Fulltext search for name and org name in Civi Fundraising-Backlog open
115627 Estimate closing the gap for Civi to be up to snuff Fundraising-Backlog open
115642 Use the name "grunt-jscs" in all Fundraising CI glue Fundraising-Backlog open
115662 Integrate thank-you module with CiviCRM receipt feature Fundraising-Backlog open
115771 Track submodule branches in .gitmodules Fundraising-Backlog open
115896 Civi search by language should ignore variant Fundraising-Backlog open
115897 Advanced search date range pulldown should populate date range fields Fundraising-Backlog open
115898 Quicksearch (search bar) by email is unreliable Fundraising-Backlog open
115900 Advanced Search needs an OR operator Fundraising-Backlog open
115901 Remember some form settings in Advanced Search Fundraising-Backlog open
115925 Script to compile civicrm into deployment form Fundraising-Backlog open
116089 Changing card type sometimes results in bad order_id reuse Fundraising-Backlog open
116140 Banner editor should be more consistent with other editing (tracking) Fundraising-Backlog open
116195 Failover Worldpay API urls Fundraising-Backlog open
116235 [Epic] CentralNotice translation should move closer to MediaWiki i18n standards and the code cleaned up Fundraising-Backlog open
116310 CiviCRM upgrade: Search bar: Default search field is name only Fundraising-Backlog open
116314 CiviCRM upgrade: tracking donor moves: adding an activity should default to ""completed"" not ""scheduled"" Fundraising-Backlog open
116316 CiviCRM upgrade: merging contacts button does not appear Fundraising-Backlog open
116399 gatewayadapter/checkTokens() should handle missing tokens Fundraising-Backlog open
116419 WMF campaigns forms should reject utm_campaign names if they include a whitespace Fundraising-Backlog open
116443 Improve date range search fields Fundraising-Backlog open
116493 Need more information than "Original error: DB Error: unknown error" Fundraising-Backlog open
116712 Handle "QueryTokenData failed" messages from Worldpay Fundraising-Backlog open
116820 [EPIC] Build Frig: tools to help update our deployment branches Fundraising-Backlog open
116844 CentralNotice should do everything SiteNotice does Fundraising-Backlog open
116956 Amazon donation error after logging in; possible iframe error Fundraising-Backlog open
117040 Civi upgrade drush script should return non-zero error code on failure Fundraising-Backlog open
117047 Staging must have the same db permissions as production for the civi user Fundraising-Backlog open
117149 Update Exchange Rates job should emit some logs Fundraising-Backlog open
117150 Enable CiviGrant / CiviCase in 4.6? Fundraising-Backlog open
117151 Globalcollect recurring job config is screwy Fundraising-Backlog open
117170 Audit log of Civi reports as they are run; permalink to frozen or live results Fundraising-Backlog open
117177 Dedupe rules cannot be saved because they have duplicate names Fundraising-Backlog open
117179 Can't save dedupe rule due to mystery Fundraising-Backlog open
117265 Main View of CiviCRM contact record doesn't show much useful info Fundraising-Backlog open
117271 Include URL of error page in mailto: link when donation fails Fundraising-Backlog open
117454 CRM_Core_PseudoConstant::get ignores "entity_table" option Fundraising-Backlog open
117503 Civi link in Reminder Emails Broken Fundraising-Backlog open
117506 Safari: thank-you date field sometimes doesn't work Fundraising-Backlog open
117507 Time field inappropriately captures scroll event Fundraising-Backlog open
117614 [Please rename me] UI Sillyness: The boxes don't fit in the other boxes the right way Fundraising-Backlog open
117626 Civi should not allow contributions to be added for deleted contacts Fundraising-Backlog open
117630 Dedupe merge failed to relink a contribution? Fundraising-Backlog open
117632 Seems that an import overwrote an existing contribution? Fundraising-Backlog open
117634 Donor state is silently swallowed if it doesn't exist Fundraising-Backlog open
117639 Duplicate charge detection in audit parsers Fundraising-Backlog open
117898 Get composer.json in crm deployable Fundraising-Backlog open
118051 What is usefulness of Donations/Second? Fundraising-Backlog open
118107 Merge Feature Needed: "add new" option for postal addresses Fundraising-Backlog open
118334 CiviCRM 4.7: beware editable "net amount" Fundraising-Backlog open
118341 Long page load approx once per day, maybe more Fundraising-Backlog open
118344 [Epic] Improve MG workflow for entering new contributions Fundraising-Backlog open
118345 Help Civi users configure their dashboards Fundraising-Backlog open
118354 [epic] Improvements to Contact page Fundraising-Backlog open
118487 Deadlock should result in requeueing the message Fundraising-Backlog open
118516 Spike: Is there a way to prevent cached banner views? Fundraising-Backlog open
118526 Looks like we've been randomly skipping landingpages impression logfiles Fundraising-Backlog open
118604 Enable CI jobs on the new CiviCRM repos Fundraising-Backlog open
118606 Document Jenkins access Fundraising-Backlog open
118734 Ingenico Ukrainian credit card iframe should fall back to English instead of Russian Fundraising-Backlog open
118822 Dear God - please help us find another way to compile the donor list for the annual report Fundraising-Backlog open
118824 Engage validation displaying incorrect errors Fundraising-Backlog open
118825 Bad scrolling experience while editing a contribution in popup Fundraising-Backlog open
118826 Problems when viewing a contribution; and possible corruption Fundraising-Backlog open
118904 Stop adding "Review" tag to everything in Civi Fundraising-Backlog open
119116 Fundraising banners showing when opened in-app on iOS to users who are logged in through Safari Fundraising-Backlog open
119429 Send PayPal stuff in the "BN" param... sometimes Fundraising-Backlog open
119452 Don't send us all the cron spam Fundraising-Backlog open
119472 Direct referral - Donate.wiki to Paypal - Donation flow of last resort Fundraising-Backlog open
119556 [epic] SPOF: Use Redis as backend store for contribution_tracking Fundraising-Backlog open
119812 Repair schema leading to "default~default~default~default~default" in landingpageimpression_raw.landingpage Fundraising-Backlog open
119813 Make contribution_source into a proper thing or retire Fundraising-Backlog open
119821 Banner and donatewiki style guide documentation needs updating Fundraising-Backlog open
119822 Spike: Plan how to share more resources between donatewiki, banners, and payments Fundraising-Backlog open
119913 Ask Coinbase to export CSVs in an encoding that is compatible with Excel Fundraising-Backlog open
119931 Collapse filters on XxY widget when not in use Fundraising-Backlog open
119983 UI Sillyness: Prospect Tab - Extra spacing between hard returns in text fields Fundraising-Backlog open
119986 Speed up CiviCRM queue processing Fundraising-Backlog open
120000 Use URL fragments to indicate which board you're on Fundraising-Backlog open
120006 Amazon listener should queue fewer duplicate contribution messages Fundraising-Backlog open
120014 CiviCRM: Simple Way to convert an Individual record into an Org record Fundraising-Backlog open
120044 Continuous integration for wikimedia/fundraising/civicrm-buildkit Fundraising-Backlog open
120057 Spike: Consider some initial steps for infrastructure for banner history data crunching Fundraising-Backlog open
120083 Fundraising stylesheets and scripts should be minified Fundraising-Backlog open
120084 Fundraising scripts should not use global scope Fundraising-Backlog open
120142 Make "Chart Loading" overlay non-modal Fundraising-Backlog open
120149 Civi oauth screen confuses users Fundraising-Backlog open
120261 Create email signature functionality Fundraising-Backlog open
120428 GlobalCollect audit should eventually give up on missing transactions Fundraising-Backlog open
120466 Consolidate contribution_tracking code into a single library Fundraising-Backlog open
120470 Stop warning about "potential cache slam" Fundraising-Backlog open
120680 Amazon "session expired" donation error when logging in Fundraising-Backlog open
120692 Recurring PayPal donations not reaching Civi if subscription is older than a few years Fundraising-Backlog open
120722 Estimate the proportion of people who send us complaints vs are affected by an issue Fundraising-Backlog open
120728 GlobalCollect error 430339: INVALID_MERCHANT_OR_SERVICE_PROVIDER Fundraising-Backlog open
120786 Handle noscript browsers on paymentswiki Fundraising-Backlog open
120846 CiviCRM: Found an Activity that I can't edit. Why? Fundraising-Backlog open
120869 [Epic] Support landing page A/B tests Fundraising-Backlog open
120917 Most "Clock at" profiling messages are irrelevant Fundraising-Backlog open
120994 [Epic] Adyen as a backup for en outside of the US: AU, CA, GB, IE, NZ Fundraising-Backlog open
120997 Provide graph of banner impression count distribution Fundraising-Backlog open
121000 [Epic] Must open a new GlobalCollect account in order to escape Order ID apocalypse Fundraising-Backlog open
121001 Civi `trxn_id` must support multiple gateway accounts Fundraising-Backlog open
121121 pageview vs. impressions widget Fundraising-Backlog open
121211 civicrm.wmo favicon missing Fundraising-Backlog open
121212 Admin menu and site name are obscuring Drupal/Civi menus Fundraising-Backlog open
121304 Decompose the Silverpop export into general bookkeeping jobs Fundraising-Backlog open
121458 Highlight "investigation required" errors Fundraising-Backlog open
121459 Central Notice - Campaign Overlap warning Fundraising-Backlog open
121530 Update error message to ask donors for more specific information/include transaction ID Fundraising-Backlog open
121576 Archive data from pgehres db tables Fundraising-Backlog open
121691 Merging Feature Needed: "Add New" for mailing addresses Fundraising-Backlog open
121717 Deleted contacts: contributions tab has a count, but no contributions appearing Fundraising-Backlog open
121723 Continuous integration: wikimedia/fundraising/tools/DjangoBannerStats needs V+2 jobs Fundraising-Backlog open
121799 look at possible drupal logging snafu causing excessive log volume Fundraising-Backlog open
121800 DonationInterface should log client-side errors Fundraising-Backlog open
121932 composer broken on DonationInterface vendor repo Fundraising-Backlog open
121937 [EPIC] Fix and improve geolocation, and ensure it's working properly for FR campaigns Fundraising-Backlog open
121966 Clean up DonationInterface validation Fundraising-Backlog open
121967 Decouple session and token handling from payment gateway class Fundraising-Backlog open
121969 Remove premium and paypal things from ContributionTracking Fundraising-Backlog open
122097 Set expiry time for GeoIP cookies Fundraising-Backlog open
122104 fr-log-announcer should not hang out in our private channel Fundraising-Backlog open
122342 CiviCRM upgrade: migrate custom fields to standard fields Fundraising-Backlog open
122355 [Epic] Keep event-based donation history rather than 1:1 properties Fundraising-Backlog open
122420 [Epic] Rename GlobalCollect to Ingenico in code Fundraising-Backlog open
122528 Find use cases for donation country or payment method obstacles Fundraising-Backlog open
122590 Study more details of the impressions-to-pageviews correlations Fundraising-Backlog open
122611 [Epic] Reusable log parsing mechanisms Fundraising-Backlog open
122627 Donors still don't know payments succeeded when breakage, e.g. queue is dead. Fundraising-Backlog open
123249 Rename all references to GlobalCollect in code, to Ingenico. Determine if we need to update old database entries Fundraising-Backlog open
123303 paymentswiki interface mildly allergic to shift-tab Fundraising-Backlog open
123350 74 contributions not visible in the UI Fundraising-Backlog open
124132 [Epic] Analytics, graphs and monitoring for banners and CentralNotice Fundraising-Backlog open
124315 Improve security of UKFC data transfers Fundraising-Backlog open
124328 Banner history: record in log when a pageview was included in the sample to have the log sent the servers Fundraising-Backlog open
124330 Banner history: log banner close events Fundraising-Backlog open
124368 The Family Foundation: find total value of relationships Fundraising-Backlog open
124465 CiviMail: Can not add a cc addressee Fundraising-Backlog open
124854 Create a dev 'thank you' page that posts an IPN message Fundraising-Backlog open
125090 DonationInterface: User updates to fields providing staged data aren't updated in iframe Fundraising-Backlog open
125224 Add dropdown with standard reasons to refunded donation area. Fundraising-Backlog open
125272 [EPIC] Create Preference Center for donors to manage email subscription preferences Fundraising-Backlog open
125336 Allow better searching on Special:MessageGroupStats Fundraising-Backlog open
125887 UKFC Payment investigation Fundraising-Backlog open
126266 Sync our buildkit with upstream Fundraising-Backlog open
126388 Review CiviCRM indexes in order to reduce disk space & improve performance Fundraising-Backlog open
126482 Recent up tick in fail mail Fundraising-Backlog open
126533 Audit accounts in drupal to check none need to be disabled Fundraising-Backlog open
127111 Possible Globalcollect audit parsing regression Fundraising-Backlog open
127401 Create WMF-hosted unsubscribe page Fundraising-Backlog open
128823 Civi UI hook is breaking (Form is missing your precious custom field.) Fundraising-Backlog open
129122 Evaluate if we need to do anything for worldpay update Fundraising-Backlog open
129628 [EPIC] Apply machine learning to fraud detection Fundraising-Backlog open
130061 Spike: do we need to make updates for Ingenico accessibility changes? Fundraising-Backlog open
130068 Probably cause of failmail deadlocks - soft credit search pain Fundraising-Backlog open
130130 [Epic] Upgrade paymentswiki to MediaWiki REL_* release branch or follow the WMF train. Upgrage PHP to HHVM or PHP 5.5 Fundraising-Backlog open
130763 Chart data fields for data retention purposes Fundraising-Backlog open
130842 Bad country causes AstroPay gateway to choke Fundraising-Backlog open
131104 [EPIC] redupe post release UX tweaks Fundraising-Backlog open
131106 redupe UX: change "insert" link to give more context Fundraising-Backlog open
131107 Redupe UX: better confirmation after reverting a merge Fundraising-Backlog open
131272 [Epic] Formalize schema for all message types Fundraising-Backlog open
131366 Measure impact of HoverCards on Central Notice interaction Fundraising-Backlog open
131413 Review campaign conversion rate for public release Fundraising-Backlog open
131770 Write unit tests for the Silverpop export script Fundraising-Backlog open
131815 Paypay Express checkout internal test Fundraising-Backlog open
131816 Paypal Express checkout 1 hour test Fundraising-Backlog open
131817 Paypal Express checkout campaign ready Fundraising-Backlog open
131860 Move normalization into the DataTransformers Fundraising-Backlog open
132057 CiviCRM SQL is out of sync with code version Fundraising-Backlog open
132372 Add explanatory text to NL form when Ideal is down Fundraising-Backlog open
132526 Get QA attention on DonationInterface Fundraising-Backlog open
132618 Write tests for frig Fundraising-Backlog open
132941 eliminate or modify cases where we append a timestamp as a GET argument for a static object such as page-fade.png Fundraising-Backlog open
132944 Add "in-context" integration Fundraising-Backlog open
133413 [Epic] Do error log parsing via queue Fundraising-Backlog open
133739 [Epic] Reconcile custom fields with offline trigger approach Fundraising-Backlog open
133741 CentralNotice: reducing initial JS load? (tracking) Fundraising-Backlog open
133795 Get Amazon SDK changes upstreamed Fundraising-Backlog open
133807 [EPIC] dedupe exact matches Fundraising-Backlog open
134214 AstroPay: internal exception caused by currency Fundraising-Backlog open
134312 Can't change donation from "refund" to "chargeback" Fundraising-Backlog open
134317 Civi: How do reversed chargebacks reconcile? Fundraising-Backlog open
134446 [Epic] Support Express Checkout recurring donations Fundraising-Backlog open
134956 Campaign editor warnings should clearly state "Your form was saved. But warning:" Fundraising-Backlog open
135011 Apply for "acceptable ads" exception Fundraising-Backlog open
135055 Set up sched job Fundraising-Backlog open
135405 Replicate CentralNotice tables to Labs Fundraising-Backlog open
135641 Adyen refunds: look at reconciliation / auditing to make sure they get to Civi Fundraising-Backlog open
136110 Try fail2ban on payments Fundraising-Backlog open
136134 Clean up onwiki fundraising cruft Fundraising-Backlog open
136169 [EPIC] Improve Fundraising monitoring, alert, and high-level error handling Fundraising-Backlog open
136254 [EPIC] Refactor form chooser Fundraising-Backlog open
136665 Move controller code out of GatewayType#processResponse Fundraising-Backlog open
136730 'order_id' is ambiguous. Call it 'merchant reference' whenever we generate it. Fundraising-Backlog open
136733 Merchant reference generation should have options for attempt number or API sequence Fundraising-Backlog open
136784 Undo WmfException::isNoEmail hack Fundraising-Backlog open
136963 overhaul payments-wiki deployment process Fundraising-Backlog open
136966 evaluate scap3 as a possible replacement for FrDeploy tools Fundraising-Backlog open
136976 Spike: investigate new integration for ingenico to prevent order ID issues Fundraising-Backlog open
137128 Begin deprecating "language" parameter in banners Fundraising-Backlog open
137164 Refactor: Sort out transaction_option vs getData* vs getTransactionSpecificValue vs account* constellation Fundraising-Backlog open
137233 Investigate forms in emails prefilling payments wiki fields Fundraising-Backlog open
137239 Produce failure signals from the application which indicate bad behavior Fundraising-Backlog open
137438 Two small edits to the template of the Main Contact Record Page Fundraising-Backlog open
137498 A tool to evaluate and fix donor-entered data Fundraising-Backlog open
137568 Make summary fields in contact records more useful Fundraising-Backlog open
137583 Get performance metrics for payments wiki Fundraising-Backlog open
137586 EPIC: mediawikiless-donationinterface Fundraising-Backlog open
137590 IPN listener should be able to update payments_final_status Fundraising-Backlog open
137714 Spike on Apple Pay Fundraising-Backlog open
137730 Refine PayPal EC donation itemization Fundraising-Backlog open
137834 Store and show merchant reference ID in Civi Fundraising-Backlog open
137931 Provide ability to enter foreign currency into Source and have the USD amount populated by Civi Fundraising-Backlog open
137994 SmashPig throwing errors on fraud notification Fundraising-Backlog open
138013 Epic: Distinguish PayPal legacy vs. Express Checkout transactions Fundraising-Backlog open
138110 [Epic] Clean up DonationInterface logging Fundraising-Backlog open
138374 Use symfony/http-foundation in DonationInterface Fundraising-Backlog open
138375 Use Milkshake for DonationInterface translations Fundraising-Backlog open
138456 [Epic] Create Adyen forms for CA, GB, AU, NZ and IE Fundraising-Backlog open
138595 Upload WMF forks of Amazon and PHP-Queue to packagist Fundraising-Backlog open
138700 jQuery is not defined on page on wmf wiki Fundraising-Backlog open
139423 Spike: Identify most offensive issues in the DonationInterface logs Fundraising-Backlog open
139524 Adyen Israel Hebrew form & autofill cardholder name Fundraising-Backlog open
139683 "Impression diet" needs to be turned ON by default Fundraising-Backlog open
139699 Spike: Do we need ParserFunctions on paymentswiki? Fundraising-Backlog open
140109 Adyen form error message: cookies/cache Fundraising-Backlog open
140133 Make Adyen iframe validation error messages more verbose Fundraising-Backlog open
140139 Store payment method in Civi Fundraising-Backlog open
140311 [Epic] Payments performance tuning Fundraising-Backlog open
140316 Add granularity limiter (g=) to wikimedia.org DKIM record(s) Fundraising-Backlog open
140318 Spike: Is the Verisign seal even PCI compliant? Fundraising-Backlog open
140330 Inconsistent zip/postal prompts and missing error message Fundraising-Backlog open
140482 All form submission should be handled consistently through donation.api Fundraising-Backlog open
140564 Prevent bad Cyrillic encoding Fundraising-Backlog open
140694 Don't reject messages on unknown database error Fundraising-Backlog open
140698 Make code quality scores feed into our planning process Fundraising-Backlog open
141236 CentralNotice geotargeting broken Fundraising-Backlog open
141406 Civi Report does not save reports to any UI by default Fundraising-Backlog open
142439 Added new Tag to Production Civi Fundraising-Backlog open
142533 Epic: Create frack vm cluster Fundraising-Backlog open
142549 Create a way to view the history of address records (dedupe follow up task) Fundraising-Backlog open
143057 Epic: Dedupe V2: resolve top conflicts Fundraising-Backlog open
143159 Ability to target users based on edit count range from within Central Notice interface Fundraising-Backlog open
143266 Improve documentation for emergency & on-call procedures Fundraising-Backlog open
143268 Upgrade to drupal 7.5 Fundraising-Backlog open
143342 [Epic] Move all listener message processing to a second stage Fundraising-Backlog open
143426 Skeuomorphic interface for entering CC details Fundraising-Backlog open
143427 Better CC Validation and Error Messages Fundraising-Backlog open
143428 Spike: Banners on Portal Fundraising-Backlog open
143429 EPIC: Recurring upsell for donors Fundraising-Backlog open
143598 symfony-polyfill54 is breaking CI Fundraising-Backlog open
143606 Dedupe and queue consumer are failing due to lots of database timeouts Fundraising-Backlog open
143714 Adyen doesn't officially support our iframe workflow Fundraising-Backlog open
144241 Spike: Review Amazon settlement process & API Fundraising-Backlog open
144315 Fundraising tech needs a process for triaging and planning around UX issues Fundraising-Backlog open
144320 MG Annual report: add new column options Fundraising-Backlog open
144321 MG Annual report: Add new filter options Fundraising-Backlog open
144615 Epic: CentralNotice Banner squence Fundraising-Backlog open
144830 Spike: CiviCRM reorder columns in a report Fundraising-Backlog open
144835 [EPIC] Rename AstroPay to dLocal Fundraising-Backlog open
144870 Switching card types causes "No processors available" message on donation form Fundraising-Backlog open
144952 Banner not showing up on site Fundraising-Backlog open
144980 Civi should suggest records to bulk merge Fundraising-Backlog open
145205 [SPIKE] SmashPig config should be more namespaced Fundraising-Backlog open
145446 Impressions slow to update on jaJP dsk campaign Fundraising-Backlog open
145565 Investigate the discrepancy between pageview counts and banner impressions for WLM 2016 Fundraising-Backlog open
145718 CentralNotice: Intermittent unexplained browser test failures Fundraising-Backlog open
145719 [Tracking] CentralNotice: Unexplained banner display failures Fundraising-Backlog open
146607 Dedupe job failing Fundraising-Backlog open
146993 spike: Recent Paypal recurring donation not in Civi Fundraising-Backlog open
146997 Civi dedupe: enable Find & Merge Duplicate Contacts to use search results Fundraising-Backlog open
147042 Spike: Investigate using php5-fpm on frack Fundraising-Backlog open
147357 Build CentralNotice forms using Mustache Fundraising-Backlog open
147358 CentralNotice: Banner chooser should be a partial Fundraising-Backlog open
147360 Namespace CentralNotice classes Fundraising-Backlog open
147531 Reconsider Redis message expiry Fundraising-Backlog open
147540 wmf_common/WmfQueueConsumer should be able to requeue external exceptions Fundraising-Backlog open
147571 Civi: restore the 'unsubscribe from spam' option to Main menu Fundraising-Backlog open
147583 Documentation: Update mw:Fundraising_tech/Message_queues to reflect new landscape Fundraising-Backlog open
148593 Spike: Central Notice: Consider options for monitoring versions of banners shown Fundraising-Backlog open
148808 Weekly "misc MediaWiki extensions" deployment window proposal Fundraising-Backlog open
149237 Spike: investigate current status of paypal express checkout Fundraising-Backlog open
149238 Spike: investigate the ingenico reintegration Fundraising-Backlog open
149240 Don't serve an exception on Special:CentralNoticeBanners when the banner doesn't exist Fundraising-Backlog open
149247 Donation form extends off the right side of the page in some mobile browsers Fundraising-Backlog open
149255 Fix unicode issue in backoffice receipts (follow up from T137496) Fundraising-Backlog open
149275 Figure out why we can't get information about the causes of deadlocks Fundraising-Backlog open
149366 Hide 'continue' button when opening CC iframe Fundraising-Backlog open
149525 PayPal Express Checkout has problems when using a security key Fundraising-Backlog open
149763 Deal with diacritic conflicts on name checks Fundraising-Backlog open
150055 Investigate and bring back data & functionality previously held in contribution tracking table Fundraising-Backlog open
150072 Reconsider minfraud failure mode Fundraising-Backlog open
150192 Are we using 3DS APi call for Ingenico? Fundraising-Backlog open
150212 Ingenico audit: donation from 11/1 not in Civi Fundraising-Backlog open
150221 fundraising-drupal log repeats itself Fundraising-Backlog open
150265 Unable to delete a banner with bad HTML code Fundraising-Backlog open
150467 Add field to Silverpop export: first donation date Fundraising-Backlog open
150789 Spike: create a donation funnel widget for the fr-tech dashboard Fundraising-Backlog open
150792 Spike: investigate odd safari behaviors Fundraising-Backlog open
150804 Edit Civi Reminder email messaging Fundraising-Backlog open
150862 Edit Civi Grant Deadline reminder email message Fundraising-Backlog open
150864 Bug in link in Civi Reminder emails Fundraising-Backlog open
151271 civi: report filter for total USD within a time period Fundraising-Backlog open
151274 [Epic] Record transaction gateway status as it's available Fundraising-Backlog open
151406 EPIC: civi dedupe, resolve conflicts round 2 Fundraising-Backlog open
151407 Spike: investigate civi data cleanup tools Fundraising-Backlog open
151769 spike: investigate creating an ingenico form with no city and state Fundraising-Backlog open
151788 Ingenico: stop calling SET_PAYMENT when GET_ORDERSTATUS returns 25 Fundraising-Backlog open
151795 Update Adyen iframe css to match ingenico Fundraising-Backlog open
151815 Determine impact of mobile CSS changes Fundraising-Backlog open
151817 Generate statistics of errors vs donation attempts Fundraising-Backlog open
151820 Allow Big English widget to show last two days of November Fundraising-Backlog open
151841 Html2Text should be included as a composer dependency Fundraising-Backlog open
151908 add a widget to the dash that shows last year's day-by-day totals Fundraising-Backlog open
151954 Don't log: "Data is not null, time limit (90) is not elapsed, message limit (700) is not reached." Fundraising-Backlog open
151957 Thank you letter from civi mangles non-$ currencies Fundraising-Backlog open
151981 Thank-you page should report current waiting time until you can expect a receipt Fundraising-Backlog open
151982 Create new git repository for fundraising stats tools Fundraising-Backlog open
151983 Make Github wmf-fr repository public Fundraising-Backlog open
152022 Fail mail on 'city is too long' Fundraising-Backlog open
152028 Top days / top hours widget Fundraising-Backlog open
152031 Dash: change the "Totals Earned " widget cutoff to default to $999 Fundraising-Backlog open
152044 Fix Civi bug where creating a smart group with total giving >= 1000 saves as = 1000 Fundraising-Backlog open
152048 Search for email only works if primary email address Fundraising-Backlog open
152106 migrate fundraising.listener.org off of the civicrm webserver Fundraising-Backlog open
152122 Central Notice: possible CN issue early on December 1st UTC Fundraising-Backlog open
152123 Adyen: setup a form for Canada Fundraising-Backlog open
152138 dash does not respect the cutoff value Fundraising-Backlog open
152419 Investigate implementing android and apple pay close together Fundraising-Backlog open
152448 Spike: Investigate Silverpop invalid rows Fundraising-Backlog open
152510 PayPal listener putting name in address fields Fundraising-Backlog open
682 Create project for Fundraising Fundraising-Backlog resolved
831 Migration of Fundraising Tech team to Phabricator Fundraising-Backlog resolved
75812 Donation banner showing up for logged-in users Fundraising-Backlog resolved
76743 CentralNotice contents appearing in Google search snippets Fundraising-Backlog resolved
77907 [epic] Integrate processing in Brazil via Astropay Fundraising-Backlog resolved
77908 Alipay via GC Fundraising-Backlog resolved
78089 [epic] Banner History MVP Fundraising-Backlog resolved
78739 Vagrant Fundraising role needs to be able to run a specific MediaWiki branch Fundraising-Backlog resolved
86108 Fundraise in Israel Fundraising-Backlog resolved
87625 [epic] Amazon upgrade Fundraising-Backlog resolved
87680 BUG: WR1 audit files not working since January 19 Fundraising-Backlog resolved
88276 [1 day] BUG: CN banner being shown after campaign end Fundraising-Backlog resolved
88759 Set Civi Nginx timeout to something higher Fundraising-Backlog resolved
89437 Allow mismatched refunds Fundraising-Backlog resolved
89646 Notify existing Sprint Projects about new Sprint extension upgrade changes Fundraising-Backlog resolved
90020 New Activity contact autocomplete fields don't work Fundraising-Backlog resolved
90748 [epic] Get Adyen back up Fundraising-Backlog resolved
91763 Fix "PHP Warning: No route to fetch banner choice data configured" in QUnit runs Fundraising-Backlog resolved
91903 Optimize CiviCRM CI job Fundraising-Backlog resolved
92000 PHPUnit: make tests independent of global CN config variables Fundraising-Backlog resolved
92336 Delete gadolinium:/a/log/fundraising/ Fundraising-Backlog resolved
92537 BUG: Silverpop export is still broken Fundraising-Backlog resolved
93446 Promote Astropay account to production Fundraising-Backlog resolved
93617 SPIKE: Can we find open rates of Civi TY letters? Fundraising-Backlog resolved
93707 Mysterious failure to zuul-clone drupal repo Fundraising-Backlog resolved
93966 Display "add a widget" link on all boards Fundraising-Backlog resolved
94492 Document how to disable and maintain payments Fundraising-Backlog resolved
94506 BUG: Catalan donate flow is not retaining language data Fundraising-Backlog resolved
94586 Disable CI job on CRM deployment branch Fundraising-Backlog resolved
94604 BUG: Language error in "Transaction could not be accepted" page Fundraising-Backlog resolved
95011 Need Civi access for Donor Services agent Fundraising-Backlog resolved
95523 Simplify the orphan slayer Fundraising-Backlog resolved
95765 Need query to track GC recurring failures Fundraising-Backlog resolved
95832 [epic] Migrate fundraising extensions to the new format Fundraising-Backlog resolved
96066 Update error messaging on donate form (pre-payment fields) Fundraising-Backlog resolved
97149 Mustache renderer needs to support i18n Fundraising-Backlog resolved
97685 Throw error on save if the "contribution source" is not formatted correctly Fundraising-Backlog resolved
97855 MWException -> Exception (DonationInterface) Fundraising-Backlog resolved
98218 Donate by credit/debit card in Mexico Fundraising-Backlog resolved
98219 Donate by Cash in Mexico Fundraising-Backlog resolved
98410 Tweak mw-vagrant for payments, until it's usable Fundraising-Backlog resolved
99015 All code that writes to the limbo queue will start writing to both queues. Fundraising-Backlog resolved
99226 Switch Varnish's GeoIP code to libmaxminddb/GeoIP2 Fundraising-Backlog resolved
99288 Civi has created two contributions by accident and won't delete the additional contribution Fundraising-Backlog resolved
99837 Prepare CiviCRM 4.6 upstream and Giant Rabbit branches Fundraising-Backlog resolved
99841 Compile release notes and gotchas for CiviCRM Fundraising-Backlog resolved
99842 [epic] Install 4.6 to staging and test like hell Fundraising-Backlog resolved
100445 Spike: how much space (in gigabytes) do we use in Civi? Fundraising-Backlog resolved
101019 Pass name/email data from Silverpop to LP2 fields through URL Fundraising-Backlog resolved
101179 Amend rule for Engage team members Fundraising-Backlog resolved
102018 Deploy new TY letter Fundraising-Backlog resolved
102044 Remove Astropay from Brazil "donate.wikimedia.org" options Fundraising-Backlog resolved
102196 [Finish Q4] GOAL: Clear out Q4 goals! Wrap up Astropay round 1 and banner history Fundraising-Backlog resolved
102197 Sprint O - Wikimania! GOAL: Finish Banner History & Astropay. Investigate Amazon. Dance like nobody is watching. Fundraising-Backlog resolved
102198 Sprint P GOAL: scope amazon, major gifts import, and finish banner history! Fundraising-Backlog resolved
103187 Write migration for Campaign options and custom groups Fundraising-Backlog resolved
103203 Write migration for Gift Source option values Fundraising-Backlog resolved
103740 Replicate silverpop export (barium) on lutetium Fundraising-Backlog resolved
104402 Sprint Q Goal (midway through quarter): start amazon, astropay is campaign-ready, deploy banner history, kick PCI Fundraising-Backlog resolved
104507 Make audit processing testable Fundraising-Backlog resolved
104718 Implement CRM glue for AstroPay audit processor Fundraising-Backlog resolved
105142 Legal language entry in Translatewiki for LATAM Fundraising-Backlog resolved
105537 [BUG] GC Japan donation from 7/9 has no donor details Fundraising-Backlog resolved
106052 Add AstroPay to FundraiserLandingPage for Brazil Fundraising-Backlog resolved
106906 Populate an hour of limbo queue in the new Redis store Fundraising-Backlog resolved
107346 Sprint R Goal: Amazon internal test, banner history beta test Fundraising-Backlog resolved
107347 Sprint S Goal: worldpay internal test and continue Amazon Fundraising-Backlog resolved
107827 php.ini questions on payments1004 Fundraising-Backlog resolved
107848 Spike: Orphan logline conspicuously missing Fundraising-Backlog resolved
107852 Fix cheesiness: be more transactional when popping messages from the limbo queue Fundraising-Backlog resolved
108102 [EPIC] Amazon (embedded) internal test Fundraising-Backlog resolved
108106 [EPIC] Amazon embedded 1-hour test version Fundraising-Backlog resolved
108109 [EPIC] Amazon embedded campaign ready version Fundraising-Backlog resolved
108229 [Epic] SPOF: Replace ActiveMQ donation queues with a more robust software stack Fundraising-Backlog resolved
108406 Sprint T goal (End Q1 + code slush): amazon & worldpay 1-hour test ready, banner history being used by fr-online Fundraising-Backlog resolved
108764 Convert FundraisingEmailUnsubscribe to use extension registration Fundraising-Backlog resolved
109348 Add Brazil credit card option to Ways_to_Give/pt-br Fundraising-Backlog resolved
109908 Sprint UB40 (9/30-10/14) goal: Worldpay and Amazon campaign ready Fundraising-Backlog resolved
110038 donatewiki access for Trilogy Fundraising-Backlog resolved
110111 [epic] Accept credit cards in France via Enhanced Silent Order Post Fundraising-Backlog resolved
110112 [epic] Internal testing with French credit cards Fundraising-Backlog resolved
110113 [epic] worldpay 1 hour test in France Fundraising-Backlog resolved
110114 [epic] Worldpay campaign ready in France Fundraising-Backlog resolved
111177 GC100 Auth Fail Errors 9/2 very high fail rate Fundraising-Backlog resolved
111704 [epic] Make deduping reversible Fundraising-Backlog resolved
112020 [Mini epic] Activate Banner History! Fundraising-Backlog resolved
112180 Sprint V (10/14 - 10/28) goal: France campaign-ready, prep for Big EN Fundraising-Backlog resolved
112314 Configure new CiviCRM staging instance for testing 4.6 upgrade Fundraising-Backlog resolved
112816 Sprint W (10/28 - 11/11) goal: code freeze! Fundraising-Backlog resolved
112986 Review banner history log data and confirm that it satisfies use cases Fundraising-Backlog resolved
112990 Outdated cert on GC iframe? Fundraising-Backlog resolved
113301 Finish config file centralization for Fundraising systems Fundraising-Backlog resolved
113392 Spike: Do we have to make changes on orphan rectification box to support new GC SSL ciphers Fundraising-Backlog resolved
113819 Sort out PayPal language vs country Fundraising-Backlog resolved
114183 EXTERNAL: Worldpay HCG search by email address Fundraising-Backlog resolved
114218 wikimedia/fundraising/tools should pass python lint checks (flake8) Fundraising-Backlog resolved
114250 Switch wikimedia/fundraising/slander to use tox as an entry point Fundraising-Backlog resolved
114823 WMF Civi admins test their normal workflows on the staging server Fundraising-Backlog resolved
115426 All Civi hook code paths must be covered by PHPUnit tests Fundraising-Backlog resolved
115622 Sprint X goal (11/11 - 11/25, Thanksgiving & payment processor freak week): Fundraising-Backlog resolved
115623 Sprint Y goal (11/25 - 12/9): Kick off Big English!! Fundraising-Backlog resolved
115675 `drush parse-audit --test` moves files around Fundraising-Backlog resolved
115902 Determine a process and schedule for renewing SSL certificates in Civi Fundraising-Backlog resolved
116021 Banner impressions not updating on lutetium Fundraising-Backlog resolved
116112 Unsubscribe link doesn't work on upgraded staging 4.6 Fundraising-Backlog resolved
116313 CiviCRM upgrade: Simple Lookups: timeout attempting to look up matching gifts given in August Fundraising-Backlog resolved
116415 Document how to create new campaigns in Civi Fundraising-Backlog resolved
116416 [Epic] Followup tasks after Civi 4.6 upgrade Fundraising-Backlog resolved
116674 Confirm that ecom script is compatible with Civi 4.6 Fundraising-Backlog resolved
116800 Impression log parsers should get sample rate from filenames Fundraising-Backlog resolved
116812 French donation form: "incorrect number" message generating donor confusion Fundraising-Backlog resolved
116996 Sprint Z goal (12/9-1/11): Finish out December! Fundraising-Backlog resolved
116998 Spike: What do we need to do to make the Dash useful for December? Fundraising-Backlog resolved
117055 Revisit triggers. We probably want them. Fundraising-Backlog resolved
117062 Tests on deployment branches of wikimedia/fundraising/crm falling causing to force merge (and deadlock of Zuul) Fundraising-Backlog resolved
117152 Globalcollect recurring job needs fixes for Civi 4.6 Fundraising-Backlog resolved
117160 Follow-up to EntityTag changes; test thank-you with tags Fundraising-Backlog resolved
117171 Add Do Not Solicit column to custom LYBUNT report Fundraising-Backlog resolved
117228 Worldpay donation form error: expiration date year dropdown doesn't work Fundraising-Backlog resolved
117427 Worldpay donation form: https display issue Fundraising-Backlog resolved
117466 Q3 GOALS! (January-March) Keep at top of Q3 column Fundraising-Backlog resolved
117492 Slow searches: Transaction by ID # using % and also Contribs by email address Fundraising-Backlog resolved
117642 Confirm that the production Civi box is compatible with SHA-256 certificates Fundraising-Backlog resolved
117818 wikimedia/fundraising/tools CI jobs are broken Fundraising-Backlog resolved
118048 [epic] make Dash useful for December fundraising campaign Fundraising-Backlog resolved
118104 UI Sillyness: Adding an address to an existing contact works, but looks weird Fundraising-Backlog resolved
118202 [epic] Adyen campaign ready Fundraising-Backlog resolved
118336 Enable CiviCRM change logging on staging Fundraising-Backlog resolved
118348 CentralNotice setting class=cn-undefined Fundraising-Backlog resolved
118356 Figure out & fix the certificate issue that's not allowing civi users to have dashlets Fundraising-Backlog resolved
118611 Zendesk accounts for fr-techsen Fundraising-Backlog resolved
118614 Criteria Sort in Advanced Search results doesn't work Fundraising-Backlog resolved
118909 Engage Import Issue Fundraising-Backlog resolved
119586 Remove "whitebox" template from payments forms Fundraising-Backlog resolved
119632 Spike [2 hours]: QuickSurveys deployment process Fundraising-Backlog resolved
119649 Sprint A Goal (1/11 - 1/20): Big EN cleanup, get Adyen to backup ready Fundraising-Backlog resolved
119678 Donatewiki form is displaying with low dollar amount and then changing quickly. Also showing Amazon and then hiding. Fundraising-Backlog resolved
120053 mobile donation form: expiration date error Fundraising-Backlog resolved
120214 Emails refer to out-of-date/inappropriate donation amounts Fundraising-Backlog resolved
120322 donate.wikimedia.org needs an MX record Fundraising-Backlog resolved
120384 CentralNotice: wrap LocalStorage access in try/catch to prevent errors on w/ cookies (& LS) disabled Fundraising-Backlog resolved
120403 Give Mikhail Access to Collab Fundraising-Backlog resolved
120405 Silverpop job failed 12/4 Fundraising-Backlog resolved
120506 Add Janelle Chojnacki to fr-development@ Fundraising-Backlog resolved
120675 Donation form stops at "Loading: Where Your Donation Goes" Fundraising-Backlog resolved
120881 Bad empty CI jobs on wikimedia/fundraising/crm deployment branch Fundraising-Backlog resolved
120981 mobile error: unresponsive Amazon donate button Fundraising-Backlog resolved
120986 Globalcollect donor name field empty Fundraising-Backlog resolved
120995 PayPal donation link sometimes unresponsive Fundraising-Backlog resolved
120996 Confirm that Adyen account can process AUD, CAD, GBP, EUR, and NZD, and from all Big English countries. Fundraising-Backlog resolved
121415 Silverpop unsubscribe import doesn't run on weekends; runs 4 times on Mondays Fundraising-Backlog resolved
121725 test task Fundraising-Backlog resolved
121792 Document existing queue usage Fundraising-Backlog resolved
121925 [EPIC] GeoIP lookup for IPv6 connections delays banner loading Fundraising-Backlog resolved
121938 Fix GeoIP lookup for IPv6 Fundraising-Backlog resolved
121941 Share Fundraising disaster protocol with all of ops Fundraising-Backlog resolved
122024 [EPIC] Lybunt report could be faster Fundraising-Backlog resolved
122029 Tables to go? Premiums & trxn_id Fundraising-Backlog resolved
122218 Add Discover card type to Canada iframe options Fundraising-Backlog resolved
122348 Remove County field from UK addresses? Fundraising-Backlog resolved
122371 Sprint Goal B (1/20 to 2/3): Test Adyen audit, start on Astropay Spanish Fundraising-Backlog resolved
122372 Sprint Goal C (2/3 to 2/17): run Adyen test, start Astropay, tie up loose civi ends Fundraising-Backlog resolved
123246 SPIKE: scope FRIG scope Fundraising-Backlog resolved
124089 Spike: Scope & plan work for making manual deduplicates reversible. Fundraising-Backlog resolved
124228 Adyen in Ukrainian in Ukraine Fundraising-Backlog resolved
124251 Generate PGP key and exchange with Coinbase Fundraising-Backlog resolved
124666 Matching Gifts search link gives proxy error Fundraising-Backlog resolved
124935 Update email address for MG in 'too large amount' error message Fundraising-Backlog resolved
124979 [Epic] Restore Civi manual refund functionality Fundraising-Backlog resolved
125445 Please refresh staging DB Fundraising-Backlog resolved
125676 No banner impression data since early 2 Feb Fundraising-Backlog resolved
125778 Email thanks me for a $0 donation Fundraising-Backlog resolved
126228 No banner impression data since 4 Feb Fundraising-Backlog resolved
126297 Advise on reports Fundraising-Backlog resolved
126570 Sprint Goal D: Astropay Spanish, fix IDEAL, start dedupe work Fundraising-Backlog resolved
126643 Use TLS encryption on Civi TY emails Fundraising-Backlog resolved
127059 "Renew your donation: 0 kr" Fundraising-Backlog resolved
127375 Reactivate Civi Login for Engage User Fundraising-Backlog resolved
127566 Two Additional Civi Logins for Engage Fundraising-Backlog resolved
128674 Sprint E Goal: Astropay 1-hour test ready, keep re-dupe moving Fundraising-Backlog resolved
128678 Sprint F Goal: Scope Q4 work, deal with some civi bugs Fundraising-Backlog resolved
128812 [Epic] Adyen form for French (France), Japanese (Japan), Ukrainian (Ukraine), & Hebrew (Israel) Fundraising-Backlog resolved
128883 CI issues on fundraising/REL1_25 Fundraising-Backlog resolved
129261 Expand access to the table that holds failed payment data Fundraising-Backlog resolved
129547 Adyen job runner failing at pending queue Fundraising-Backlog resolved
130171 Fix fundraising PHPUnit tests under mw-vagrant Fundraising-Backlog resolved
130283 Provision Redis cluster for Fundraising Fundraising-Backlog resolved
130287 [Epic] Payments and other components should send a copy of outbound queue messages a Redis queue Fundraising-Backlog resolved
130414 delete links.email.donate.wikimedia.org (and all other email.donate.*?) from DNS Fundraising-Backlog resolved
130897 [Epic] Consolidate "pending" queue usages Fundraising-Backlog resolved
130937 Updating DNS records for Major Gifts subdomain (benefactors.wikimedia.org) Fundraising-Backlog resolved
131098 New Civi User Login for Engage Fundraising-Backlog resolved
131102 Engage User's Civi Certificate Not Working Fundraising-Backlog resolved
131160 SPRINT G (3/30 - 4/13) GOAL: Astropay Campaign Ready and redupe deploy Fundraising-Backlog resolved
131161 SPRINT H (4/13-4/27) GOAL: Adyen for new countries (Israel, Ukraine and more!) Fundraising-Backlog resolved
131162 SPRINT I (4/27-5/11) GOAL: Start Paypal Integration And start dedupe exact matches Fundraising-Backlog resolved
131212 Multiple gateway transaction IDs with the same merchant ref Fundraising-Backlog resolved
131271 [Epic] Consolidate queue abstractions Fundraising-Backlog resolved
131275 [Epic] Move orphan rectifier out of payments Fundraising-Backlog resolved
131507 Fix: Adyen refund capacity for Japan Fundraising-Backlog resolved
132083 SPRINT J (5/11 to 5/25) GOAL: Continue Paypal, dedupe exact matches? Fundraising-Backlog resolved
132353 Banner impression data not updating on lutetium Fundraising-Backlog resolved
132413 IP/firewall changes for PayPal audit SFTP (deadline April 13) Fundraising-Backlog resolved
132680 Ingenico: iDEAL form error with Abn-Amro bank Fundraising-Backlog resolved
133108 [Epic] Rewrite all queue clients to use a single shim library, improve library Fundraising-Backlog resolved
133356 List all of the places we've extended CiviCRM Fundraising-Backlog resolved
133406 investigate any fr-tech work associated with hovercard test Fundraising-Backlog resolved
133433 [Epic] Deprecate old pending queues Fundraising-Backlog resolved
133570 SPRINT K (5/25- 6/8) GOAL: Continue Paypal, dedupe exact matches? Fundraising-Backlog resolved
133703 Cron failure on payments1001 Fundraising-Backlog resolved
133794 Donation form error: Monthly selection is too sticky Fundraising-Backlog resolved
133808 setup dedupe exact matches prototype on staging Fundraising-Backlog resolved
133963 Frig should manage new files somehow Fundraising-Backlog resolved
134511 Strine needs access to lutetium (spelling?) Fundraising-Backlog resolved
134916 another round of activemq queue decrufting needed Fundraising-Backlog resolved
135051 remove the block on UI batch merging and find some other way of constraining it so users can batch merge Fundraising-Backlog resolved
135056 Dedupe speed fixes Fundraising-Backlog resolved
135392 access request for users at fundraising analytics consultant CPS Data Consulting Fundraising-Backlog resolved
135410 Allow Fundraising to A/B test wikipedia.org as send domain Fundraising-Backlog resolved
136250 SPRINT L (6/8- 6/22) Paypal and dedupe all day Fundraising-Backlog resolved
136251 SPRINT N (7/20 - 8/3) Queue work and bugs Fundraising-Backlog resolved
136646 Add 1 day banner history queue to expiry job Fundraising-Backlog resolved
136893 Running the Donor Summary report it blocks us with an incorrect validation error Fundraising-Backlog resolved
137327 Leanne Schreibstein's SSL client cert for civicrm expired Fundraising-Backlog resolved
137451 Adding info to the prospect tab Funny characters that I didn’t type Fundraising-Backlog resolved
137588 Set do not trade field to 0 on all contacts Fundraising-Backlog resolved
137740 Not able to save activity edits Fundraising-Backlog resolved
137746 Argentina donation form: update 'Santander' button to say 'bank transfer' Fundraising-Backlog resolved
137811 IL donation form: CVV field only allows three digits, blocks AmEx donors Fundraising-Backlog resolved
137905 Ingenico orphan slayer incorrectly cancelling pending transactions Fundraising-Backlog resolved
137978 Form chooser error from Ukranian Adyen-PayPal form Fundraising-Backlog resolved
138016 Move payments to MediaWiki 1.27 Fundraising-Backlog resolved
138100 Set up lutetium access (plus mysql, pgehres), yubikey for Hannah Hernandez Fundraising-Backlog resolved
138201 Deploy SmashPig from the "deployment" branch Fundraising-Backlog resolved
138968 Add WMF donor fields to Civi production Fundraising-Backlog resolved
139395 New CI failures on fundraising 1.25 branch Fundraising-Backlog resolved
139672 Wiknic banner needs to provide a close box Fundraising-Backlog resolved
139973 CiviCRM db lock damaging queue consumption Fundraising-Backlog resolved
139982 Investigate and clean up Astropay 'MISSING PREDECESSOR' messages Fundraising-Backlog resolved
140855 Migrate paymentswiki database to 1.27 schema Fundraising-Backlog resolved
140856 Change paymentswiki to deploy from `fundraising/REL1_27` Fundraising-Backlog resolved
141043 GlobalCollect recurring failing for at least some donor Fundraising-Backlog resolved
141326 Add Eileenmcnaughton to the NDA list #WMF-NDA Fundraising-Backlog resolved
141945 Leanne Schreibstein access to lutetium and MySQL Fundraising-Backlog resolved
142039 SPRINT O (8-3 to 8/17) Goal: Queue work and bugs Fundraising-Backlog resolved
142040 SPRINT P (Aug17 to Aug31) Goal: Queue work and bugs Fundraising-Backlog resolved
142051 Support CiviCRM dash changes Fundraising-Backlog resolved
142508 Paypal donation below minimum amount causes failmail Fundraising-Backlog resolved
143069 SSL Cert for Danny Kaufman Fundraising-Backlog resolved
143142 Spike: Zendesk migration from Web Portal to Helpdesk Fundraising-Backlog resolved
143236 Civi email merge won't retain new email address Fundraising-Backlog resolved
143430 Duplicate Ingenico iframe bug Fundraising-Backlog resolved
143443 Install redis-py on CRM server Fundraising-Backlog resolved
143903 PayPal is creating random one-time charges against PayPal subscriptions Fundraising-Backlog resolved
144049 Send an Email feature in Civi sending wrong template Fundraising-Backlog resolved
144440 Issues manually merging records Fundraising-Backlog resolved
144449 SPRINT Q (8/31 - 9/14) Goal: finish Queues and fix bugs Fundraising-Backlog resolved
144452 CentralNotice banner sequence: more precise, new UI mock-up Fundraising-Backlog resolved
144489 Date bug on Aug 31st causing recurring Ingenico donations to process in error Fundraising-Backlog resolved
145577 Login for Engage User Chris Fundraising-Backlog resolved
145660 [Tracking] Stop producing to ActiveMQ Fundraising-Backlog resolved
146051 Give CPS members access to civi Fundraising-Backlog resolved
146511 Estimate requirements for DS ticketing system transition Fundraising-Backlog resolved
146950 SmashPig fredge database credentials are incorrect Fundraising-Backlog resolved
147983 How many contact records are in CiviCRM? Fundraising-Backlog resolved
148105 Access for new contractor, Allen Fundraising-Backlog resolved
148482 Add credit card option to FR landing page Fundraising-Backlog resolved
149139 Payments-wiki sessions timing out quickly? Fundraising-Backlog resolved
149695 remove 'stomp' project from fundraising code deployment tools Fundraising-Backlog resolved
149802 recurring contribution queue monitoring is broken since overhaul Fundraising-Backlog resolved
151157 Donation form email address validation: enable @y7mail.com domain Fundraising-Backlog resolved
151962 Banner "B1617_112919_en6C_dsk_p1_lg_bdr_prp" makes login, signup and search inaccesible Fundraising-Backlog resolved
152026 Improve text scraped by Facebook from donatewiki Fundraising-Backlog resolved
152072 Add option to early-exit dedupe jobs based on the volume of contributions being processed Fundraising-Backlog resolved
34471 Fundraiser banner opt out needs an interface Wikimedia-Fundraising open
53475 Offer contentlanguage targeting for CentralNotice banners Wikimedia-Fundraising open
74013 Can't see or click login button due to fundraising banner Wikimedia-Fundraising open
76438 Provide daily Wikimedia Foundation donation totals graph Wikimedia-Fundraising open
78023 fundraiser banner too big and makes it hard for users to get to link to log in Wikimedia-Fundraising open
85830 Explore a membership program Wikimedia-Fundraising open
86620 campaign-vs-amount.csv has fundraising campaigns started in 1970-01-01T00:00:00 Wikimedia-Fundraising open
103695 Provide location, logged-in status and device information in ResourceLoaderContext Wikimedia-Fundraising open
108256 WMF's Fundraising Banner for 2015 is ridiculously big Wikimedia-Fundraising open
108259 Use CSS instead of obsolete HTML attributes on CentralNotice tables Wikimedia-Fundraising open
108342 Examine accessibility of fundraising banners Wikimedia-Fundraising open
109064 Untranslated Credit Card fields (GlobalCollect iframes) Wikimedia-Fundraising open
109427 Country names in Ways to Give credit/debit section should be localised Wikimedia-Fundraising open
118862 Seed task for fundraising Wikimedia-Fundraising open
120190 Fundraising banner doesn't seem legitimate to some users Wikimedia-Fundraising open
134824 Norton-secured shield on payments.wikimedia.org Wikimedia-Fundraising open
152195 Improve Facebook sharing process on Thank You page Wikimedia-Fundraising open
23499 Special:FundraiserStatistics not using 2009 data Wikimedia-Fundraising resolved
23569 Error while trying to donate by CreditCard Wikimedia-Fundraising resolved
23763 Donation toolbar: javascript::goToDonationPage() doesn't work with middle-click Wikimedia-Fundraising resolved
27952 Current fundraiser site-notice is fiddly to dismiss. Wikimedia-Fundraising resolved
31519 Stomp pending processor will always run $batch_size times if there are one or more explicitly pending transactions Wikimedia-Fundraising resolved
33446 Mobile user survey banner includes non-HTTPS content on HTTPS page view Wikimedia-Fundraising resolved
34522 SSL mixed content warning on donation landing page (BPAY_Landscape_MONO.gif) Wikimedia-Fundraising resolved
34679 ContributionReporting extension (Special:FundraiserStatistics) has been disabled Wikimedia-Fundraising resolved
34783 Bug in payments.wikimedia.org (GlobalCollectGatewayResult) Wikimedia-Fundraising resolved
35340 Encoding problem with donor name in mailing Wikimedia-Fundraising resolved
35422 Credit card form should not be replaced if we're already on the correct type of credit card form Wikimedia-Fundraising resolved
36660 Script tag within p, which may cause incorrect Facebook snippet Wikimedia-Fundraising resolved
39397 Make donate.wikimedia.org (FundraiserLandingPage) detect the browser language (in addition to the country) Wikimedia-Fundraising resolved
42152 Exception thrown on donate.wikimedia.org due to non-existing "monthly-link" element ID Wikimedia-Fundraising resolved
42609 Some RTL interfaces have incredibly large width, causing horizontal scrollbar to appear Wikimedia-Fundraising resolved
42847 Add /fundraising to dumps.wikimedia.org Wikimedia-Fundraising resolved
43566 Special:LandingCheck on donate.wikimedia.org without any URL parameters is not working Wikimedia-Fundraising resolved
43632 Special:RecordImpression Access-Control-Allow-Origin Wikimedia-Fundraising resolved
44216 Special:FundraiserStatistics on wikimediafoundation.org doesn't seem to be updating for 2012 Wikimedia-Fundraising resolved
44390 PHP error "Invalid special page name """ trying to donate on WMF Global support page Wikimedia-Fundraising resolved
44489 Fundraising banners are not mobile-friendly Wikimedia-Fundraising resolved
44651 Expand on hover Fundraising banners swallow the hash Wikimedia-Fundraising resolved
44671 Fundraising banner doesn't stay at top of page when user scrolls Wikimedia-Fundraising resolved
48395 MediaWiki:Donate interface-error-msg-field-correction not properly translatable due to several grammatical genders Wikimedia-Fundraising resolved
48720 Donating through PayPal from the Hebrew landing page opens an English PayPal form Wikimedia-Fundraising resolved
48865 https://fundraising.wikimedia.org has broken layout, buttons not working and and uncaught javascript exceptions Wikimedia-Fundraising resolved
50493 Clean up fundraising code (extra skins and allowed templates for foundationwiki) in CommonSettings.php Wikimedia-Fundraising resolved
52887 JS error in Fundraising page Wikimedia-Fundraising resolved
55975 foundationwiki making requests to "Unknown MySQL server host 'db1008.eqiad.wmnet'" Wikimedia-Fundraising resolved
60373 Opting out of the annual fundraising e-mail is a terrible user experience; links.email.donate.wikimedia.org has invalid certificate Wikimedia-Fundraising resolved
62577 ULS: Changing language is broken at meta.wikimedia.org Wikimedia-Fundraising resolved
65123 Wikimedia Commons version of video broken on fundraising "Thank You" pages Wikimedia-Fundraising resolved
66198 Search Matching Gifts Database: "Click here for another search" link not working in matchinggifts.com frame Wikimedia-Fundraising resolved
67053 wikimedia/fundraising/dash.git should pass jshint Wikimedia-Fundraising resolved
74271 Fundraising banner cannot be permanently dismissed on English Wikipedia Wikimedia-Fundraising resolved
74514 links.email.donate.wikimedia.org should offer HTTPS Wikimedia-Fundraising resolved
75286 Should FundraisingEmailUnsubscribe be translated? Wikimedia-Fundraising resolved
75644 Payment processor website uses RC4 for https encryption Wikimedia-Fundraising resolved
77801 Link needed for fixed paypal donation Wikimedia-Fundraising resolved
78192 Wikimedia charity emails contain %%FIRSTNAME%% bareword Wikimedia-Fundraising resolved
85369 Fundraising banner should disappear after user donates Wikimedia-Fundraising resolved
86871 CentralNotice banner uses deprecated globals such as "wgUserGroups", "sajax_init_object" and "sajax_debug_mode" Wikimedia-Fundraising resolved
87805 [[wmf:Benefactors]] not displaying well on Mobile Wikimedia-Fundraising resolved
88071 Duplicate fundraising notifications to our IRC channel Wikimedia-Fundraising resolved
88199 Enable HSTS on https://payments.wikimedia.org Wikimedia-Fundraising resolved
88747 Wikibugs bot is skipping many notifications Wikimedia-Fundraising resolved
89992 Need access to PHP error logs on lutetium Wikimedia-Fundraising resolved
90231 Verisign logo not loading on payments Wikimedia-Fundraising resolved
90472 Add Fundraising Tech team to the labs Integration project Wikimedia-Fundraising resolved
99951 Write puppet to provision DonationInterface Wikimedia-Fundraising resolved
103720 parsing legacy GeoIP cookies fails (no regex match), enwiki geonotice broken for users with those legacy cookies Wikimedia-Fundraising resolved
108882 Javascript error on Thank You page: $ is not defined Wikimedia-Fundraising resolved
108883 Javascript error on Ways to Give: $ is not defined Wikimedia-Fundraising resolved
113220 Fundraising banners on iPad are wrongly positioned Wikimedia-Fundraising resolved
114470 Add YAML lint test in wikimedia/fundraising/tools to remove the Jenkins job 'yamllint' Wikimedia-Fundraising resolved
115244 Sidebar chasing banner obscures toolbox Wikimedia-Fundraising resolved
118741 Other amount in WMF donation form: error message unclear Wikimedia-Fundraising resolved
119400 Don't show fundraising banners outside of main namespace Wikimedia-Fundraising resolved
119633 Wikipedia Merchandise text is trying to escape Wikimedia-Fundraising resolved
121615 Dismiss button in small mobile fundraising banner doesn't work Wikimedia-Fundraising resolved
121803 donate.wikimedia.org forms should be more usable with keyboard Wikimedia-Fundraising resolved
132243 Way for not logged-in users to hide donation request banners for period of time Wikimedia-Fundraising resolved
134291 Create banners for HoverCards A/B test Wikimedia-Fundraising resolved
145859 FundraisingEmailUnsubscribe has broken git submodules Wikimedia-Fundraising resolved
152436 Page is horizontally scrolled when the Banner is shown Wikimedia-Fundraising resolved
90237 BUG: Civi crashes when viewing a deleted contribution? Wikimedia-Fundraising-CiviCRM open
134771 Rename drush thank you task Wikimedia-Fundraising-CiviCRM open
145471 Add links to contact record from dedupe exceptions screen civicrm/dedupe/exception?reset=1 Wikimedia-Fundraising-CiviCRM open
26829 missing gift data from contributions after beginning of august Wikimedia-Fundraising-CiviCRM resolved
26863 Double entry of contributions/contacts in Civi Wikimedia-Fundraising-CiviCRM resolved
26864 Batch Update via Profile function broken Wikimedia-Fundraising-CiviCRM resolved
27032 CiviCRM storing contacts created from credit card transactions with incorrect state/country information Wikimedia-Fundraising-CiviCRM resolved
27621 IPN listener needs re-engineering to prevent backlog of msgs in pending queues Wikimedia-Fundraising-CiviCRM resolved
33985 Convert unsubscribe page in "thank_you" to .tpl Wikimedia-Fundraising-CiviCRM resolved
34540 Add support for language variants to the thank_you module Wikimedia-Fundraising-CiviCRM resolved
86103 CI for Civi: provision and run tests under Jenkins/Zuul Wikimedia-Fundraising-CiviCRM resolved
86346 Add "Emailed" to the list of options in the status field for Civi Reminders Wikimedia-Fundraising-CiviCRM resolved
87035 Put CiviCRM cron upright. Lash to Jenkins. Wikimedia-Fundraising-CiviCRM resolved
95200 several fundraising user client SSL certificates expiring 2015-04-15 Wikimedia-Fundraising-CiviCRM resolved
99838 [epic] Port our CiviCRM customizations to 4.6 upstream, and to extensions Wikimedia-Fundraising-CiviCRM resolved
109026 Take timings to help with Civi optimization Wikimedia-Fundraising-CiviCRM resolved
114165 Job wikimedia-fundraising-civicrm fails on branch civi-4.6.9-deploy causing force merges that breaks Zuul scheduler Wikimedia-Fundraising-CiviCRM resolved
115873 URGENT: Renee needs an updated SSL cert for CiviCRM Wikimedia-Fundraising-CiviCRM resolved
115889 New SSL cert for Rosie Lewis Wikimedia-Fundraising-CiviCRM resolved
116096 Slowness on 4.6 upgrade when searching on custom fields Wikimedia-Fundraising-CiviCRM resolved
117917 Apply CiviCRM security patches Wikimedia-Fundraising-CiviCRM resolved
119748 Can we get the staging (CiviCRM & Drupal) DB updated from live? Wikimedia-Fundraising-CiviCRM resolved
139494 Changing the name of custom field Anonymous to Benefactor Page Listing Wikimedia-Fundraising-CiviCRM resolved
140308 Can we make the Custom Field - Benefactor Page Listing default to Not Replied Wikimedia-Fundraising-CiviCRM resolved
68805 Security review for mediawiki/extensions/FundraisingChart MediaWiki-extensions-FundraisingChart open
70509 Localisation in FundraisingChart MediaWiki-extensions-FundraisingChart open
70510 Unused code in FundraisingChart MediaWiki-extensions-FundraisingChart open
68806 Performance review for mediawiki/extensions/FundraisingChart MediaWiki-extensions-FundraisingChart resolved
68834 $acceptedURLs should be a config variable MediaWiki-extensions-FundraisingChart resolved
68835 Replace syslog() with wfDebugLog() if still needed MediaWiki-extensions-FundraisingChart resolved
68836 frChartDataSetFetch is unused MediaWiki-extensions-FundraisingChart resolved
86848 Backend component to retrieve Failed Donations for X-by-Y chart Fundraising Dash open
92430 Allow multiple instances of the same type of widget per board Fundraising Dash open
93971 Confusion around widget saving Fundraising Dash open
93975 Allow name of dash to stay on 1 line Fundraising Dash open
120174 Add date filters to common filter component Fundraising Dash open
87812 Widgets property mysteriously refuses to update in board route Fundraising Dash resolved
93969 BUG: XxY widget is displaying very weird X axis Fundraising Dash resolved
78822 Highlight blocking team dependencies with 'blocked-on<team>' tags Blocked-on-Fundraising-Tech resolved
86250 Choose a new templating engine for Donation Interface forms Fundraising Tech Backlog resolved
88050 Convert FundraisingTranslateWorkflow to use extension registration Fundraising Tech Backlog resolved
91673 Spike: Choose new template engine for DonationInterface and plan integration Fundraising Tech Backlog resolved
94305 Vagrant role for paymentswiki Fundraising Tech Backlog resolved
94477 DonationInterface config should be less of a snowflake Fundraising Tech Backlog resolved
97385 Vagrant: Provision donation queue server Fundraising Tech Backlog resolved
98103 Overriding DonationInterface config in mw-vagrant is difficult Fundraising Tech Backlog resolved
102230 Fix recurring date calculation for HHVM Fundraising Tech Backlog resolved
109765 Set up fr-tech permissions for Eileen Fundraising Tech Backlog resolved
111257 Add emcnaughton@wikimedia.org to fr-tech@ email group Fundraising Tech Backlog resolved
112278 Document FR-Tech hosts on wikitech Fundraising Tech Backlog resolved
123976 Delete ContactPageFundraiser extension Fundraising Tech Backlog resolved
126314 db1008 (and fdb2001) periodically lags every day at the same time ~10:30UTC Fundraising Tech Backlog resolved
131338 pay-lvs1001, barium, puppetrun Fundraising Tech Backlog resolved
140944 Strine's spacer task ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fundraising Tech Backlog resolved
141059 Strine's second spacer task ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fundraising Tech Backlog resolved
99915 [bug] Banners adding themselves to some buckets Fundraising Sprint Kraftwerk open
101114 Astropay form is autofilling email to "nobody@wikimedia.org" Fundraising Sprint Lou Reed resolved
102041 [emergency] Banners not showing up on mobile in 1.26wmf9 Fundraising Sprint Lou Reed resolved
128011 Consider installing pt-deadlock-logger Fundraising-Analysis open
99170 Consult on FR "Banner History" cookie Fundraising-Analysis resolved
99183 US mobile traffic projections Fundraising-Analysis resolved
99185 Fundraising April 2015 repeat test analysis Fundraising-Analysis resolved
99186 Fundraising "wikigrok" style data question Fundraising-Analysis resolved
99190 Fundraising recurring estimate fiscal year 2015 - 2016 Fundraising-Analysis resolved
99191 Fundraising how to calculate confidence on future recurring donations Fundraising-Analysis resolved
99192 Fundraising add notebooks to google drive folder Fundraising-Analysis resolved
107606 What's our projected ability to fundraise in the coming years Fundraising-Analysis resolved
107822 P/T fundraising data analyst JD Fundraising-Analysis resolved
107946 Revenue Projections Fundraising-Analysis resolved
110365 Proof data for annual fundraising report Fundraising-Analysis resolved
118054 Big English data analysis support Fundraising-Analysis resolved
118613 FR tech hadoop onboarding {flea} Fundraising-Analysis resolved
118957 Hire FR data analysis contractor Fundraising-Analysis resolved
119258 Spaces request for Fundraising-Analysis Fundraising-Analysis resolved
116571 [WMDE-Fundraising] fix encryption for IE8&9 TCB-Team-Fundraising-Sprint-2015-10-14 resolved
110182 mw.centralNotice.recordImpression causes exception when centralNotice banners are loaded (with Adblock Plus browser extension) Fundraising Sprint William Shatner resolved
113249 [WMDE-Fundraising] Epic: Rewrite of frontend WMDE-Fundraising-Software open
122805 Ensure URL-compatibilty with old banners WMDE-Fundraising-Software open
123043 [WMDE-Fundraising] Apply for Membership WMDE-Fundraising-Software open
123047 [WMDE-Fundraising] Handle Callback (PayPal Handler) WMDE-Fundraising-Software open
123048 [WMDE-Fundraising] Update credit card payment status WMDE-Fundraising-Software open
123049 [WMDE-Fundraising] Set up server for continuous deployment WMDE-Fundraising-Software open
123630 [WMDE-Fundraising] Add Tracking information in separate entity WMDE-Fundraising-Software open
123703 Wrap konto_check library WMDE-Fundraising-Software open
123750 [WMDE-Fundraising] Increase form usability in browsers that don't support HTML5 form validation WMDE-Fundraising-Software open
129227 [WMDE-Fundraising] Clone form page structure from old application into one page template WMDE-Fundraising-Software open
138320 Fix data export WMDE-Fundraising-Software open
138566 Implement PRG for membership application confirmation WMDE-Fundraising-Software open
143108 Add behaviour to the cancel button in the credit card payment iframe WMDE-Fundraising-Software open
147292 Check donation limits WMDE-Fundraising-Software open
147318 Company name is not saved for memberships WMDE-Fundraising-Software open
147323 Confirmation of a contact request is being sent as HTML WMDE-Fundraising-Software open
147400 Paypal as Payment option for membership applications WMDE-Fundraising-Software open
147473 Create Ansible playbook for management and analytics server WMDE-Fundraising-Software open
147486 Move staging frontend environment to new server WMDE-Fundraising-Software open
147488 Decomission old fundraising VMs WMDE-Fundraising-Software open
147567 Change payment provider URL to old style WMDE-Fundraising-Software open
147574 Handle PayPal's IPN for membership applications WMDE-Fundraising-Software open
147576 Change data export of membership applications WMDE-Fundraising-Software open
147624 New Release for FundraisingStore WMDE-Fundraising-Software open
147782 Fix 404 errors WMDE-Fundraising-Software open
147803 Catch login errors for Mediawiki API WMDE-Fundraising-Software open
147826 Amount validation bug in route `donation/new` WMDE-Fundraising-Software open
147920 Create ansible playbook for database dumper WMDE-Fundraising-Software open
147931 Improve error handling response WMDE-Fundraising-Software open
147941 Browser tests for notices WMDE-Fundraising-Software open
148130 Payment interval lost when storing data set WMDE-Fundraising-Software open
148188 Prepare for performance test WMDE-Fundraising-Software open
148417 Encoding problem when putting together the full donor name WMDE-Fundraising-Software open
148555 Retry failed deployments WMDE-Fundraising-Software open
150444 Mailing fails for international domains WMDE-Fundraising-Software open
83499 add WMDE mx's to SpamAssassin trusted hosts to fix SPF softfails WMDE-Fundraising-Software resolved
127001 [WMDE-Fundraising] Create validation endpoints for amount and personal info WMDE-Fundraising-Software resolved
134329 Add presentation stuff for "Apply for Membership" WMDE-Fundraising-Software resolved
147324 Issues regarding privacy policy page WMDE-Fundraising-Software resolved
147325 There is no email confirmation when a donation was moderated WMDE-Fundraising-Software resolved
147785 Paypal notifications fail WMDE-Fundraising-Software resolved
148540 Remove debug logging WMDE-Fundraising-Software resolved
148620 Error while displaying BIC data WMDE-Fundraising-Software resolved
148621 Text policy checking fails WMDE-Fundraising-Software resolved
150442 Type error in email validation WMDE-Fundraising-Software resolved
149172 Log all Paypal instances where the Handler returns false WMDE-Fundraising-Frontend-Release open
149173 Investigate purge-cache behavior WMDE-Fundraising-Frontend-Release open
127906 test task for dstrine Fundraising Sprint Cat Herding resolved
122793 CentralNotice: banners configured to show on desktop devices only should 'never' show on mobile devices. WMDE-Fundraising-CN open