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62510 Adding [[Category:Foo]] in Flow board header or Flow topic summary should add it to category. Other Flow 0 2017-06-21
167285 BadMethodCallException from line 38 of /srv/mediawiki/php-1.30.0-wmf.2/extensions/Wikidata/extensions/Wikibase/client/includes/Notifications/PageConnectionPresentationModel.php: Call to a member function exists() on a non-object (null) Other Team Triage 0 2017-06-11
147220 Remove the "Possible issues" section from PageTriage, if it is empty Other Team Triage 1 2017-06-16
164375 [Task] improve Wikidata Echo notification text Other Team Triage 0 2017-06-19
146294 Make a way for editors to have notifications automatically marked as read, when a flyout is opened Other Team Triage 0 2017-06-22
135409 Implement pywikibot support for adding thanks to normal revisions Other Team Triage 0 2017-06-23
166874 [betalabs-Regression] The check mark for highlighted colors is not centered in color circles Q4 ERI Other 0 2017-06-16
167529 Document how to use the bookmark system for the Beta Recent Changes filters Q4 ERI RC Page 0 2017-06-12
167242 New filter for edit review breaks with local gadget on kowiki Q4 ERI RC Page 0 2017-06-14
159768 Implement arrow keys in the Dropdown Filter Panel for results found by filter search Q4 ERI RC Page 0 2017-06-16
165095 RC page 'Quick links' button placed too close to top links Q4 ERI RC Page 0 2017-06-16
165444 [betalabs-regression] monobook: Highlight button displays checkmark Q4 ERI RC Page 0 2017-06-16
165446 [betalabs-regression] monobook: cannot de-select a selected filter Q4 ERI RC Page 0 2017-06-16
167551 Number of Results and Number of Days selectors no longer function Q4 ERI RC Page 0 2017-06-16
165140 Change Flow Beta activation message to emphase page archiving Q4 Flow 0 2017-06-14
166266 Beta update.php fails with Can't DROP 'flow_ext_ref_idx_v2'; Q4 Flow 0 2017-06-14
164112 UI rendering issue when no notifications Q4 Notifications 0 2017-06-16
166627 Internal error when you attempt to email a user you've blocked from Notifications Q4 Notifications 0 2017-06-16
167922 [Regression wmf.5] On enhanced watchlists, boldness styling shows regardless of diffs being seen, and a gadget is broken Q4 Other 0 2017-06-15
159906 Non-anchored popups don't align correctly Q4 Other 0 2017-06-16