Cloud Services Status Report

Project Kanban from 2017-07-01 to 2017-08-21


Other (Kanban) 170828 Build VPS base images Screep Done None
Other (Kanban) 140254 Modernize the admin tool's codebase In-Scope Done None
Other (Kanban) 153099 Initial OpenStack Neutron PoC deployment in Labtest In-Scope Done None
Other (Kanban) 158968 'prometheus' service user vs. actual human account 'prometheus' Screep Done None
Other (Kanban) 160713 Replicate babel db table on Labs Screep Done None
Other (Kanban) 164842 Upgrade Tool Labs elasticsearch to 5.x In-Scope Done None
Other (Kanban) 165531 rack/setup/install labvirt101[5-8] In-Scope Done None
Other (Kanban) 165875 Update maintain-kubeusers to allow tool's to write to $HOME/.kube In-Scope Done None
Other (Kanban) 167244 Rename and update Cloud Services Phabricator projects In-Scope Done None
Other (Kanban) 168094 Cron Spam: Package 'sudo-ldap' has conffile prompt and needs to be upgraded manually In-Scope Done None
Other (Kanban) 168313 designate: on instance deletion, remove proxy dns entries as well as proxy entries In-Scope Done None
Other (Kanban) 168436 `maintain-meta_p --all-databases` timeout on labsdb1009 contacting In-Scope Done None
Other (Kanban) 168653 grid-jobs tool broken; loads forever with no actual response In-Scope Done None
Other (Kanban) 169488 Drop ukwikimedia from labsdb hosts (was: ukwikimedia still present on replicas dbs on labs hosts) Screep Done None
Other (Kanban) 169653 Redirect to Screep Done None
Other (Kanban) 169820 Add `wikitech-grep` to puppet Screep Done None
Other (Kanban) 169919 Design and submit Wikimania poster art for "FLOSS best practices for bots and tools" Elaborated Done None
Other (Kanban) 169927 Design and submit Wikimania poster art for "What is Cloud Services?" Elaborated Done None
Other (Kanban) 169957 tools-redis command "SCAN" can be used to find keys Screep Done None
Other (Kanban) 170005 ukwikimedia_p needs to be removed from meta_p table and production CentralAuth tables Screep Done None
Other (Kanban) 170174 LDAP is blocking a local service user account Screep Done None
Other (Kanban) 170178 Update wikitech Titleblacklist Screep Done None
Other (Kanban) 170348 Decrease quota for ores project to 80GB ram & 40 CPUs Screep Done None
Other (Kanban) 170774 Cannot create account on Wikitech wiki Screep Done None
Other (Kanban) 131408 Shell user name "shadow" is not blocked Screep Done None
Other (Kanban) 171066 Requesting 'bot' access for MABot Screep Done None
Other (Kanban) 171090 Remove Wikitech rights for WikiSysop Screep Done None
Other (Kanban) 171313 novaadmin removed from many keystone projects Screep Done None
Other (Kanban) 171538 Degraded RAID on labsdb1001 Screep Done None
Other (Kanban) 171606 nova-compute process check flapping Screep Done None
Other (Kanban) 171880 Add AAAA records for labpuppetmaster1001 and 1002 Screep Done None
Other (Kanban) 171959 instance root passwords vs. multiple puppetmasters Screep Done None
Other (Kanban) 172064 New Trusty base images hang on boot Screep Done None
Other (Kanban) 172074 cdnjs mirror not recommending latest version Screep Done None
Other (Kanban) 172077 removing a user from projectadmin on wikitech produces a blank page Screep Done None
Other (Kanban) 172111 Fix fqdn for promethium Screep Done None
Other (Kanban) 168433 Deprecate DSA (ssh-dss) SSH keys for Labs users In-Scope Open None
Other (Kanban) 172704 Promote beta test of new Wiki Replica servers Screep Open None
Other (Kanban) 173511 Implement technical details and process for "datasets_p" on wikireplica hosts Screep Open None
Other (Kanban) 169099 Locate an alternative source for modern Openstack Debian packages In-Scope Open None
Other (Kanban) 143639 Write a simple script that handles failovering proxies In-Scope Open None
Other (Kanban) 144215 Setup monitoring for cdnjs git pull In-Scope Open None
Other (Kanban) 149458 Manage shared tool accounts via Striker In-Scope Open None
Other (Kanban) 151322 labstore systemd state Icinga alarms In-Scope Open None
Other (Kanban) 169350 Build new tools puppetmaster Screep Open None
Other (Kanban) 156276 Deploy striker on labtestweb2001 In-Scope Open None
Other (Kanban) 158196 Reimage labstore1001 and labstore1002 for DRBD storage setup In-Scope Open None
Other (Kanban) 158883 Issues in enabling NFS for new projects (was 'adding project to nfs-mounts.yaml does not create directories') In-Scope Open None
Other (Kanban) 171473 labvirt1015 crashes Screep Open None
Other (Kanban) 159044 Replace deprecated phabricator conduit api calls in file Screep Open None
Other (Kanban) 170447 Set good availability-zone defaults for nova users Screep Open None
Other (Kanban) 161834 Undo special tools-home and tools-project share definitions for NFS In-Scope Open None
Other (Kanban) 162090 Investigate alternative RAID strategies for labstore1001/2 In-Scope Open None
Other (Kanban) 162955 rebuild tools-grid-master as a large instance In-Scope Open None
Other (Kanban) 163796 Audit disk usage on labvirts In-Scope Open None
Other (Kanban) 164123 tools-k8s-master-01 has two floating IPs In-Scope Open None
Other (Kanban) 164290 Set up external DNS record for wikitech-static In-Scope Open None
Other (Kanban) 169774 Cleanup: 2017-07-02 Toolforge data loss for permissive data Screep Open None
Other (Kanban) 164847 Striker gives fatal error when a SUL account already in use tries to attach to a second LDAP account In-Scope Open None
Other (Kanban) 164971 Broken unicode characters / invalid UTF-8 on Tool Labs index In-Scope Open None
Other (Kanban) 164992 Add /public/dumps access via NFS to dumpgrepper instance Screep Open None
Other (Kanban) 165337 Add new users to 'bastion' project via a Keystone hook In-Scope Open None
Other (Kanban) 170492 figure out if nodepool is overwhelming rabbitmq and/or nova Screep Open None
Other (Kanban) 165555 nova-fullstack is losing instances on creation In-Scope Open None
Other (Kanban) 172358 Add composer to PHP base images Screep Open None
Other (Kanban) 166845 monitor some things on all Cloud instances (discussion) In-Scope Open None
Other (Kanban) 166985 Install DjVuLibre and XPDF packages for Kubernetes containers on Tool Labs In-Scope Open None
Other (Kanban) 167155 Rename labs-admin mailing list to cloud-admin In-Scope Open None
Other (Kanban) 167204 disable service groups for non-tools projects In-Scope Open None
Other (Kanban) 172650 "last" command on WMF Labs/Tools allows users to view IPs of other toolforge users Screep Open None
Other (Kanban) 167931 Fatal error when adding a duplicate SSH key Screep Open None
Other (Kanban) 170927 Make wbqc_constraints table available on Quarry et al. Screep Open None
Other (Kanban) 168110 Puppet CA:' will expire on 2017-08-15 In-Scope Open None
Other (Kanban) 171786 Switch to new labs puppetmasters Elaborated Open None