Analytics Unpointed Tasks


1336 Provide a ua-parser service using the One True Wikimedia UA-Parser™ Analytics open
67508 Don't accept data from automated bots in Event Logging Analytics open
71145 Story: AnalyticsEng has editor_day table in labsdb Analytics open
75246 THEME: Analyst uses an operationalized Saiku Analytics open
75331 Story: VitalSignsUser selects Monthly Pageviews metric Analytics open
76432 Validate JsonSchemaContent using MediaWIki core's handling Analytics open
76914 User reads result of validation after creating a cohort Analytics open
87604 Add ops-reportcard dashboard with analysis that shows the http to https slowdown on russian wikipedia Analytics open
88775 Add mediacounts to pageview API Analytics open
89397 Investigate getting redirect_page_id as an x_analytics field using the X analytics extension. {pika} Analytics open
89453 Hand off of Christian's MaxMind geolocation databases repository Analytics open
89726 Analyze difference in Edit Schema "bounce rates" across wikis {lion} Analytics open
90240 Could it be that the geo IP matching is not accurate for Africa? Analytics open
90759 Create Daily & Monthly pageview dump with country data Analytics open
92502 Dashboard Directory Design Feedback Analytics open
92875 Add page_id and namespace to X-Analytics header in App / api requests Analytics open
93217 Troubleshoot Wikimetrics RAE reports Analytics open
95172 Dashboard Directory- Hay collaboration Analytics open
95456 "Create Report" button does not appear when uploading a new cohort Analytics open
95573 Report pageviews to the annual report Analytics open
98831 Honor DNT header for access logs & varnish logs Analytics open
102079 Metrics about the use of the Wikimedia web APIs Analytics open
103726 Report page views for labs instances Analytics open
105815 Pipeline for data-intensive applications from research to productization to integration Analytics open
106034 Too few page views for June/July 2015 Analytics open
108414 Load API request count and latency data from Hadoop to a dashboard Analytics open
108757 Allow opting out from logging some of the default EventLogging fields on a schema-by-schema basis Analytics open
108850 Set up auto-purging after 90 days {tick} Analytics open
110459 Allow clicking on links in annotations Analytics open
110903 Make webperf eventlogging consumers use eventlogging on Kafka Analytics open
111611 Accented letters seem to be rejected in cohort names Analytics open
112009 Re-baselining checkpoints periodically Analytics open
112268 Need a Dashiki namespace so we can protect configs {crow} Analytics open
112284 Create new table for 'referer' aggregated data Analytics open
112846 Display automata and humans separately on zero results rate graph Analytics open
113234 Update passport-mediawiki module URLs and documentation Analytics open
113695 Clean the code review queue of analytics/wikistats Analytics open
113817 Connect Hadoop records of the same request coming via different channels Analytics open
114199 Upgrade eventlogging servers to Jessie Analytics open
114469 Investigate US traffic by state normalized by population Analytics open
114884 Some special characters break Wikimetrics' encoding {dove} Analytics open
115119 Implement Schema:ExternalLinksChange Analytics open
115634 --- Immediate Above ----------------------- Analytics open
116188 Add help page in wikitech on what the analytics team can do for you similar to release engineering page Analytics open
116206 Set up AQS in Beta Analytics open
116387 Refactor webrequest_source partitions and oozie jobs Analytics open
116578 Fix layout of the daily email that sends pageview dataset status Analytics open
116658 Add Application errors for Mediawiki API to x-analytics Analytics open
116678 Country mapping routine for proxied requests Analytics open
117018 Fix the pageview API "top" spec and 404 reporting {slug} Analytics open
117221 [Epic] Update official Wikimedia press kit with accurate numbers Analytics open
117236 Track overall traffic, without any filtering, broken down into major categories, for internal use. Analytics open
117290 Create a tool that can read the elements of a wiki template and call the API {kudu} Analytics open
117480 Provide machine readable directory indexes on Analytics open
117945 Investigate anomalous views to pages with replacement characters Analytics open
118402 Make AQS return 0 instead of no values {slug} Analytics open
119094 configure RESTBase pageview proxy to Analytics' cluster on wiki-specific domains Analytics open
119897 Create cron on 1002 to remove CirrusSearchRequest partitions Analytics open
119996 Have dashiki read and write GET params to pass stateful versions of dashboard pages {crow} Analytics open
120036 Vital Signs: Please make the data for enwiki and other big wikis less sad, and not just be missing for most days Analytics open
120037 Vital Signs: Please provide an "all languages" de-duplicated stream for the Community/Content groups of metrics Analytics open
120249 Define what constitutes a search pageview Analytics open
120330 Bot to call global metrics to event page {kudu} Analytics open
120452 Allow structured datasets on a central repository (CSV, TSV, JSON, GeoJSON, XML, ...) Analytics open
120713 delete useless or cohort records Analytics open
120841 Create fake data for beta AQS deployment Analytics open
120852 Send burrow lag statistics to statsd/graphite {hawk} Analytics open
121136 Establish a process to periodically review and approve access for hadoop/hue users Analytics open
121262 Display global metrics report results on same page as report inputs {kudu} Analytics open
121286 Central repository of global metrics reports {kudu} Analytics open
121550 eventlogging user agent data should be parsed so spiders can be easily identified {flea} Analytics open
121561 Enable Kafka native TLS in 0.9 and secure the kafka traffic with it Analytics open
121912 Better redirect handling for pageview API Analytics open
122245 REST API entry point web request statistics at the Varnish level Analytics open
123442 Pageview API: Better filtering of bot traffic on top enpoints Analytics open
123958 Consider scrapping Schema:PageContentSaveComplete and Schema:NewEditorEdit, given we have Schema:Edit Analytics open
124082 As an end-user I shouldn't see non-articles in the list of trending articles Analytics open
124307 Improve eventlogging replication procedure Analytics open
124319 Add json linting test for schemas in mediawiki/event-schemas Analytics open
125015 Requests to (hard) redirect pages return their target's contents but are counted as pageviews to the redirect page Analytics open
125345 Many error 500 from pageviews API "Error in Cassandra table storage backend" Analytics open
125394 Ensure that EventBus extension gracefully handles service failures Analytics open
125854 Clean up Analytics open
126218 Replicate wikitech wikis to analytics-store.eqiad.wmnet Analytics open
126279 Add pivot parameter to tabular layout graphs {lama} Analytics open
126281 [Regression] redirect no longer works ("Domain not served here") Analytics open
126290 Provide API for sampling pageviews Analytics open
126494 Look into encrypting logs sent between mediawiki app servers and kafka Analytics open
126669 Implement a standard page title normalization algorithm (same as mediawiki) Analytics open
127571 Percentage of users with DNT on Analytics open
127850 Improve Hue user management Analytics open
127995 Create table in hive with a continent lookup for countries Analytics open
128374 Sort out analytics service dependency issues for cp* cache hosts Analytics open
128623 Purge all Schema:Echo data after 90 days Analytics open
130102 [Task] dashboard showing browser usage distribution for Wikidata Analytics open
130117 Move reportcard to dashiki and new datasources Analytics open
130733 Check if we can merge maps partition into misc partition at varnishkafka level Analytics open
130734 Document a proposal for bundling other than load-refine jobs together (see refine/diagram) Analytics open
130832 cdh::hadoop::directory (and other hdfs puppet command?) should quickly check if namenode is active before executing Analytics open
131127 Break down "Other" a little more? Analytics open
131280 Making geowiki data public Analytics open
131773 Making tests environment for pageview API deployments Analytics open
131889 geowiki data for Global Innovation Index Analytics open
131938 Evaluate whether to rewrite varnishkafka in python Analytics open
132405 Collect information about how we collect user statistics in one place Analytics open
132594 Move to Analytics open
132691 Clean up property passing in dashiki Analytics open
133407 fundraising-tech request: browser version breakdown by country Analytics open
133575 Provide weekly top pageviews stats Analytics open
133863 Make a script to automatise the 4 commands to run for aqs deployment Analytics open
134231 Wikipedia Clickstream dataset. Programmatic Access Analytics open
134426 Review shared data namespace (tabular data) implementation Analytics open
134524 Pageview API: Limit (and document) size of data you can request Analytics open
135174 Move contents of ee-dashboards to Analytics open
135251 Investigate requests flagged as pageview in analytics header coming from bots Analytics open
135762 A/B Testing solid framework Analytics open
135812 20160431 produces "end timestamp is invalid, must be a valid date in YYYYMMDD format" Analytics open
136025 Simplify readiness checking by making a ready computed Analytics open
136125 Dashiki, Unique Devices and Pageview data breakdown doesn't work if any of the items are not available for the project Analytics open
136126 Better menu for metrics Analytics open
136127 Breakdowns should be bookmarkeable Analytics open
136732 Puppetize job that saves old versions of geoIP database Analytics open
136858 Beeline does not print full stack traces when a query fails {hawk} Analytics open
137321 Run ETL for wmf_raw.ActionApi into wmf.action_* aggregate tables Analytics open
138027 Add global last-access cookie for top domain (* Analytics open
138207 Improve bot identification at scale Analytics open
138396 Create ops dashboard with info like ipv6 traffic split Analytics open
138426 Spike: Evaluate alternatives to varnishkafka: varnishevents Analytics open
138505 Split opera mini in proxy or turbo mode Analytics open
139019 statistics about edit conflicts according to page type Analytics open
139760 User History: Add history of annonymous users to history reconstruction Analytics open
139934 Add monthly request stats per article title to pageview api Analytics open
140000 Design new UI for Wikistats 2.0 Analytics open
141117 Report on Wikimedia's industry ranking Analytics open
141473 Productionize loading of edit data into Druid (contingent on success of research spike) Analytics open
141506 Suddenly outrageous higher pageviews for main pages Analytics open
142139 Top API user agents stats Analytics open
142408 Better publishing of Annotations about Data Issues Analytics open
142535 Find out what happens to the old rows in the revision table Analytics open
143119 Pre-generate mysql ORM code for sqoop Analytics open
143794 Revamp Eventlogging so anyone can use it Analytics open
143906 Show pageviews prior to 2015 in dashiki Analytics open
143927 Global Unique Devices Counts Analytics open
143928 Hive code to count global unique devices per top domain (like * Analytics open
144100 Pageview dumps incorrectly formatted, looks like a result of possibly malicious activity Analytics open
144299 Dashboards working on mobile Analytics open
144635 Much more pageviews in Tagalog Wikipedia since mid-June 2016 Analytics open
144637 Check eventbus Kafka cluster settings for reliability Analytics open
144639 Propose metrics along with qualifiers for the press kit Analytics open
144714 [REQUEST] Extract search queries from HTTP_REFERER field for a Wikibook Analytics open
144833 Add hardware capacity to AQS Analytics open
144837 Investigate lowering "per-article" resolution data in AQS Analytics open
144865 Add pageview stats to the action API Analytics open
145197 WMF pageview API (404 error) when requesting statitsics over around 1000 files on GLAMorgan Analytics open
145490 kafkatee's logrotate/syslog default pkg files needs to be removed Analytics open
145606 Remove cronspam from stat1002 to root@ Analytics open
145828 passport-mediawiki-oauth doesn't support callback parameter Analytics open
145935 Responses on pageview API should be lighter Analytics open
146042 Get rid of Pageview-API -> Analytics auto-tagging Analytics open
146043 Add Analytics-Wikistats 2.0 phab project tag Analytics open
146130 Inconsistent Cassandra disk load shown in metrics and nodetool status Analytics open
146774 Add external link to tabs layout Analytics open
146911 Quantify false positives when filtering for number of distinct user agents per page in top pages computation Analytics open
147007 Dashiki (layout fixes) mostly mobile Analytics open
147009 Create a Universal Layout for Dashiki for staging / testing config purposes Analytics open
147196 EventLogging sees MobileWikiAppFindInPage parsing errors Analytics open
147879 Audit fstabs on Kafka and Hadoop nodes to use UUIDs instead of /dev paths Analytics open
147967 The WMF-Last-Access Set-Cookie header should follow RFC 2965 syntax rather than the pre-RFC Netscape format Analytics open
148058 Mark documentation about limn as deprecated Analytics open
148469 Just an idea: poly-graph Analytics open
148656 Edit analysis dashboard Failures by User Type chart does not update correctly Analytics open
148780 mobile-safari has very few internally-referred pageviews Analytics open
148843 GPU upgrade for stats machine Analytics open
149178 Non existing article is one of the most viewed according to the data returned by the /metrics/pageviews/top/ API Analytics open
149228 Rename stat100x machines to have misc element names Analytics open
149331 Node 6 upgrade planning Analytics open
149594 Delete stale topics from main Kafka clusters Analytics open
149993 sync bohrium and piwik versions Analytics open
150028 RFC: Requirements for analytics stats processor Analytics open
150483 Set up a fake Pageview API endpoint for the beta cluster Analytics open
150545 Hash IPs on webrequest table Analytics open
150713 Provide filterable line graph for browser-family/browser-major Analytics open
150844 Add webrequest_stats to Druid in order to explore it with Pivot Analytics open
151211 kafka alarms audit Analytics open
151861 Cannot enable 'analytics' role on Labs instance Analytics open
151904 User limits for stat machines. Limit space on /home dir and possibly /tmp Analytics open
151907 Navigation timing spotty kafka metric Analytics open
152015 Kafka Security Features Analytics open
152222 Make aggregated MediaWiki Pingback data publicly available Analytics open
152257 Report updater should support Graphite mapping plugins Analytics open
152522 Prevent notebooks on spark to launch 2 pyspark instances instead of 1 Analytics open
152546 de-duplicate archive records matching revision records in mediawiki_history Analytics open
51266 www.f / foundationwiki ( pageviews low, underreporting? Analytics resolved
69804 Story: AnalyticsEng has hourly PageView counts {hawk} Analytics resolved
76795 Product Instrumentation and Visualization {oryx} Analytics resolved
76803 Analytics Eng has capacity & monitoring for EventLogging {oryx} Analytics resolved
78355 Engineer finds events that fail validation as early as possible {oryx} Analytics resolved
86135 Epic: qchris transition Analytics resolved
86136 Story: Analytics Eng can monitor database replication lag Analytics resolved
87603 Add time range selection to Dashiki dashboards Analytics resolved
87912 Convert EventLogging to use extension registration Analytics resolved
88373 Build high level timeseries view of key metrics (save / ready rate) in Dashiki Analytics resolved
88374 Build low level visualization of the paths through the application (starburst) in Dashiki Analytics resolved
88646 {Spike} Design where to specify purge schedule for schema {oryx} Analytics resolved
88849 Review EL requests from Mediaviewer Analytics resolved
89847 Estimate roughly of how many users might not have javascript capable/enable browsers, use CSS to crosscheck. Analytics resolved
90766 Parse mediaviewer team's requirements for EventLogging {oryx} Analytics resolved
91331 Publish aggregate geodumps of article pageviews Analytics resolved
94481 Mobile PMs has visualization on session-related metrics from Wikipedia Apps Analytics resolved
95257 {story} Community downloads new pageview dumps Analytics resolved
95505 generate monthly Pageview cubes Analytics resolved
96376 Add better detection of wikipediaApp to user agent UDF {hawk} Analytics resolved
99967 Update to new page view definition, including breakout of App page views Analytics resolved
105544 Workshop to teach analysts, etc about Quarry, Hive, Wikimetrics and EL {flea} Analytics resolved
112273 Fix annotation date parsing in Firefox {crow} Analytics resolved
114901 Oozie sends emails when any job fails {hawk} Analytics resolved
114918 Security review of Analytics Query Service Analytics resolved
115592 Traffic Breakdown Report - Google Requests {lama} Analytics resolved
115594 Traffic Breakdown Report - Mime Type {lama} Analytics resolved
115595 Traffic Breakdown Report - Target Wiki {lama} Analytics resolved
115596 Traffic Breakdown Report - Crawlers {lama} Analytics resolved
115602 Traffic Breakdown Report - Browser Trend {lama} Analytics resolved
115608 Traffic Breakdown Report - Visiting Country per Wikipedia Language {lama} Analytics resolved
115609 Traffic Breakdown Report - Visiting Country per Wiki Trend {lama} Analytics resolved
115610 Traffic Breakdown Report - Browsers from Visiting Country {lama} Analytics resolved
115612 Traffic Breakdown Report - Device by Site from Visiting Country {lama} Analytics resolved
115613 Traffic Breakdown Report - Client OS from Visiting Country {lama} Analytics resolved
117242 Inspect Pageview API queries (after launch ) {slug} Analytics resolved
118501 Audit Hadoop worker memory usage. Analytics resolved
118613 FR tech hadoop onboarding {flea} Analytics resolved
119291 Pageview API demo doesn't list be-tarask Analytics resolved
125409 Upgrade Dashiki to semantic-2 for all layouts Analytics resolved
125856 Visualization of Zika access by geography Analytics resolved
128870 Draft announcement for wikistats transition plan Analytics resolved
129602 Deploy WikimediaPageViewInfo extension to beta cluster Analytics resolved
130542 Landing page for unique devices datasets on dumps (like other datasets we have) Analytics resolved
130861 Investigate and implement possible simplification of Cassandra Logstash filtering Analytics resolved
132456 Pageview API alarms Analytics resolved
132795 Unique devices endpoint Graphana Dashboard {bear} Analytics resolved
133312 Dashiki breakdown layout problems. UI Analytics resolved
133718 Searching for nl... does not bring nlwikipedia only nlwikidata Analytics resolved
136405 Jmxtrans failures on Kafka hosts caused metric holes in grafana Analytics resolved
136844 Investigate where Kafka records will almost all null fields are coming from Analytics resolved
137174 Verify there are no analytics jobs accessing Zero portal Analytics resolved
137422 Refactor the default cassandra monitoring into a separate class Analytics resolved
140121 Multimedia analytics cron job not been running for a few months? Analytics resolved
140447 confluent-kafka (dependency of eventlogging) fails to build in mediawiki-vagrant Analytics resolved
140908 Move efSchemaValidate out of global scope Analytics resolved
141360 stat1004 doesn't show up in ganglia Analytics resolved
142101 Add analytics team members to group aqs-admins to be able to deploy pageview APi Analytics resolved
142410 Correct cache_status field on webrequest dataset Analytics resolved
144119 Add test runner and CI configuration to analytics/reportupdater Analytics resolved
144278 Queries on PageContentSaveComplete are starting to pileup Analytics resolved
144333 filter suspicious TV channels pageviews from Top Read Analytics resolved
144681 Traffic stats not generating reliably Analytics resolved
146496 action=history pages should return 404 HTTP error code if the page does not exist Analytics resolved
146815 Some recent ExternalLinksChange data lost Analytics resolved
148842 Put wikistats latest in gerrit Analytics resolved
151896 Install java 8 to stat1002 Analytics resolved
106340 Request feature - build and populate database using a LocalSettings.php file Analytics-Features open
6537 Categories created using Tamil words not recognised in stats Analytics-Wikistats open
17059 Make browser headers information available through Wikistats Analytics-Wikistats open
17060 Make non-sensitive browser referrers available through Wikistats Analytics-Wikistats open
26506 Show IE 8 compatibility view separately in SquidReportClients.htm Analytics-Wikistats open
28353 is visually unattractive Analytics-Wikistats open
32755 Wikinews' users should be "Wikinewsies", not "wikireporters" Analytics-Wikistats open
37150 needs options to see exact counts and dates Analytics-Wikistats open
37194 Views/hr column in WikiStats should consider an average on several months Analytics-Wikistats open
37195 Wikispecial wikis WikiStats Zeitgeist should include talk Analytics-Wikistats open
37196 WikiStats should recognize global bots Analytics-Wikistats open
37197 Add a "number of articles with interwiki links" column in WikiStats tables Analytics-Wikistats open
43663 broken javascript on SquidReportPageViewsPerCountryBreakdownHuge Analytics-Wikistats open
44318 Restore WikiStats features disabled for mere performance reasons Analytics-Wikistats open
48061 Number formatting controls shouldn't be on some traffic reports Analytics-Wikistats open
48190 Traffic stats: analyze category 'Linux other' Analytics-Wikistats open
48191 Traffic stats: SquidReportUserAgentsTimed.htm shows wrong report period Analytics-Wikistats open
48192 Wikistats portal, fix html errors Analytics-Wikistats open
48195 Traffic stats: Detect Windows 8 App requests Analytics-Wikistats open
48196 Dump stats: wikisource stats are much too low Analytics-Wikistats open
48197 Dump stats: automated validation of new monthly dump stats Analytics-Wikistats open
48198 Dump stats: switch to persistent stats rather than monthly regenerated stats Analytics-Wikistats open
48199 Dump stats: further analyze drop in editor counts on English Wikipedia Analytics-Wikistats open
48200 Traffic/Dump stats: migrate code for page view reports to separate module Analytics-Wikistats open
48201 Traffic stats: start reporting on mobile traffic for non Wikipedia wikis Analytics-Wikistats open
48203 Page View stats: validate monthly forecasts fluctuations Analytics-Wikistats open
48206 Dump stats: rework flow to allow for parallel data gathering multiple wikis Analytics-Wikistats open
48208 Dump stats: collect monthly totals more efficiently Analytics-Wikistats open
48209 Dump stats: use last completed month for sitemap page view counts, not current month Analytics-Wikistats open
48210 Dump stats: pages with most revisions miscounted? Analytics-Wikistats open
48211 Dump stats: one very active veteran user missing from reports Analytics-Wikistats open
48213 Dump stats: article count wrong for English in regional report Analytics-Wikistats open
48214 Wikistats Portal: split over-fat index.html into 4 files, do away with jquery tabs Analytics-Wikistats open
48265 Erik Zachte's list of discrepancies for old vs new traffic reports Analytics-Wikistats open
48267 SquidReportArchive warns about many invalid country codes Analytics-Wikistats open
48268 Make traffic reports account for all events in the relevant scope, also discarded/'other' events Analytics-Wikistats open
48269 Squid log based traffic report SquidReportDevices.htm for mobile devices is broken Analytics-Wikistats open
48271 Provide ip->geo lookup for X-Forwarded-For header field Analytics-Wikistats open
48273 Different squid log based traffic reports have different %mobile Analytics-Wikistats open
48274 Recent editions of SquidReportUserAgentsTimed.htm have WMF app count 10 x lower than it used to be Analytics-Wikistats open
48277 Different traffic reports show different totals for html pages served Analytics-Wikistats open
48278 API change for Wikipedia apps since June 2012 may result in double counts Analytics-Wikistats open
48279 Traffic reports: add support for wikihood app Analytics-Wikistats open
48380 Add wikidata view stats to Analytics-Wikistats open
53512 Breakdown of traffic by OS does not present Google Chrome OS yet Analytics-Wikistats open
57443 wikistats: Insecure content warnings (images from Analytics-Wikistats open
57621 Vertically Reversed Quarter Data Analytics-Wikistats open
58628 Non-mobile UAs on mobile (2g/gprs, etc) IP-blocks Analytics-Wikistats open
59379 Wikistats for Wikidata lists several bots as normal users Analytics-Wikistats open
61816 Opera 15+ seems not to be recognized correctly Analytics-Wikistats open
61824 Wikibooks content report has not been updated for long time. Analytics-Wikistats open
62391 Link uploads reportcard from binaries stats Analytics-Wikistats open
62811 Provide link to csv file for every table in every report Analytics-Wikistats open
62826 Enable parallel processing of stub dump and full archive dump for same wiki. Analytics-Wikistats open
64311 Mozilla user agent is now 7.21% Analytics-Wikistats open
64566 Segregate and document configuration variables Analytics-Wikistats open
64570 still fetches language names from SVN Analytics-Wikistats open
65071 Provide monthly editor counts in SQL databaseLoad Analytics-Wikistats open
65109 iOS stats are wrong in SquidReportOperatingSystems.htm Analytics-Wikistats open
65111 Modern Fedora distros can not be assessed from user agent string for SquidReportOperatingSystems.htm Analytics-Wikistats open
65976 for Wikidata the report with most active users seems to mistake several bots for humans Analytics-Wikistats open
66442 Include version numbers for iPad / iPhone / iPod Analytics-Wikistats open
67153 wikistats table 'Database records per namespace' is not properly aligned for some wikis Analytics-Wikistats open
67991 Increase WikiStats reports discoverability Analytics-Wikistats open
69374 Only feed data file with complete months to Report Card (or extrapolate for last day). Analytics-Wikistats open
71742 add talk pages count to project statistics Analytics-Wikistats open
71743 for all namespaces show page count without redirects Analytics-Wikistats open
73127 One column header in browsers per country report only contains '---' Analytics-Wikistats open
87738 Discrepancies in historical total active editor numbers Analytics-Wikistats open
89458 Abridged "Wikimedia Stats For All Projects" table is the same as the unabridged table Analytics-Wikistats open
96372 Wikistats report on crawler stats broken Analytics-Wikistats open
101519 Wikistats under counted redirects on non English wikis since January (and hence over counted normal articles) Analytics-Wikistats open
104531 Microsoft Edge user agent is not recognized Analytics-Wikistats open
107250 Remove links in wikistats to Analytics-Wikistats open
109582 Percentage pageviews from Russia is too low in recent geographical breakdowns in Wikistats Analytics-Wikistats open
116526 Study feedback from Andyrom75 for IT wikivoyage on how articles are classified by Wikistats Analytics-Wikistats open
116531 Monthly page view stats for wikibooks, wikinews, wikiquote, wikisource, wikiversity for July 2015 are extremely anomalous Analytics-Wikistats open
122999 String </mediawiki> found too soon, while searching for '<sha1'. Analytics-Wikistats open
123702 About the api format type to check the siteinfo Analytics-Wikistats open
123742 Provide a JSON output for wikistat tables Analytics-Wikistats open
127657 Wikistats doesn't yet know of all content namespaces on Wikisource Analytics-Wikistats open
130874 Mail stats showing stats for private (member only) lists? Analytics-Wikistats open
131596 Recent "Edits per country" data not available Analytics-Wikistats open
136084 Unexpected increase in traffic for 4 languages in same region, on smaller projects Analytics-Wikistats open
137984 Determine total number of external links in all Wikipedias Analytics-Wikistats open
143254 Ireland in Tagalog, Bengali and Urdu Wikipedia traffic breakdown Analytics-Wikistats open
146777 Wikistats summary for Report Card has English/Russian Wikipedia-Zero traffic as separate entries instead of added to English/Russian Wikipedia mobile traffic Analytics-Wikistats open
149087 Wikistats report on active editors for all projects (deduplicated) is inconsistent with other Wikistats reports Analytics-Wikistats open
143456 Metrics for 2015-2016 audit report Analytics-Wikistats resolved
37596 Add keyboard shortcuts Analytics-Visualization open
37732 Support stylizing of individual lines Analytics-Visualization open
40394 Wikimedia Report Card should graph pages containing at least one image Analytics-Visualization open
41120 Graph types ("Core" and "Secondary") are unclear on Wikimedia Report Card Analytics-Visualization open
55047 Annotations get messed up on resize Analytics-Visualization open
55049 displaying single points of data as part of path Analytics-Visualization open
55051 When Graph definitions are broken, other graphs on dashboard might break Analytics-Visualization open
55052 Negative values break log-scale graphs Analytics-Visualization open
55096 Limn reportcard "sign in" OAuth redirect to localhost Analytics-Visualization open
55232 Date in callout does not match max date on x-axis Analytics-Visualization open
55234 The cache-busting does not work on Remote datafiles Analytics-Visualization open
55419 Respond with 404 for missing pages Analytics-Visualization open
56611 Column changes in geowiki-data files breaks user-generated graphs Analytics-Visualization open
56612 Column changes in global-dev/dashboard-data files breaks user-generated graphs Analytics-Visualization open
56649 Clarify in graphs that users might be in both global north, and global south Analytics-Visualization open
56650 GeoIP updates can users to jump to new country in geowiki files Analytics-Visualization open
56692 Static part of Geowiki bot definition is outdated Analytics-Visualization open
66689 Automate creation of monthly report Analytics-Visualization open
70470 Story: EEVSUser selects time range Analytics-Visualization open
73568 Wikimetrics: Metric definition links are invisible Analytics-Visualization open
74973 Namespace selection impacts metrics Analytics-Visualization open
147749 Bug with sorting in some pages due to string sorting instead of numerical sorting Analytics-Visualization open
28 Decide on wanted metrics for Maniphest in kibana Analytics-Tech-community-metrics open
60585 Allow contributors to update their own details in tech metrics directly Analytics-Tech-community-metrics open
62073 Add i18n/l10n support to Technical Community Metrics Analytics-Tech-community-metrics open
62074 stats should also consider discussion activity (Talk/Thread namespaces) Analytics-Tech-community-metrics open
65061 korma: Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) Analytics-Tech-community-metrics open
85600 Who are the top 50 independent contributors and what do they need from the WMF? Analytics-Tech-community-metrics open
91871 Create a REST API based on the SortingHat tool API to list identities Analytics-Tech-community-metrics open
91873 Create an AngularJS app that consumes a fake identities, affiliations and countries API REST and allows to play with such dataset Analytics-Tech-community-metrics open
95238 Handling multiple affiliations (at once; like work vs spare time) in tech community metrics Analytics-Tech-community-metrics open
97115 korma: Illegible overlapping tables on narrow screens due to CSS Analytics-Tech-community-metrics open
100569 korma: Font used for "Organizations" header on contributors.html looks a bit out of place Analytics-Tech-community-metrics open
105634 Add "Ticket Openers" to equivalent of "Activity by contributors" in kibana Analytics-Tech-community-metrics open
107254 Closed tickets in Bugzilla migrated without closing event? Analytics-Tech-community-metrics open
110874 korma: Clicking "Age of open changesets by Affiliation" explanation link / legend goes to top of page Analytics-Tech-community-metrics open
114636 Update ITS related data from Bugzilla to Phabricator/Maniphest in project-info.json Analytics-Tech-community-metrics open
114838 Microtask: Create a very simple REST API for SortingHat Analytics-Tech-community-metrics open
115872 korma: Time axis on repository.html only displays two months, repeated several items Analytics-Tech-community-metrics open
116284 korma: Empty "subject" and "creator" fields for mailing list thread on mls.html Analytics-Tech-community-metrics open
116572 Add remaining KPIs to Overview once available in kibana Analytics-Tech-community-metrics open
118753 Make MetricsGrimoire/korma support gathering Code Review statistics from Phabricator's Differential Analytics-Tech-community-metrics open
119540 korma: Profile names in UTF-8 incorrectly displayed as ??? Analytics-Tech-community-metrics open
120569 demographics.html: "Tickets participants" has "184 attracted" data for 1year<x≤0.5years though Bugzilla closed in 11/2014 Analytics-Tech-community-metrics open
123643 Mismatch between six names and certain email address in mediawiki-identities data Analytics-Tech-community-metrics open
123848 scr-backlog.html should also exclude V-2 changesets Analytics-Tech-community-metrics open
123926 top-contributors.html displays comma as "Location" when a person has more than one affiliation Analytics-Tech-community-metrics open
123927 korma: "Last 30 days" stats for specific mailing list display an account as one list item per username character Analytics-Tech-community-metrics open
126325 korma: Syntax error, unrecognized expression on Korma profiles Analytics-Tech-community-metrics open
129910 korma: Mismatch between numbers for code merges per organization Analytics-Tech-community-metrics open
132421 Identify Wikimedia's most important/used info panels in Analytics-Tech-community-metrics open
137201 Measuring Time To First Code Change (TTFCC) Analytics-Tech-community-metrics open
137997 Complete migration to new Bitergia's development dashboard (and then kill Analytics-Tech-community-metrics open
138002 Deployment of Maniphest panel Analytics-Tech-community-metrics open
138004 Deployment of IRC panel Analytics-Tech-community-metrics open
140299 GrimoireLib sometimes displays different names for same user ID; link does not display (existing) contributor data Analytics-Tech-community-metrics open
141228 korma: Panel for "Wiki revisions" on people.html does not provide 2016 data Analytics-Tech-community-metrics open
145425 Missing time units for percentile values Analytics-Tech-community-metrics open
145929 Create basic Kibana (dashboard) documentation for admins Analytics-Tech-community-metrics open
146135 Git repo blacklist config not applied on Analytics-Tech-community-metrics open
146632 Kibana's Mailing List data sources do not include recent activity on wikitech-l mailing list Analytics-Tech-community-metrics open
146891 "Backlog" widget on "Gerrit-Backlog" has redundant "Changesets" column (always "1") Analytics-Tech-community-metrics open
146893 "Backlog" widget on "Gerrit-Backlog" seems to miss some older open changesets Analytics-Tech-community-metrics open
147001 Go through default Kibana widgets; decide which ones are not relevant for us and remove them Analytics-Tech-community-metrics open
147948 Ratio of performed code reviews vs. patches authored, for each Gerrit/Differential user Analytics-Tech-community-metrics open
149482 Make Perceval not index IP address accounts (and consider removing MediaWiki accounts from our DB) Analytics-Tech-community-metrics open
151161 Have "Last Attracted Developers" information for Gerrit (already exists for Git) Analytics-Tech-community-metrics open
151215 "Changesets" on "Gerrit-Delays" should not list ABANDONED changesets? Analytics-Tech-community-metrics open
151218 "Patchsets Statistics Per Review" widget on "Gerrit" is incomprehensible Analytics-Tech-community-metrics open
151488 Provide equivalent of korma's "Gerrit review queue" (listing the 'worst' SCR repositories) in Kibana Analytics-Tech-community-metrics open
151501 Display attracted vs. retained contributors in Kibana Analytics-Tech-community-metrics open
151555 Provide equivalent of "SCR: Open changesets vs. Open changesets waiting for review (CR0 / CR+1)" in Kibana Analytics-Tech-community-metrics open
151556 Provide equivalent of "SCR: Distribution of open changesets (by date of submission)" in Kibana Analytics-Tech-community-metrics open
151557 Provide equivalent of "SCR: Age of open changesets (monthly snapshots)" in Kibana Analytics-Tech-community-metrics open
151558 Provide equivalent of "SCR: Code review users vs. Code review committers" in Kibana Analytics-Tech-community-metrics open
151559 Provide equivalent of "SCR: People uploading patchsets vs. Reviewers per month" in Kibana Analytics-Tech-community-metrics open
151560 Provide equivalent of "SCR: Oldest open Gerrit changesets without code review" in Kibana Analytics-Tech-community-metrics open
151634 When indexing new users, identify identical email addresses and merge identities accordingly in the DB Analytics-Tech-community-metrics open
151751 Panel Gerrit-Delays gets Gateway timeout Analytics-Tech-community-metrics open
127078 Play with Bitergia's Kabana UI (which might potential replace our current UI on Analytics-Tech-community-metrics resolved
132323 Create basic/high-level Kibana (dashboard) documentation for users Analytics-Tech-community-metrics resolved
132907 Fix incorrect mailing list activity of AKlapper (=Phabricator) in Technical Community Metrics user data Analytics-Tech-community-metrics resolved
132966 Potential XSS on Analytics-Tech-community-metrics resolved
137998 Deployment of Git panel Analytics-Tech-community-metrics resolved
137999 Deployment of Gerrit (basic) panel Analytics-Tech-community-metrics resolved
138000 Deployment of Gerrit Backlog panel for engineering Analytics-Tech-community-metrics resolved
138001 Deployment of Mailing List panel Analytics-Tech-community-metrics resolved
138003 Maniphest support to be added to GrimorieLab Analytics-Tech-community-metrics resolved
138005 IRC support to be added to GrimoireLab Analytics-Tech-community-metrics resolved
138006 Deployment of Mediawiki panels Analytics-Tech-community-metrics resolved
138007 Mediawiki support to be added to GrimoireLab Analytics-Tech-community-metrics resolved
138752 Deployment of Gerrit Delays panel for engineering Analytics-Tech-community-metrics resolved
138757 Deployment of Demography panel Analytics-Tech-community-metrics resolved
144704 Allow AKlapper to access Analytics-Tech-community-metrics resolved
145849 Sudden rise of changesets in metrics Analytics-Tech-community-metrics resolved
146629 Two "Submitters" widgets in Kibana show no data: "Could not locate that index-pattern-field (id:project)" Analytics-Tech-community-metrics resolved
146631 Data in "The Newest Authors" widget in Kibana's "Git-Demographics" is not updated Analytics-Tech-community-metrics resolved
149327 Merge isolated accounts in korma data when email addresses match Analytics-Tech-community-metrics resolved
149700 Merge unattached Phab and MW accounts in user data Analytics-Tech-community-metrics resolved
149984 Data on korma not getting updated Analytics-Tech-community-metrics resolved
151503 No korma data updates for last two weeks Analytics-Tech-community-metrics resolved
45601 Support third-party use by eliminating hard dependency on Varnish Analytics-EventLogging open
46480 Investigate logging on right-click link navigation Analytics-EventLogging open
46809 Use draft 4 of JSON Schema specification Analytics-EventLogging open
47865 Enhance EventLogging Schema diffs with Extension:Diff Analytics-EventLogging open
47878 Support JSON Reference specification Analytics-EventLogging open
48174 Check that schema name matches revid Analytics-EventLogging open
49368 log database in s1-analytics-slave has charecter set utf8, while every other database has charset binary Analytics-EventLogging open
49591 Generate alerts if theoretically impossible or unwanted logging occurs Analytics-EventLogging open
49593 Form for editing schema Analytics-EventLogging open
51913 "Invalid type" error should be clearer Analytics-EventLogging open
53093 Special:Schemas page for showing the status and description of all schemas Analytics-EventLogging open
54295 Add sanitized User-Agent to default fields logged by EventLogging Analytics-EventLogging open
57449 Events with unexpected webhost values Analytics-EventLogging open
57577 Feature request: distinguish better between test wikis and production wikis Analytics-EventLogging open
58071 Remove descriptions from declareSchema call to reduce bandwidth usage Analytics-EventLogging open
58281 Support declaring multiple 'schemas' inside a single RL module Analytics-EventLogging open
60459 Add Composer support Analytics-EventLogging open
61832 Remove ad-hoc UA logging from existing schemas Analytics-EventLogging open
63076 Subscriber support in JSON schemas Analytics-EventLogging open
64978 Raw User-Agents get stored Analytics-EventLogging open
65204 Provide easy way to know the content language of a wiki about which there is an event log line Analytics-EventLogging open
67500 Add sampling support in EventLogging Analytics-EventLogging open
67546 Two tests classes on testing efSchemaValidate Analytics-EventLogging open
67607 Empty objects can pass schemas with required fields Analytics-EventLogging open
68101 Multiple user_ids per username in account creation events from ServerSideAccountCreation log Analytics-EventLogging open
68123 Encoding on db. Non ascii chars are being enter like '???' Analytics-EventLogging open
68488 Archive of "EventLogging Alerts" mailing list not working? Analytics-EventLogging open
68526 Consumer that produces to kafka not getting current set of brokers Analytics-EventLogging open
68528 Turn on consumer that produces to kafka again Analytics-EventLogging open
68529 Set up logger for EventLoggings consumer that produces to kafka Analytics-EventLogging open
69470 Implement throttling strategy for events that have a too high of a throughput. Analytics-EventLogging open
70396 Add index on event_action, event_isAnon and event_namespaceId to NavigationTiming tables Analytics-EventLogging open
70441 Delete tofu table from staging database after research is done Analytics-EventLogging open
74745 User clicks on link to event capsule schema while viewing a schema Analytics-EventLogging open
75068 Epic: ProductManager visualizes EL data Analytics-EventLogging open
75824 Establish support model for EL? (e.g. more ops involvement) Analytics-EventLogging open
75827 Create single place to look at graphs indicating outages Analytics-EventLogging open
75828 Create monitoring checks to make sure events end up in DB Analytics-EventLogging open
75830 Dashboard of status of our systems (one stop shopping) Analytics-EventLogging open
75831 Consider idea of 1 sprint for EL operational love sprint Analytics-EventLogging open
75913 Talk to research about Mobile EL pipeline use case Analytics-EventLogging open
75941 Epic: Engineer manages throughput of events for his schema Analytics-EventLogging open
85032 design a system to assist software developers and researchers to perform automated data unit testing before pushing to production Analytics-EventLogging open
85280 Using EventLogging and Dashboards Analytics-EventLogging open
86071 Delete teahouse directory Analytics-EventLogging open
86543 Unit tests for Event Logging Analytics-EventLogging open
86745 Eventlogging file logging code split weirdly between role and base class Analytics-EventLogging open
87459 Add A/B testing support in EventLoggin Analytics-EventLogging open
91031 Verify that each existing table corresponds to its schema definition Analytics-EventLogging open
91454 ApiJsonSchema implements ApiBase::getCustomPrinter for no good reason Analytics-EventLogging open
95356 Add event tracking queue to MediaWiki core for loose coupling with EventLogging or other interested consumers Analytics-EventLogging open
96940 EL unable to decode mobile events due to appinstallid Analytics-EventLogging open
108522 Record and report metrics for audio and video playback Analytics-EventLogging open
112947 Nested EventLogging data doesn't get copied to MySQL Analytics-EventLogging open
116719 Validation error for invalid value type should include property name Analytics-EventLogging open
118366 Schema:MobileWebEditing: What are commons sorts of errors? Analytics-EventLogging open
125122 Should be possible to override sampling in EventLogging schemas for development purpose Analytics-EventLogging open
125829 Potentially decrease db1046's InnoDB buffer pool Analytics-EventLogging open
131085 EventLogging vagrant role fails to provision Analytics-EventLogging open
141407 Drop EventLogging tables for ImageMetricsLoadingTime and ImageMetricsCorsSupport Analytics-EventLogging open
142430 Ensure no dropped messages in eventlogging producers when stopping broker Analytics-EventLogging open
142490 Have a way to mark schemata as disabled, so valid events (e.g. from cached client code) don't get logged Analytics-EventLogging open
142667 Investigate duplicate EventLogging rows Analytics-EventLogging open
146840 Various EventLogging schemas losing events since around September 8/9 Analytics-EventLogging open
147158 RFC: Use YAML instead of JSON for structured on-wiki content Analytics-EventLogging open
147346 Please delete ChangesListFilters events from before 2016-09-22 Analytics-EventLogging open
150269 EventLogging schema modules take >1s to build (max: 22s) Analytics-EventLogging open
150369 Record an EventLogging event every time a new mainspace page is created Analytics-EventLogging open
44815 Provide a robust way of logging events without blocking until network request completes; use sendBeacon Analytics-EventLogging resolved
102220 {oryx} EventLogging Ops Analytics-EventLogging resolved
102224 {tick} Schema Audit Analytics-EventLogging resolved
119930 eventlog2001 - CRITICAL status of defined EventLogging jobs Analytics-EventLogging resolved
147564 EventLogging uses deprecated EditFilterMerged hook Analytics-EventLogging resolved
44359 Provide regular cross-wiki reports on abuse filters actions Analytics-General-or-Unknown open
44360 Provide regular cross-wiki reports on flagged revisions status Analytics-General-or-Unknown open
55762 MaxMind IP files needs to be automatically updated and version controlled (Pakistan Mobile Dashboard Issues) Analytics-General-or-Unknown open
56782 Mobile and zero graphs lack api PageViews Analytics-General-or-Unknown open
57529 geowiki counts edits on any page in the main namespace, not just on countable ones Analytics-General-or-Unknown open
58118 Count X-CS=502-16 only if it came through an Opera Mini PROXY Analytics-General-or-Unknown open
60368 Queries on page views for user agent version range Analytics-General-or-Unknown open
60889 Increase in zero traffic for Grameenphone Bangladesh (470-01) around 2013-12-18 Analytics-General-or-Unknown open
60891 Increase in traffic for Mobilink Pakistan (410-01) around 2013-12-02 Analytics-General-or-Unknown open
61722 No current log lines in mobile-sampled-100, zero, edits stream after 2014-01-05 03:40 Analytics-General-or-Unknown open
62314 Requests through ssl terminators hardly present in edits tsvs before 2014-01-14 Analytics-General-or-Unknown open
62315 Requests from ssl terminators not present in sampled-1000 tsvs, and mobile-sampled-1000 tsvs Analytics-General-or-Unknown open
62957 Timestamp in filename of hourly webstatscollector output refers to end of the covered period instead of its start Analytics-General-or-Unknown open
63274 Slight drop in zero requests around 2014-02-08 Analytics-General-or-Unknown open
63660 ~30% increase of number of lines zero tsvs between 20140218 and 20140220 file Analytics-General-or-Unknown open
64082 udp2log and/or filename corruption Analytics-General-or-Unknown open
64848 Number of Wikipedia Zero increasing drastically in mid March 2014 Analytics-General-or-Unknown open
64867 Empty fields instead of 0 in geowiki files Analytics-General-or-Unknown open
64873 [Story] Statistics for Wikidata API usage Analytics-General-or-Unknown open
64980 Safe-guard against double counting SSL zero traffic Analytics-General-or-Unknown open
65222 Hive queries can bring load on cluster slaves > #CPUs Analytics-General-or-Unknown open
65522 Icinga should notice people when /home partition on stat1002 fills up Analytics-General-or-Unknown open
65543 Make sure 2013 traffic logs are gone from /a/squids/archive on stat1002 Analytics-General-or-Unknown open
65693 Attempts of Hadoop tasks randomly fail "Bad connect ack with firstBadLink as $SOME_CLUSTER_IP" Analytics-General-or-Unknown open
66016 convert reports to use kafka-tee output Analytics-General-or-Unknown open
66181 Kafkatee zero files having 10% less requests than udp2log zero files Analytics-General-or-Unknown open
66240 Using puppet's active_nodes or pybal to determine mobile frontend caches Analytics-General-or-Unknown open
66749 Files in /srv on stat1003 owned by non-existing users Analytics-General-or-Unknown open
67273 Figure out account management for research cluster Analytics-General-or-Unknown open
68112 "data:" URLs accounting for 6 of the top 10 most viewed articles reported by Analytics-General-or-Unknown open
70150 Turn off default vhost on Analytics-General-or-Unknown open
70161 Current puppet does not allow to bring up a cluster in labs Analytics-General-or-Unknown open
70450 Inventory Analytics systems for operational support Analytics-General-or-Unknown open
72463 X-Analytics header is "php=zend;php=zend" instead of "php=zend" on bits for some requests Analytics-General-or-Unknown open
73056 kafkatee not consuming for some partitions Analytics-General-or-Unknown open
73192 Listing oozie coordinators on stat1002 fails with type conversion error Analytics-General-or-Unknown open
75093 Story: define aggregation/anonymization strategy for long term retention of logs on 1002 that complies with privacy policy Analytics-General-or-Unknown open
78351 there should be a comparison of clicks count on interlanguage links on different platforms Analytics-General-or-Unknown open
91963 enable Piwik on Analytics-General-or-Unknown open
112157 Category based-pageview collection for non-Article space, via Treeviews or similar Analytics-General-or-Unknown resolved
150359 statsv outage on 2016-11-09 Analytics-General-or-Unknown resolved
56300 "Created" date in report queue showing up strange Analytics-Wikimetrics open
60609 Date and time revert when creating a report Analytics-Wikimetrics open
60630 Pick Metrics > Edits and others force to choose namespaces Analytics-Wikimetrics open
60632 Notify on report completion Analytics-Wikimetrics open
60634 Add i18n support Analytics-Wikimetrics open
60635 Run a spellchecker Analytics-Wikimetrics open
60753 Add a license file to wikimetrics Analytics-Wikimetrics open
60754 Huge reports that could clog Wikimetrics may happen accidentally, add a warning Analytics-Wikimetrics open
62289 C_FORCE_ROOT is bad, change pickle as serialization format for celery Analytics-Wikimetrics open
63961 Pickle Serialization is hiding design flaws, change to JSON Analytics-Wikimetrics open
65001 Running tests requires to stop the queue Analytics-Wikimetrics open
65002 Nosetests / codecoverage packages missing from wikimetrics' setup Analytics-Wikimetrics open
65201 queries in wikimetrics are not using the db indices optimally Analytics-Wikimetrics open
65203 Integrate wikimetrics with mediawiki-utilities Analytics-Wikimetrics open
65379 wikimetrics puppet setup should not give rights to the server, only the wikimetrics database Analytics-Wikimetrics open
65401 Reports download with the filename "Bytes" Analytics-Wikimetrics open
65402 csv upload tricks you into staring at a "Refresh" button Analytics-Wikimetrics open
65737 Limit what we serialize to celery via task.delay(...) Analytics-Wikimetrics open
65920 JSON output is not sorted Analytics-Wikimetrics open
66295 Puppet setup should not create wikimetrics_testing database in production Analytics-Wikimetrics open
66297 Alembic upgrade uses local config file db.yaml rather than the file deployed on /etc via puppet Analytics-Wikimetrics open
67208 Can't edit list of users Analytics-Wikimetrics open
68126 Cohort listing going against the database instead of using CohortService Analytics-Wikimetrics open
68427 Validation step on report creation is superfluous. We should remove it from the UI Analytics-Wikimetrics open
68482 Add csrf token to all requests Analytics-Wikimetrics open
68484 General javascript infrastructure cleanup Analytics-Wikimetrics open
68730 configuration files are world readable Analytics-Wikimetrics open
68770 Config override for queue.yaml from test.yaml is not working well Analytics-Wikimetrics open
69461 Epic: WikimetricsUser shares a cohort Analytics-Wikimetrics open
69501 Story: AnalyticsEng has Execution Pipeline to optimize/create resusable code for generating metrics Analytics-Wikimetrics open
69542 Wikimetrics needs to read config files /etc/wikimetrics/ rather that files on local repository by default when setting up the config Analytics-Wikimetrics open
69597 Wikimetrics backup should warn about symlinks pointing out of /var/lib/wikimetrics Analytics-Wikimetrics open
69858 Load test cohort uploading Analytics-Wikimetrics open
70193 Story: EEVSuser has agregate metrics Analytics-Wikimetrics open
70447 Deploy "rolling active editors" metric to production. Analytics-Wikimetrics open
70475 Story: WikimetricsUser generates report with Target Site breakdown Analytics-Wikimetrics open
70477 Story: WikimetricsUser runs report against all wikis Analytics-Wikimetrics open
70520 Deal with scheduled recurrent reports when cohorts are deleted Analytics-Wikimetrics open
71252 Epic: AnalyticsEng has robust code to backfill metrics data Analytics-Wikimetrics open
71253 Story: AnalyticsEng uses TimeSeries support to backfill data Analytics-Wikimetrics open
71299 Recurrent runs for project cohorts should not block reports scheduled by users Analytics-Wikimetrics open
71300 Story: AnalyticsEng has Execution Pipeline to optimize/create resusable code for generating metrics Analytics-Wikimetrics open
71397 Wikimetrics backup has no monitoring Analytics-Wikimetrics open
71462 Wikimetrics is not supporting mlwiki cohort Analytics-Wikimetrics open
71523 Separate concurrent report queue and regular 'default' queue Analytics-Wikimetrics open
71569 Story:d WikimetricsUser runs 'Rolling Recurring old active editors' report Analytics-Wikimetrics open
71610 Improve perf of rolling active editors with dba's suggestions Analytics-Wikimetrics open
72853 Add MAILTO to backup crontab on puppet to be notified of failures Analytics-Wikimetrics open
73140 Story: AnalyticsEng uses connection pooling on database URL Analytics-Wikimetrics open
73338 1st run of recurrent report has empty resultset Analytics-Wikimetrics open
73603 slow report result and report list fetching Analytics-Wikimetrics open
73614 Story: WikimetricsUser is able to chain metrics Analytics-Wikimetrics open
74119 Scheduling reports for the future Analytics-Wikimetrics open
74133 Story: VSUser has data from 2008 to now Analytics-Wikimetrics open
74138 Story: WikimetricsUser monitors health of Wikimetrics in graphite Analytics-Wikimetrics open
74279 Make mechanism to deactivate recurrent reports in wikimetrics Analytics-Wikimetrics open
74563 Tasks should clean up after themselves when they fail in STARTING phase Analytics-Wikimetrics open
75071 Story: WikimetricsUser searches for cohort (filters) using tag name Analytics-Wikimetrics open
75671 Wikimetrics queue should be restarted in development when files change Analytics-Wikimetrics open
76726 EPIC: Productionizing Wikimetrics {dove} Analytics-Wikimetrics open
76769 upgrade wikimetrics to trusty [8 pts] {dove} Analytics-Wikimetrics open
76770 change wikimetrics in labs to use debian packages [13 pts] {dove} Analytics-Wikimetrics open
76780 Change wikimetrics admin script - no symlinking [8 pts] {dove} Analytics-Wikimetrics open
76782 security review of Wikimetrics {dove} Analytics-Wikimetrics open
76789 Debianize wikimetrics dependencies not in trusty {ops} {dove} Analytics-Wikimetrics open
76790 change puppetization for scheduler/queue {ops} {dove} Analytics-Wikimetrics open
76792 create new group for devs to sudo run wikimetrics admin script {ops} {dove} Analytics-Wikimetrics open
76808 Get a separate Labs Project to host wikimetrics instances in Analytics-Wikimetrics open
78009 EPIC: Longterm fix of data warehouse replicating to Labs Analytics-Wikimetrics open
86332 Story: Wikimetrics User uses tooltip to view all projects for an expanded cohort member Analytics-Wikimetrics open
86335 Story: Wikimetrics user views full list of cohort members Analytics-Wikimetrics open
87235 Excessive failure messages trying to create cohorts and run messages on Wikimetrics Analytics-Wikimetrics open
87596 Uploading cohort or running a large report fails Analytics-Wikimetrics open
88604 Make timezone selector comprehensive and consistent Analytics-Wikimetrics open
90017 Wikimetrics-web startup fails on Ubuntu 14.04 MediaWiki-Vagarnt due to _winreg load failure Analytics-Wikimetrics open
92454 I want WikiMetrics integration with the education dashboard that lets you easily pull reports about courses, institutions, etc. Analytics-Wikimetrics open
93646 some non-ascii characters do not show up in uploaded usernames and result in invalid usernames Analytics-Wikimetrics open
93659 Description of metrics includes link to on-wiki metrics documentation Analytics-Wikimetrics open
93685 Plain language definitions of Wikimetrics metrics Analytics-Wikimetrics open
95320 [BUG] Viewing ukwiki cohorts error Analytics-Wikimetrics open
95530 Problem opening Alfagems cohort Analytics-Wikimetrics open
99631 Vagrant Setup alembic config errors Analytics-Wikimetrics open
99962 Ability to change bytes to characters Analytics-Wikimetrics open
100692 Make Wikimedia project titles more user-friendly Analytics-Wikimetrics open
115160 can't remove users from cohort in Iceweasel (aka Firefox, works fine in Chromium) Analytics-Wikimetrics open
130714 Removing usernames from a cohort doesn't work Analytics-Wikimetrics open
130715 Can't correct names in a cohort Analytics-Wikimetrics open
147176 Inconsistent metrics results for 90 day rolling active editors calculation Analytics-Wikimetrics open
148950 Include Tulu Wikipedia in Metrics and Quarry Analytics-Wikimetrics open
102227 {dove} Wikimetrics Ops Analytics-Wikimetrics resolved
47121 pagecount for api.php Analytics-Cluster open
56783 Respect X-Forwarded-For only from trustworthy sources Analytics-Cluster open
58575 Browser and platform stats for logged-in vs. anon users for security and product support decisions Analytics-Cluster open
67628 Archiva web UI formats links to download artifacts with local IP address Analytics-Cluster open
67949 System deletes non-sanction tables older than 90 days Analytics-Cluster open
68546 Support Wikipedia Zero change from X-CS to X-Analytics Analytics-Cluster open
70568 Make oozie use system's libpath per default Analytics-Cluster open
70569 Make oozie write external stats per default Analytics-Cluster open
70963 Epic: Webstats Collector is replaced in Refinery Analytics-Cluster open
70966 Epic: AnalyticsEng has fully dimentionalized Page View counts Analytics-Cluster open
71615 Make webrequest partition validation handle races between time and sequence numbers Analytics-Cluster open
72085 Raw webrequest partitions that were not marked successful Analytics-Cluster open
72087 Kafka partition leader elections causing a drop of a few log lines Analytics-Cluster open
73710 MD5 checksums missing from pagecounts-all Analytics-Cluster open
74298 Raw webrequest partitions that were not marked successful due to network issues Analytics-Cluster open
74299 Raw webrequest partitions that were not marked successful due to deployments gone wrong Analytics-Cluster open
74300 Raw webrequest partitions that were not marked successful due to configuration updates Analytics-Cluster open
74649 Raw webrequest partitions that were not marked successful due to depooled servers interfering with monitoring Analytics-Cluster open
74809 Raw webrequest partitions that were not marked successful due to only esams caches causing unknown problems Analytics-Cluster open
76093 WSC data in a cube Analytics-Cluster open
76977 Raw webrequest partitions that were not marked successful due to single message being missing for unknown reason Analytics-Cluster open
77918 Purge MobileWebWikiGrok_* and MobileWebWikiGrokError_* rows older than 90 days Analytics-Cluster open
78404 productionizing xmldump -> avro jobs Analytics-Cluster open
78405 SPIKE: experimenting with importing Revision history from XML dumps into an easier to use format, Avro Analytics-Cluster open
85288 Admin can perform "Database Auditing" on the cluster to be aware of actions of cluster users Analytics-Cluster open
85704 Raw webrequest partitions that were not marked successful due to oozie being overwhelmed Analytics-Cluster open
89887 Clean up permissions for privatedata files on stat1002 - they should be group readable by statistics-privatedata-users Analytics-Cluster open
92494 Create HivePartitioner in Camus Analytics-Cluster open
92499 Augment refinery-dump-status-webrequest-partitions script to show more useful status of webrequest raw partitions Analytics-Cluster open
93111 Write wikitech spark tutorial Analytics-Cluster open
95455 Register refinery-hive UDF functions as stored names, so we don't have to CREATE TEMPORARY FUNCTION every time. Analytics-Cluster open
96324 Identify mobile apps as a separate agent_type Analytics-Cluster open
101004 Analyst has a table of Last-Access counts {bear} Analytics-Cluster open
102485 Install SparkR on the cluster Analytics-Cluster open
108379 Make varnishkafka produce using dynamic topics Analytics-Cluster open
113014 hive shows a flood of warnings on content_type LIKE ''..." Analytics-Cluster open
128039 Queries in Hue always return an empty result set Analytics-Cluster open
132256 Analytics hosts showed high temperature alarms Analytics-Cluster open
137791 libcglib3-java replaces libcglib-java in Jessie Analytics-Cluster open
147072 Add CI job Oozie XML stylesheet validation for the analytics/refinery repository Analytics-Cluster open
90640 Audit hyperthreading on analytics nodes. Analytics-Cluster resolved
92819 Stop Cluster from $SOMETIMES not running oozie jobs Analytics-Cluster resolved
99372 Graphoid access logs are missing from Hadoop Analytics-Cluster resolved
101792 {slug} Pageview API Ops Analytics-Cluster resolved
102226 {hawk} Cluster Ops Analytics-Cluster resolved
123725 Migrate titanium to jessie ( upgrade) Analytics-Cluster resolved
135557 kafka1013 hardware crash Analytics-Cluster resolved
139071 Java OOM errors kill Hadoop HDFS daemons on analytics* Analytics-Cluster resolved
139178 Cleanup terabytes of logs on hdfs Analytics-Cluster resolved
141062 stat1002 - puppet fails to git pull refinery_source Analytics-Cluster resolved
141550 analytics1032 disk failure Analytics-Cluster resolved
143335 Open hole in analytics vlan firewall to allow MirrorMaker to talk to main Kafka clusters Analytics-Cluster resolved
145170 Disk sde likely failing on analytics1032 Analytics-Cluster resolved
151028 Kafka1022 needs a new disk Analytics-Cluster resolved
70478 EEVSUser selects ALL wikis Analytics-Dashiki open
74135 Epic: VSUser breaks down metric by target site Analytics-Dashiki open
75316 Story: dashiki filters outliers Analytics-Dashiki open
76092 weekly/monthly granularity for pageviews in Dashiki Analytics-Dashiki open
76746 Removing lines updates URL hash, but editing URL hash or using back/forward buttons has no effect Analytics-Dashiki open
76747 Icon font 404ing on metrics-staging Analytics-Dashiki open
86600 Update label in Vital Signs Analytics-Dashiki open
86966 Analyst bookmarks Vital Signs showing multiple metrics Analytics-Dashiki open
87441 make Dashiki JSON pages display nicely Analytics-Dashiki open
87589 Commons page views in webstatscollector drop precipitously in 2015 Analytics-Dashiki open
88391 Dashiki should support totals for reported metrics Analytics-Dashiki open
99675 Dashboard Directory research: Look at Hay's directory Analytics-Dashiki open
104545 Dashiki 404 Analytics-Dashiki open
125403 Add extension and category (ala Eventlogging) for DashikiConfigs Analytics-Dashiki open
136120 Remove dependency on available-projects.json file hosted in labs Analytics-Dashiki open
142395 Improve initial load performance for dashiki dashboards Analytics-Dashiki open
143689 Bookmarkable date filters for browser stats dashboard Analytics-Dashiki open
148019 Add CI job for Dashiki Analytics-Dashiki open
88611 {frog} Limn -> Dashiki Analytics-Dashiki resolved
102250 {crow} Dashiki Ops Analytics-Dashiki resolved
148023 Add CI job for analytics/mediawiki-storage Analytics-Dashiki resolved
86526 Measure topic overlap in translations ContentTranslation-Analytics open
90159 Show impact of articles for translations ContentTranslation-Analytics open
90215 Keep track on the percentage of success for pre-fetching ContentTranslation-Analytics open
92233 Special:CXStats does not reflect the actual number of published articles (tracking) ContentTranslation-Analytics open
93717 Analyse and visualize the entry point effectiveness data collected using eventlogging ContentTranslation-Analytics open
94806 Special:CXStats: clarify the meaning of the dates ContentTranslation-Analytics open
99230 [Master] Improved analytics page for CX ContentTranslation-Analytics open
100029 Show weekly and monthly translations in analytics page ContentTranslation-Analytics open
100033 Show article creation tool comparison in CX stats ContentTranslation-Analytics open
100034 Show weekly and monthly user overview in CX stats ContentTranslation-Analytics open
100035 Show users grouped by number of translations on CX stats page ContentTranslation-Analytics open
101816 Show a list of recent articles translated with CX ContentTranslation-Analytics open
103983 CXStats at Simple English Wikipedia shows data for English ContentTranslation-Analytics open
105197 measure the number of beta CX enablers vs actual beta CX users (article creators) ContentTranslation-Analytics open
106695 Measure the number of problematic abandoned translations ContentTranslation-Analytics open
108156 Measure the number of translated articles that were not edited after initial publishing ContentTranslation-Analytics open
112371 There's no convenient way to see in which languages did the ContentTranslation creation trend go down or up ContentTranslation-Analytics open
112897 Provide statistics for a Translation Campaign based on the target articles and target languages ContentTranslation-Analytics open
113336 Measure abandoned translations ContentTranslation-Analytics open
113337 Red deleted translations bar in CXStats looks like negative when the value is zero ContentTranslation-Analytics open
116546 add anchors to headings in CXStats ContentTranslation-Analytics open
117354 Measure the size of articles published by ContentTranslation ContentTranslation-Analytics open
117846 ContentTranslation doesn't provide a convenient global way to compare the number of deleted translations and created translations ContentTranslation-Analytics open
117855 rethink the display of deleted vs created pages in Special:ContentTranslation and monthly reports ContentTranslation-Analytics open
119188 Surface the number of views for suggested and completed translations ContentTranslation-Analytics open
123859 There is no convenient way to see a list of articles translated from a certain language using CXStats ContentTranslation-Analytics open
123898 CXStats: Add scrolling to the graphs and charts ContentTranslation-Analytics open
125497 cxserver should give a more detailed log about MT requests ContentTranslation-Analytics open
125519 Special:CXStats doesn't show top stats boxes in ContentTranslation-Analytics open
130106 parse ContentTranslation saving/restoring/publishing error traces before logging ContentTranslation-Analytics open
131041 CXStats page in guwiki shows Zero translation in week of 28/02 ContentTranslation-Analytics open
132542 Collect usage data about Apertium use in Content Translation ContentTranslation-Analytics open
133536 There's no way to track whether articles were _created_ using CX campaign identifiers ContentTranslation-Analytics open
135585 Refresh CX suggestions statistics [July 2016] ContentTranslation-Analytics open
136535 Move all analytics script to run on stat1002 instead of terbium ContentTranslation-Analytics open
137700 CXStats: Provide pan and zoom options ContentTranslation-Analytics open
137782 Automatic process for data collection and visualisation ContentTranslation-Analytics open
139334 Create a Jupyter task for Content Translation deletion statistics ContentTranslation-Analytics open
140066 CXStats shows wrong data for Hebrew for the week of 2016-07-10 ContentTranslation-Analytics open
152467 [ContentTranslationCTA] Missing property "token" ContentTranslation-Analytics open
143979 Upgrade Chart.js to version 2.2.1 ContentTranslation-Analytics resolved
149380 Log the user id and source title in eventlogging for campaign accept events ContentTranslation-Analytics resolved
131863 As a new user I need a better explanation of the data sharing option during onboarding iOS-app-feature-Analytics open
142105 Update Piwik SDK to enable session based sampling iOS-app-feature-Analytics open
147025 Remove "m." fallback from networking iOS-app-feature-Analytics open
123679 EPIC: As the Product Owner I'd like to know how users are using the main features of the app iOS-app-feature-Analytics resolved
124303 Migrate iOS app to send events to iOS-app-feature-Analytics resolved
146502 Use the category "Article" consistently in piwik events iOS-app-feature-Analytics resolved
146503 Change "More Reccommended" to "More Recommended" in piwik events iOS-app-feature-Analytics resolved
151836 Track announcement usage in Piwik iOS-app-feature-Analytics resolved
114124 --- DISCUSSED BELOW --- Analytics-Kanban open
143694 Preliminary Design document for A/B testing Analytics-Kanban open
150790 Ongoing: Give me permissions in LDAP Analytics-Kanban open
150963 Document the difference in aggregate data on wikistats and wikistats 2.0 Analytics-Kanban open
152109 Create SLA alarms for pageview_hourly jobs Analytics-Kanban open
76739 {puma} Mondrian & Saiku Analytics-Kanban resolved
104390 --- RUBICON --- Analytics-Kanban resolved
107955 {flea} Self-serve Analysis Analytics-Kanban resolved
114423 {kudu} Wikimetrics for IPL Analytics-Kanban resolved
117141 {loon} Refactor Data Dumps Analytics-Kanban resolved
124679 {mole} Data Security Analytics-Kanban resolved
139493 Upgrade AQS node version to 4.4.6 Analytics-Kanban resolved
143990 [Feed] Establish criteria for blacklisting likely bot-inflated most-read articles Analytics-Kanban resolved
144159 siteviews data for 2016 August 27 appears to be empty Analytics-Kanban resolved
144326 Can't log into Analytics-Kanban resolved
145095 Kasocki Prototype Analytics-Kanban resolved
145922 Spamy - User-like pages distort our pageview metrics (they return 200 when they should return 404) Analytics-Kanban resolved
146064 Oozie job to extract data for WDQS research Analytics-Kanban resolved
146674 EL alarms raw/validated 20160926 Analytics-Kanban resolved
147801 Missing raw pageview data for 7/29/2015 - 03:00 Analytics-Kanban resolved
148045 Windows 10 & MacOS Sierra Certificate errors due to GlobalSign Analytics-Kanban resolved
148069 GlobalSign intermediate updates for one-offs Analytics-Kanban resolved
148076 OCG failing with new GlobalSign intermediate workaround Analytics-Kanban resolved
148651 Create KafkaSSE diffusion repository Analytics-Kanban resolved
150187 Enhance Report Updater to be able to send data to graphite Analytics-Kanban resolved
150524 pageviews files missing since yesterday 10th November Analytics-Kanban resolved
150664 Fix dropdowns in metric selector in dashiki Analytics-Kanban resolved
150990 unusual number of '-" pageviews in October Analytics-Kanban resolved
152093 Ganglia varnishkafka python module crashing repeatedly Analytics-Kanban resolved
152193 pageviews files missing since yesterday 1st December Analytics-Kanban resolved
139906 Convert XAnalytics to use extension registration MediaWiki-extensions-XAnalytics resolved
68025 [Story] Monitor size of some Wikidata database tables WMDE-Analytics-Engineering open
85451 scale graphite deployment (tracking) WMDE-Analytics-Engineering open
119774 Upgrade graphite to 0.9.15 WMDE-Analytics-Engineering open
119976 Track number of stubs on top 20 wikipedias WMDE-Analytics-Engineering open
120638 Delete metrics that were incorrectly added WMDE-Analytics-Engineering open
120639 Delete daily.wikidata.api.actions..... metrics that were incorrectly added WMDE-Analytics-Engineering open
121521 Delete daily.wikidata.datamodel.wikipedia_references graphite metric WMDE-Analytics-Engineering open
121523 Delete daily.wikidata.datamodel.(P143|P1480|P1683|P248|P813|P854|P887) graphite metrics WMDE-Analytics-Engineering open
125095 Create new page view dashboard for Wikidata WMDE-Analytics-Engineering open
125404 [Wikidata] Tracking UI interaction WMDE-Analytics-Engineering open
125408 Regularly & Automatically backup WMDE metrics stored in graphite WMDE-Analytics-Engineering open
136414 [Task] new graph for reference distribution WMDE-Analytics-Engineering open
140280 Delete* graphite metrics WMDE-Analytics-Engineering open
146468 wdqs - move metric collections to diamond WMDE-Analytics-Engineering open
147328 Add as a datasource to production grafana instance WMDE-Analytics-Engineering open
119070 Track the number of wikidata dumps that are downloaded by type WMDE-Analytics-Engineering resolved
119302 Investigate loading data from TSV & CSV files into Grafana for graphing WMDE-Analytics-Engineering resolved
119754 Investigate wiki page / wikitext annotation plugin for grafana WMDE-Analytics-Engineering resolved
134882 [Task] Track usage of the index feature in SetClaim API WMDE-Analytics-Engineering resolved
140081 Remove hardcoding of graphite & statsd hostnames from analytics/wmde/scripts WMDE-Analytics-Engineering resolved
140095 Move statistics::wmde role bash scripts to scripts repo WMDE-Analytics-Engineering resolved
140231 Remove wikidata-api-wbgetclaims dashboard, data generation & data WMDE-Analytics-Engineering resolved
140342 Requesting sudo access to analytics-wmde user on stat1002 for Addshore WMDE-Analytics-Engineering resolved
141265 Add as a datasource to labs grafana instance WMDE-Analytics-Engineering resolved
141525 Wikidata Special:EntityData not being filled with new data WMDE-Analytics-Engineering resolved
141636 Add simple-json-datasource plugin to labs grafana instance WMDE-Analytics-Engineering resolved
141727 Mark operations-software-grafana repo as inactive & set readonly WMDE-Analytics-Engineering resolved
145384 Update wmde LDAP group WMDE-Analytics-Engineering resolved
146474 Add firewall exception to get to wdqs*.codfw.wmnet:8888 from analytics cluster WMDE-Analytics-Engineering resolved
146967 doesn't fill since 7th sep WMDE-Analytics-Engineering resolved
147329 Add simple-json-datasource plugin to productrion grafana instance WMDE-Analytics-Engineering resolved
150326 Track numbers for Electron- vs. OCG-Rendering WMDE-Analytics-Engineering resolved
131863 As a new user I need a better explanation of the data sharing option during onboarding iOS-app-feature-Analytics open
142105 Update Piwik SDK to enable session based sampling iOS-app-feature-Analytics open
147025 Remove "m." fallback from networking iOS-app-feature-Analytics open
123679 EPIC: As the Product Owner I'd like to know how users are using the main features of the app iOS-app-feature-Analytics resolved
124303 Migrate iOS app to send events to iOS-app-feature-Analytics resolved
146502 Use the category "Article" consistently in piwik events iOS-app-feature-Analytics resolved
146503 Change "More Reccommended" to "More Recommended" in piwik events iOS-app-feature-Analytics resolved
151836 Track announcement usage in Piwik iOS-app-feature-Analytics resolved