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Team Reports

Audiences Team reports

Audience Teams Dashboard

TeamMost recent data (PT)Report last run (PT)
Android Tue 2018-May-22 04:43 PMTue 2018-May-22 10:45 PM
Collaboration Tue 2018-May-22 07:03 PMTue 2018-May-22 11:00 PM
iOS Tue 2018-May-22 06:21 PMTue 2018-May-22 11:21 PM
Multimedia No data
Readers Web Tue 2018-May-22 04:00 PMTue 2018-May-22 11:39 PM
OOjs-UI No data
VisualEditor Backlog Tue 2018-May-22 03:03 PMWed 2018-May-23 12:03 AM
VisualEditor Current Sun 2018-May-20 11:00 AMWed 2018-May-23 12:05 AM

Technology Team Reports

Technology Teams Dashboard

TeamMost recent data (PT)Report last run (PT)
Analytics No data
Cloud No data
CTO Team No data
Fundraising Tech No data
Mediawiki Platform No data
Performance and Availability No data
Release Engineering Backlog Tue 2018-May-22 01:37 PMWed 2018-May-23 12:07 AM
Release Engineering Kanban Tue 2018-May-22 03:58 PMWed 2018-May-23 12:10 AM
Research No data
Scoring No data
Search No data
Security No data
Services No data
Technical Operations Tue 2018-May-22 02:00 PMWed 2018-May-23 12:25 AM

Per-product reports

TeamMost recent data (PT)Report last run (PT)
Phlogiston No data

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