Community-Tech Unpointed Tasks


120433 Migrate dead external links to archives Archive External Links open
125188 Create a method for users to call for page checks on demand Archive External Links open
136130 Add IABot support for other wikis (tracking) Archive External Links open
140377 Build robust testing framework for InternetArchiveBot (epic) Archive External Links open
125052 Add a license to Cyberbot II's code Archive External Links resolved
125610 Epic: Create a centralized logging interface for tracking and reporting dead link fixes Archive External Links resolved
132606 Advanced deadlink detection for Cyberbot (tracking) Archive External Links resolved
133584 Reduce stress caused by IABot on the DB Archive External Links resolved
137348 Have Cyberbot mark unrescuable links as such via the dead links template on Archive External Links resolved
139437 Support anonymous FTP access in CheckIfDead class (Cyberbot) Archive External Links resolved
141210 Better handling of dates in Citation templates/ Archive External Links resolved
141213 Archives of a URL mentioned before the URL, not after, will result in the archive getting ignored. Archive External Links resolved
141214 Fix unknown bug related to connecting two sources together. Archive External Links resolved
141217 IABot destroys external links that's contain wiki links Archive External Links resolved
141219 IABot duplicated the page text at least twice on an article Archive External Links resolved
141248 IABot misapplied the wrong archive links to 4 URLs on a page Archive External Links resolved
141347 Create and test v1.2 of InternetArchiveBot (tracking) Archive External Links resolved
142162 [IABot] URLs with periods after them are recorded with the periods in the externallinks_global table Archive External Links resolved
142163 [IABot] If a page includes the same URL twice, it throws an SQL error Archive External Links resolved
142178 Have IABot recognize Google Cache links as archives, and flag them as invalid. Archive External Links resolved
142254 [IABot] Default date format parameter is "iso", but this isn't a valid value for the parameter Archive External Links resolved
142496 IABot embedded a dead tag inside a dead tag Archive External Links resolved
142498 Moving archives to the proper parameter for cite templates results in deadurl being set to no Archive External Links resolved
142681 IABot rescued a link excessively Archive External Links resolved
120497 Pageview Stats tool Pageview Stats resolved
129197 Pageviews Analysis: above 75 day range, dates are unreadable Pageview Stats resolved
130682 Talk to top ten language WP communities about linking to new Pageviews Analysis from Pageinfo Pageview Stats resolved
144634 Investigation: New sort order: Hyphenated words should be sorted lower than the prefix Numerical sorting open
58041 updateCollation.php script prohibitively slow for very large wikis Numerical sorting resolved
128502 Ask Wiktionaries if they want natural number sorting in categories Numerical sorting resolved
130692 Add new indexes from eec016ece6d2b30addcdf3d3efcc2ba59b10e858 to production databases Numerical sorting resolved
5525 Cross-wiki watchlists Cross-wiki watchlists open
148239 Add indices for local_user_id and global_user_id in Beta Cross-wiki watchlists open
148243 Add indices for local_user_id and global_user_id in production Cross-wiki watchlists open
148939 [Epic] Create a cross-wiki watchlist prototype on the Beta Cluster Cross-wiki watchlists open
121469 Improve diff compare screen Improve diffs open
122234 Investigation: Improve diff compare screen Improve diffs open
135454 Visualise moved lines in diff view Improve diffs open
128697 Smart limit for word-level diffs Improve diffs resolved
140443 Deploy new version of wikidiff2 package Improve diffs resolved
52329 We need a common repository for Scribunto modules and templates Global repository open
117540 Introduce global registry for gadget module identifiers Global repository open
121470 Central Global Repository for Templates, Lua modules, and Gadgets Global repository open
121665 Investigation: Central global repository for templates, Lua modules and gadgets Global repository open
122086 RFC: Sharing templates and modules between wikis - poor man's version (investigation) Global repository open
135845 Convert any module as central or centralisable Global repository open
120451 Allow categories in Commons in all languages Commons translated categories open
88416 Provide global user talk page (header) Global user talk open
121894 Investigation: Global cross-wiki talk page Global user talk open
121733 Investigation: Add a user watchlist User watchlist resolved
108653 WikiModule class should follow redirects for JavaScript/CSS content Blocked open
128806 Switch German Wikipedia to uca-de category collation Blocked open
10697 Implement button for marking all N changes as patrolled in a multi-edit span diff Other open
19237 Better integration of patrol feature (rc_patrolled, rc_bot in revision: rv_bot, rv_patrolled) Other open
31272 Implement Gadgets 2.0 Other open
43327 Add page views graph(s) to MediaWiki's info action for Wikimedia wikis Other open
47443 Deploy language-specific "uca-xx" collations on Wikimedia wikis Other open
49492 Automatically propose/suggest a category for images Other open
74525 harmonize Wikisource namespaces used by the ProofreadPage extension Other open
91655 Editor-focused dashboard gadget Other open
97210 MediaWiki extension for WikiProjects / on-wiki working groups Other open
101246 [GTWL] Epic: Highlighted wikisyntax while editing articles [AOI] Other open
105939 Create a system for identifying users that match particular criteria (across all projects) Other open
105943 Identify the most burdened Wikimedians Other open
108282 Update broken gadgets on WMF wikis (tracking) Other open
109796 Get Hovercards to feature parity with Navigation Pop-ups (tracking) [AOI] Other open
110124 Add i18n support to Copyvio Detector [AOI] Other open
110148 Make Twinkle localizable to any wiki [AOI] Other open
110161 Investigation: Adding i18n support to Magnus' tools [AOI] Other open
110185 Gadgets not working on the French Wikipedia Other open
110409 Create a new DerivativeFX after the Toolserver shutdown [AOI] Other open
110509 Gadgets not working in Korean Wikipedia Other open
110842 Create a replacement for CategorizationBot for Commons Other open
111109 AutoRedirect displays "This page has been deleted" before redirecting to the relevant page Other open
114980 Have a system to translate file descriptions on Commons Other open
115341 Create a standard timetable for deprecating public-facing code across all WMF projects Other open
115537 Improving Magnus' tools (tracking) Other open
116092 Investigation: Creating a gadget/extension to make it easier for users to do article assessments for WikiProjects Other open
116190 Epic: Create a Python port of the Intuition i18n library Other open
116881 Add a separate HTML table for default gadget usage (opt-out) to Special:GadgetUsage Other open
116957 Plagiarism detection tools for text (tracking) Other open
117122 Investigation: Related changes by category, including main and talk namespaces (for WikiProjects) Other open
117124 Investigation: Discussion module for WikiProjects that lists the most recent new topics on talk pages in that category Other open
117384 Twinkle menu title letters on Beta Simple English Wikipedia distorted Other open
119323 Header/footer parameter of Index: pages are not used in fa.wikisource Page: pages Other open
120219 PageAssessments deployment to WMF wikis Other open
120435 Improve the plagiarism detection bot Other open
120780 Modify Media Viewer to include Wikidata information Other open
120788 Tool to use Google OCRs in Indic language Wikisource Other open
121295 Automatic cite feature in VisualEditor on English Wikipedia sets edition as "X edition ed." Other open
125552 [Epic] Add support for Campaigns Other open
125582 Get community feedback on Gadgets 2.0 before migrating Other open
125950 [Gadgets 2.0] Allow defining multiple ResourceLoader modules from a single gadget definition Other open
126288 New users should be able to register themselves using their home wiki Other open
126553 "Mobile sidebar preview" gadget on en.wp misses Toggle icon in horizontal toolbar Other open
127147 Gadget definition "targets=mobile" seem to target mobile and desktop users on ur.wp Other open
127625 Give new editors feedback about the number of pageviews articles they work on get Other open
128255 Make course passcode optional Other open
131583 Epic: Make a tool labs interface for Plagiabot aka Eranbot Other open
132082 Account for redirects in module versioning for ResourceLoaderWikiModule Other open
135301 Let reviewer post a note to the editor page Other open
135669 Copy Patrol interface: Add link for Earwig's tool to compare whole article Other open
135756 Copy Patrol: Integrate some CorenSearch functions Other open
137344 Add gender support for users on the Programs Dashboard Other open
137758 Allow tracking recent changes over images (via Special:MediaChange?) Other open
138058 Let reviewer undo edit from tool interface Other open
138319 Filter by editor's name Other open
139019 statistics about edit conflicts according to page type Other open
139108 Group all title API requests into a single API request in CopyPatrol tool Other open
139560 Filter out URLs which error out from the CopyPatrol interface Other open
139562 Let users post a reviewer note for their reviews Other open
139563 Show Ithenticate ID for each record in the CopyPatrol interface Other open
139650 Record rationale for "no action needed", with canned options Other open
140801 Programs & Events Dashboard (tracking) Other open
141154 Mr.Z's popular pages is down and abandoned Other open
141380 Investigation: Use Google Cloud API for CopyPatrol Other open
142538 Acquire new hardware for hosting cross-wiki watchlist database Other open
142748 Create proof of concept for cross-wiki watchlist database structure on Beta Cluster Other open
143353 Many variables disapeared from some AbuseFilter logs Other open
144074 Improve the representation of Wikimedia communities beyond English Wikipedia in the Community Wishlist Survey 2016 Other open
144287 Indicate if the edit is the most recent revision Other open
144840 Investigation: Numerical sorting for more wikis Other open
144864 Create a Campaign modal Other open
145431 Epic: Port CopyPatrol to French Wikipedia Other open
145921 Add '*' to the Content Security Policy of Slimapp Other open
146414 Create Special:AutoblockList Other open
146837 Add ability to search by user agent from CheckUser interface Other open
147534 Community Wishlist Survey top 10 ideas and Q&A Other open
147538 Community Tech Wishlist Workshop #1: (Project TBD) Other open
147539 Community Tech Wishlist Workshop #2: (Project TBD) Other open
147691 Cite webs occasionally mangled in a certain way Other open
147694 Nested templates error Other open
147695 Converting wayback templates to cite templates when outside a reference Other open
147765 Add new matches_any function to join series of regular expressions Other open
148100 Google OCR error using Cloud Vision API in ka, ml, or, gu, te ws Other open
148154 Develop a properly-designed way to tag groups of users Other open
148834 Numerical sorting in File usage section of Bengali Wikisource: 100 comes before 11, 2, 99 Other open
149329 Make "block cookies" also work on locks Other open
149635 [WikiDev17] Developer Wishlist Other open
150193 Add IP range calculator to Special:RangeContributions page Other open
150194 Have Special:RangeContributions page display existing blocks with the range Other open
150472 Location of {{dead link}} Other open
150478 URL replaced by full citation Other open
152076 Enable and test cookie blocking on English Wikipedia Other open
152080 Frequent duplicate key errors by page assessments Other open
152114 Show provider and country for IPs in Special:RangeContributions Other open
152462 Add cookie when blocking anonymous users Other open
152523 Move the CopyPatrol whitelist to meta and update any related code Other open
41027 RL executes the module before the i18n messages are available Other resolved
53124 remove disambiguation pages from Special:ShortPages Other resolved
66175 equivset addition: Ч => 4 Other resolved
78639 How to address the long tail of low priority tasks in active projects Other resolved
104097 AWB.js User script on en.wp skips every page very quickly Other resolved
108412 Fix or replace Citation bot (tracking) [AOI] Other resolved
111512 Edit Count tool on labs shows text in wrong language Other resolved
113973 [Dev Conference] Facilitating WikiProjects: reports, bots, gadgets, templates, wizards, etc. Other resolved
114193 Administer 2015 Community Wishlist Survey (tracking) Other resolved
119088 Parsing team: Q3 2015-16 goals planning dependency tracker task Other resolved
119703 Goal: Connect the priorities of the Community Wishlist and other tech priorities with the Wikimedia Hackathon 2016 Other resolved
120220 Get security reviews for PageAssessment extension done Other resolved
120230 Get code review for PageAssessments extension done Other resolved
121672 Present results of Community Wishlist Survey at Dev Summit Other resolved
122833 Community Tech: Wishlist Survey ideas and Q&aA Other resolved
124833 Create better documentation on how to install and run PHPUnit Other resolved
124943 Security review for Gadgets 2.0 Other resolved
125268 Help to investigate existing dead link features Other resolved
125439 Create more detailed descriptions of specifically interesting wishlist items Other resolved
125574 Find teams to assess wishlist tasks Other resolved
125575 Find bots that find and/or migrate dead external links to archives Other resolved
125626 Configure europeana2802016 ContentTranslation campaign Other resolved
125659 List Community Wishlist items with interested volunteer developers Other resolved
126644 Investigation: Gamepedia's cross-wiki watchlist code Other resolved
126961 Connect the priorities of the Community Wishlist and other tech priorities with GSoC 2016 and Outreachy Round 12 Other resolved
129573 Page curation: Mark as reviewed button using Next button icon instead Other resolved
129803 When an editor is added to the course, number of editors in the course overview is not updated Other resolved
130095 A plan for the top ten Community Wishlist tasks driven by volunteers Other resolved
130337 Identify wikis to test numerical sorting Other resolved
131962 Create a PageAssessments project Other resolved
133766 Add jQuery i18n to Pageviews Analysis Other resolved
134596 Add reviewer's name and timestamp to Copy Patrol interface Other resolved
134920 Integrate Pageviews Analysis with Page Pile Other resolved
135198 Security review for RevisionSlider extension Other resolved
135422 Wishlist tasks suggested for the Wikimania Hackathon 2016 Other resolved
135886 Get WMF Legal approval for storing usernames longer than 90 days for CopyPatrol interface Other resolved
136259 Onboard new hire for Community Tech Other resolved
138646 "Change chart type" is quoted as a message, but there is no such message Other resolved
138928 links on Pageviews in labs are broken with RTL UI Other resolved
139009 CopyPatrol should show ORES scores Other resolved
139552 Create tables for PageAssessments in enwiki database Other resolved
139561 Fix URL validation bug Other resolved
139675 Disable acknowledging snapshotless archive links as archives. Other resolved
139717 Sources with an archive template attached may end up getting blanked with the archive template Other resolved
139856 url-structure-massviews-project is not documented and not used Other resolved
139915 Move bot task to the user account InternetArchiveBot to commemorate bot completion Other resolved
140344 Fix stray archive detection bug Other resolved
140815 Duplicate entries in CopyPatrol Other resolved
141428 Which Wikipedias and other Wikimedia wikis have WikiProjects that use quality assessment systems? Other resolved
142159 [IABot] If site isn't in externallinks_paywall table, analyzing links from the site throws error Other resolved
142403 Restrict Topviews to showing data only for individual days or months Other resolved
143184 Update Extension:AbuseFilter documentation to reflect new norm/ccnorm usage Other resolved
143632 Onboard new hire for Community Tech - The Sequel Other resolved
145283 PHP segmentation fault when analyzing Afghanistan on English Wikipedia Other resolved
145473 Make PageAssessments roll-out less intense on the databases Other resolved
145476 InternetArchiveBot is deleting large portions of articles Other resolved
145486 Resolve / flag Community Wishlist 2015 requests that are not appropriate for the 2016 survey Other resolved
145550 Notify communities they can get numerical sorting in categories if they want to Other resolved
148885 Add support for Bengali to IcuCollation class Other resolved
150821 pmid autofill is broken in RefToolbar Other resolved
150832 Replicate page_assessments and page_assessments_projects tables on Labs Other resolved
150991 Test cookie blocking on Test Wikipedia Other resolved